Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Row Row Row your truck, gently up the stream !!

upstreamThis truck is driven by Driver Aziz of Hussaini Gojal. He works for Chinese company responsible for expansion of the Karakuram Highway. In this photo the truck is seen moving against the flow of Khunjrav River to transport goods. Photo Ali Rehmat Musofir

16 thoughts on “Row Row Row your truck, gently up the stream !!

  1. good job keep it up…..nice drive after all the road might be blocked so drive have done his best to drive along the river….thats nice .


  2. @ Shum
    Thum b is thara kar k dikhao……
    It shows the experties of the that driver. He cant see the track but his Imagenation works. …..

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