Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Two men shot at in Gilgit city, one dies

PT Report

Gilgit, August 29: Unknown assailaints have shot two people in the vicinity of Hunza Chowk, in Gilgit city. One of the victims has died while another one is injured.

The assailants have fled the scene after shooting the two young men, who are reportedly residents of Napura, Baseen. Names of the victims could not be found out immediately.

According to an eye-witness, Kamil, who reported the incident to Pamir Times on phone, the two victims were also carrying their two children, apparently visiting the Bazar for Eid shopping.

Businesses near the shooting site have been shut down by frightened shop keepers.

The eye-witness told Pamir Times that for at least 25 minutes the victims were  laying in blood pool in middle of the main Bazar but nobody dared to help them. The eye-witness said that the two very young children were apparently unscathed in the incident.

“After 25 minutes the victims were taken to the nearby hospital”, the eye-witness told Pamir Times.

He said that no high official had visited the shooting site even after on hour of the incident. “A 2-star officer of Police reached the scene after half and hour along with some constables”, he reported.

Cause of the killing could not be ascertained immediately. “It is too early”, an official of the administration told PT. He appealed to the people to stay calm and peaceful and not believe on any rumours.

He said that rumour mongers come in action after every such incident and spread unrest in the city. He said that the police would soon nab the assailants and they will be punished in accordance with the law.

3 thoughts on “Two men shot at in Gilgit city, one dies

  1. It’s a deplorable and appalling incident. May the departed souls rest in peace.
    May peace and tranquility prevail in our region… Ameen!

  2. summer is always made a disaster for Gilgit, Baltistan this is the time when people go to earn their bread and butter, its same summer of every year you will see this kind of disturbances in Gilgit,Baltistan, There must be a hidden hand behind all these summer incidents happening in the entire region of Gilgit,Baltistan. Its not good for the peaceful enviroment our entire region gets disturb from these hidden hands.We pray to Almighty Allah that our Gilgit,Baltistan remains always in peace speciall in the months of every summer.God save our GB

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