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BISP forms not for the deserving in Yasin valley!

by Liaqat Baigal

Yasin, October 03: Distribution of BISP forms among family members of the people responsible for the program has disappointed deserving families, orphans and widows in Yasin valley. According to details the people designated to distribute and collect the BISP forms are using the program to benefit their own families, friends and other relatives.

The program had been launched by the PPP government in memory of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s dream of poverty allevation. In complete contrast of the slain leader’s dream and desire the program has turned out to be yet another tool of exploitation for the corrupt.

Deserving families and individuals, while talking to this reporter, have demanded inquiry into the distribution system of BISP forms in Yasin valley.

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One Comment

  1. Yeah its true,if local representatives r involved in such root
    level corruptions then 2 blame the higher ups is of no use….
    this is the main reason 4 y v r not developing…………

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