[Pictory] Images from the Attabad Lake barrier

Images: Asghar Khan | Taken on: July 13, 2010

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  1. There’s an American proverb that says: “When fate gives you lemons, sell lemonade”. So it made me think about the Hunza Lake as a RESOURCE instead of a scourge, and it gave me two ideas:
    -All this water that creates so much misery in Gojal, while other parts of Pakistan are suffering from drought. If the Gojal people invited the drought-stricken people to come and get the water for free, there would be a continuous procession of tanker trucks pumping the good, clean water out and soon the lake level would go down.
    – Another initiative would be to invite a famous dramatic film maker to come and make a film that involves the lake. Even without a definite scnario, some scenes could be filmed if the actors are seen from a distance or from behind because what matters is the unusual, beautiful and ephemeral landscape. Then these scenes could be intercut with the scenes from the actual film that will be written and filmed at a later date. Several possible scenario could involve a love story between two young people from a village upstream and downstream from the lake, or two young lovers who become IDPs, or a drama involving a thief who has an important appointment in the South on January 31st but is unable to leave because of the landslide, who tries to leave by the foot-bridge and footpaths at Sishkat but is forced to turn around because of fear and vertigo and finally he steals a boat at gunpoint and the boat owner chases him on the lake with another boat…, or a dispute between traffickers… This film would become of historical value once the lake has been drained and the entity representing the Gojal people could collect royalties or an upfront sum of money that would help the recovery.

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