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Rescuer needs attention

by Shujaat Ali

qurbanQurban Muhammad the legendary mountaineer and a high altitu derescue specialist, among the very few top best in Pakistan, who belongs to Shimshal valley is well known not only in Pakistan but abroad for his skills. He is a young, brave, energetic and dedicated mountaineer of our region especially known for his rescue operations experience on high mountains of Pakistan like, Nanga Parbat – ‘The killer mountain’ and K-2 ‘The second highest mountain in the world’. Undoubtedly he is a messiah of, having saved many precious lives on snow covered mountains of Pakistan by putting his own life on high risk
Qurban’s presence in any expedition promises success and confidence, his companios would say. His rescue mission, twice, on four camps of Nanga Parbat are unique and daring in terms of difficulty level. He has rescued stranded mountaineers of Spain, Japan, Germany, America and Russia on K-2, Gasherbrum1, Gasherbrum 2, Broad Peak and Nanga Parbat (twice) on special request of Ministry of Tourism and Alpine Club of Pakistan. 
pic1Qurban has successfully scaled Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 1, Gasherbrum II, Spantink and Kunyanchish. This year he was on his mission to K-2. He climbed it up to 8,400 meters, only 211m short of the summit, but heavy snow and bad weather prevented him from hoisting Pakistani flag on top of the world’s second highest peak.
Unfortunately on Sunday, August 30, 2009 he was admitted in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad. Doctors have diagnosed his illness and he is under treatment for an unknown period.

Mountaineering is the most dangerous and expensive form of human adventure and sports, but they are not well rewarded in monetary terms. Mountaineers who are the real ambassadors of Pakistan are often low on the priorities of sports ministry in Pakistan. They are deprived of the common rights available to other sportsmen.

Concerned authorities especially Ministry of Tourism and Alpine Club of Pakistan are expected to pay special attention toward medical treatment of the top bestrescue specialist of Pakistan, an asset of our country.

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  1. Qurban Muhammad, our souls are with you… Inshallah you’ll get well soon and we’ll see you soon getting to the apex of your career as well as K-2.

    loads of best wishes

  2. The ministry of tourism and sports, culture and social welfare can play their vital role in facilitating and resolving such monetray issues of the prominent sports persons and patriots like Mr. Qurban Muhammad.

    One of the possibilities in facilitation and support could be even from within the PIMS admin who could realize and exempt him from his finacial bardens and treat him adequately.

  3. Shujaat Ali has precisely reflected the acheivement of Mr. Qurban Muhammad and his contribution for the country and the need to take care of him at the institutional level.

    It is sad to know he is ill but it is good to know he has arrived at the medical facility in Islamabad so that he could have access to investigation and treatment facility.
    I will be visiting him at the hospital in the evening today.


  4. It is really pitty that people like Qurbon bhai who risk their lives to bring name to this country are neglected when they really need help especially when they are sick and out of practice and job.

    I do not think our ministries (all of them) really care about people as they can not find spare time while taking care of themselves. They are really busy people.

    I would like to request our community/welfare organization to find ways as how to help and support our professional, and specially those who need help. I am sure everyone can help in many ways, physical, moral, financial and otherwise provided we develop a positive helping attitude.

    I pray that Qurbon Bhai gets well soon and we the people of Gojal are really proud of him and are always there for him.

  5. This is really shocking news about Uncle Qurban, the legend mountineer. Alpine Club of Pakistan and Ministry of Tourism should support for his treatment. I pray for Uncle Qurban to recover soon and become able to continue his journey of great and brave sport…..Mountain climbing.

    Almaty KZ

  6. While it is an adventurous sport, and a personal choice to make it a profession, however in our context, its a means of living for many of fellowmen, a source of bread and butter.

    The high porter, guides and mountaineers who rescue their lives climbing these mountains, and taking part in rescue missions, obviously do so, as part of organized groups which are oeprated by specialized, for-profit companies and tour operators. The article is not clear which company took this group and when these rescurers were asked to join the team, they might have agreed on the terms and conditions, insurance, medical support and other terms.

    As Nazir Sabir is President of Alpine Club of Pakistan, we hope, if Qurban is a member of the club, and if ACP has facilitated the rescue team, they would help Qurban in the best way possible.

    Having said that, if Qurban is facing problems, we need to use our resources through the social institutions like GECA and find out how to help him in this hour of trial in hospital.

    Amin Beg

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