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[Police Terrorism in Hunza] Injured youth dies at Gilgit hospital, leaders appeal for peace and calm

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Gilgit, August 11: Son of the man shot dead by police in Hunza earlier today has succumbed to his injuries at a  hospital here in Gilgit. He was critically injured in today’s firing incident that took place in Aliabad, Hunza.

Sher Ullah Baig, 50, and his 22 year old son, Sher Afzal, were critically injured in the brutal firing incident.

Massive protests had erupted across Hunza Valley and in parts of Gilgit against the firing incident, with thousands of people taking to the streets and expressing anger against the government and police.

Social and religious leaders of Hunza Valley have appealed to the masses to calm down and let the law enforcing agencies take control of the situation.

They have expressed hope and confidence that justice will be ensured for those who fell victim to today’s tragic violence.

Hunza Valley is known the world over for its peacefulness and it is being hoped that no more violence will take place in the region, because the centuries old reputation of the residents of Hunza Valley is at stake.

“Nothing can justify the brutality of the police officers but we are also not going to achieve anything from burning and plundering public property”, a leader who did not want to be named told this scribe in Gilgit. “We shall use civil and democratically allowed ways of expressing anger, shock and condemn the brutal ways of the police, instead of ourselves getting involved in condemnable acts of putting fire to buildings”, he further said.

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  1. Well, we don’t think that Hunza is having peace anymore. The aweful case of 4 injured and one death person had declared that there isn’t peace at Hunza anymore. Being hunzai, we really feel bad since this accident. We don’t feel proud to be a Hunzai because of the terriorim which devestated a peaceful and strong place where people didn’t feel any fear. The people were fearlessm but now it is totally change. However, we have hope of this kind of worst crimes will never ever happen again in the future. We have hope that the victims of land slide will get their rights for which they sacrificed their lives.

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