[Opinion]Islam and Science

 By Aslam Khan Ghalib

It takes me to the remote past when some very exceptional nerves were completely involved in various logical and thoughtful activities. Their initiatives for something little ultimately led them to discover many amazing and full of thought provoking things. This kind of constructivism and innovative mind set led to the inception of modern sciences. These exceptional nerves were the then Muslims who were truly comprehending the core of Islamic principles. Every day the occurrence of sunset, a natural phenomenon was a ray of hope for them towards innovations and creativity. Everything was taken the way if it was meant for something great. In the field of medication, astronomy, chemistry and many others, a great mitigation was observed. The inception of the true Science was with the Muslims and has contributed a lot in its promotion and development

Just if we move to our recent past and observe the situation, it gives a very different and contradictory picture about Islam and it’s so called followers. The emergence of Mullahs has completely changed the scenario and the real essence of Islam is being misinterpreted. Today we are trying to separate science from Islam and are of the view that both stand at very different places which in principle is not justifiable.

Our present is the repetition of our sad recent past where the true image of Islam was falsely drawn and the true knowledge was miss communicated and misinterpreted.  The mullahs for self benefits and self exposure put the entire fate of Muslim Umma on burning fire. They thought of themselves as the whole and sole authority from God who has the power to influence others either through weapons or some other means of creating fear and apprehension.

Today we come across many distorted ideas which have no worth in real sense and are just to create hype in the minds and orgies of hatred in the hearts. We are far away from the innovators who for the first time in the history of man kind came up with exceptions in the field of Science. We possess a mindset which has been influenced to discuss people and events rather than ideas and innovations. We are just in a position to compare and expect without putting efforts in the right direction with true determination. We are of the view that God will bestow us with everything. At the same time it is said that God helps those who help themselves.

I am still astounded about our current activities and mind set. It sounds very much clear that we have lost the right direction and dedication towards our duties. It is a well saying that dedication to duty is not a sacrifice and doing something arbitrarily we think that we have sacrificed our energy without being sure about the direction.

We ought to be very much conscious about our responsibilities being assigned by God Almighty for something different and meaningful. We will be answerable for our deeds in the day of resurrection. It will take us long ways to reach to the destination but if are sincere with our selves and our duties. The current mindset created by the Mullahs will take us nowhere and will not be able to reach to our goals.

We have to work hard in the field of Science and technology as to discover the hidden truth which even God Almighty has mentioned in the Holy Quran to Ponder over things.

I hope that the young generation will try to be more realistic in understanding the facts and logics for a balanced life taking Science and Islam side by side without any ambiguities in the minds.

It is the need of the hour to understand the realities and to move away from the false believes and superstitions. We have to develop intellectuals, and scientists who could truly interpret the two very close areas i.e. Islam and science and use them for the welfare of the man kind in their worldly and spiritual life.

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  1. Well done Aslam Ghalib for your nice attempt in discussing a facet of Islam. Hope you’d further push the frontiers of knowledge and go indepth.

    What I perceived from the topic in the beginning that it could be with regard to the similarities and differences between Islam and science. When I dived in, it was focused on the Mullas and their interpretations or misinterpretation. The discussion in the piece suggest that it is more about the Mllas and Mullaism in Islam than Islam and science or technology.

    When we talk about deveopment of sciences,it is doesn’t get its inception from the Muslim scientists of their time, rather goes back to the Greek and Chinese civlization even beyond them. When we see it in an evolutionary perspective, it may even go to the period of homo sapiens. HOw the simple tools were made in the simple societies in contrast with today’s complex socities? Chinese civilization has a written records spanning on thouseands of years (probably 4,000 or more) and then compare it with those of the Muslim scientists?

    Regarding the Mulla’s interpretation, I agree with you, Aslam. About this interesting theme, even Allama Iqbal is astonished. He describes it bluntly in one of his Farsi poems, the gist in English I mention as follows:

    “About the interpretation of the verses of the Qura’n, the Prophet Muhammad is confused and ponders whether or not such verses had sent to me? The angel, Gigrael, is confued whether or not God had sent such verses and I had delivered them to Muhammad, the Prophet. God, the Almighty, is astonished that whether or not I had sent such verses to Muhammad, the Prophet, with Gibrael, the angel.”

    At the end, I would suggest, if acceptible, Aslam, to read the books on “Science, Bible and Qur’an” by different authors. One of them is Maurice Bucaille. This would be beneficial for you to see the subject of science with regard to universal religions. The above piece is a good attempt; but I wish that next time, you focus on the subject/title. Try to see scientific discoveries in the light of Qur’an, if you are interested with this topic furhter. See and discover what extent Qur’an endorses the invovations of the modern day; and to what extent, Qur’an (Islam) differs the innovation.

    Thanks once again for this contribution, it is appreciable indeed.

    Fazal Amin Beg

  2. Dear Fazal Amin Beg,
    Thank you very much for you suggestions and necessary corrections.This is basically an opinion floated focussing the muslims especially their remote past, recent past and their current situation with regard to the field of science. I didn’t go into the depth of the history of science and the events beyond it rather was more focused about the muslims and their affiliations and contributions in the field of
    Science. Like Ibn-e-Haitham who is said to be the father of Chemistry there are many who really contributed to the field of science.
    As Iqbal says
    Magar wo ilm ke mowti kitabay apnay aba ki………………..jo dekhay inn ko europe may tow dil hota hay sipara.

    Thank you very much for the appreciations and the necessary corrections.

    Aslam Ghalib

  3. The topic is very interesting, and in fact there is a book on the same topic by Dr Pervea Hoodbhoy who deals with this very importatn question by addressing issues of rationality, reason, politics, and philosophy that bear upon the production of knowledge in a particuarl society at specific historical points.

    The above article is a very very general disucssion that jumps from one sentiment to another without focusing on any particular aspect of both Islam or sceince. I could not understand what point Aslam ghalib wanted to establish by writing this article.
    Is this article a calling and open invitationt to inspire the youth of Hunza to study sceince so that we understand the ‘turhts’ of nature or is that sceince is the way forward to embark on a sustainable journey of economic development.
    If the idea is to uncover truth it is not necessary to study science as we understand in Pakistan, and there are so many ways of uncovering the veil of nature. For example through the study of philosophy you can hope to discover the true nature of human beigns, their desires, hopes, fears, and expectations. Through the study of theology we can hope to discover truths as to the origin of universe, purpose and meaning of life and then direct our daily activities according to those religious truths. So my dear friend you have taken up a very tantalising topic but i would say that this article is too simplistic and very broad to engage with. Having said this i would however encourage you as you have taken upon yourself to being to contemplate on key questions around us.

  4. Dear Samina Khan,
    Thank you very much for your precious arguments.I have just floated the idea for debate in giving a touch of the various intricate and anamolous situations.This is no doubt a very generalized article but is meant to open up a chapter on the particular topic as “Islam and Science”.
    I got some very good feed back from Fazal Amin Beg about the topic and there is nothing like economic sustainability rather our understanding about the realities which are still to be explored.
    There are many areas which can be related to the particular subject but there is nothing to aspire a specific group rather is a general issue which the young blood is expected to put more efforts in understanding the realities for self satisfaction and exploration.
    We are already lacking behind in many areas and the only tool is to search and research,think and rethink to get to the core of various realities.

    Thank you very much for your interest and feedback.
    Aslam Ghalib

  5. in the whole country crises are alot we should understand our political leaders ithink no mir no wazir no sabbir all played their roles new leadership in this critical situation is essantial please release my this short comment thanks.

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