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Mayun Landslide: 20 families evacuated from a village of Hunza Valley

The boxed area, according to local people, is sliding down in Mayun village of Hunza

Our Correspondent

Hunza, September 28: Constant landslide at Mayun village of Hunza Valley has forced the local people to evacuate 20 families, around 180 people, from their houses to safer locations within the village, local people informed the media.

The Mayun village, located opposite of the world famous Rakaposhi peak, across the Hunza River, is faced with a major landslide threat as a results of cracks developed in the mountain above. The landslide has already destroyed a water channel and power pylons, creating scarcity of drinking and irrigation water in the neighboring Hussainabad village.

The Mayun Landslide has been categorized as dangerous by the Geological Survey of Pakistan and other organizations.

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  1. NGO FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance geologist on 23 Sep advised the villagers of Mayun that about 20 houses are in direct path of landslide which has become active and adviced that they evacuate.Tents etc have been provided by FOCUS
    In May 2011 there was also landsliding
    FOCUS has identified this Mayun area as risky due to landslide

  2. I am chargin to see GB goverment being indifferent in such dire situations,where Hussainabad residents have no acess to drinking water .The residents of neighbouring village called KADEEM ABAD are already vacated thier area due to same issue some 1 yr ago… Goverment shouldnot only devise proper machanism for local people but also the effectees..No doubt Focus has been actively working in such situation…But WHERE IS THE GOVERNING BODIES…

  3. Has the GBDMA done an assessment of the risks? Are we going to witness another Attabad-style disaster with threats to lives, large-scale displacements and damming of the Hunza-Nagar River??

    there is an immediate need for conducting a joint, multi-agency assessment involving GBDMA, NDMA, GSP and other agencies.

    the elected members from Hunza-Nagar need to proactively push the governent jointly to conduct and submit a detailed technical report with recommendations for action short-term, medium term and long-term.

    1. The suggestions/questions raised by the honourable writers, especially (Mr. Amin Beg), urgently need to be addressed by concerned authorities. This is another human catastrophe after Atabad disaster. About one kilometer of main irrigation channel of Hussainabad has badly been damaged due to continuous mountain sliding, and uptil latest reports, sliding continued without any interval/break. More than two hundred households of Hussainabad and Khizerabad are without water for agricultural land, power supply and communication link between Hussainabad and Mayun villages for the last three weeks. About 20 households of Mayun village have been evacuated and are forced to live in tents. Only Water and Sanitation Extension Programme (WASEP) of Aga Khan Planning and Building Services Pakistan (AKPBS) and FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance Programme have provided some relief in the shape of water pipe for drinking purposes and some tents to the displaced families. The concerned authorities and elected reps of the area are humbly requested to visit the affected site without any further delay and make immediate arrangements and alleviate the distresses and sufferings of the people.

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