[Pictory] MQM in Gilgit – Baltistan

Waseem Aftab (mqm)

In this photograph a corner meeting of MQM is being addressed by Waseem Aftab in Gilgit. The corner meeting was arranged by the Organizing Committee of MQM – Gilgit. MQM is fielding 14 candidates for the GBLA Election 2009, including Kamil Jan from Hunza.

That the Mohajir – Qaumi – Movement turned Motahida- Qaumi-Movement was able to find fourteen willing candidates to contest elections in our region is a reflection of the six decades long Karachi – GB migration phenomena rather than a reflection of grass root support for the ideology of MQM or the personality of Altaf Hussain.

However, the fact remains that over one hundred thousand citizens of GB, including students, professionals, laborers and families, are living in Karachi.

Involvement of MQM in organized urban militancy is a major cause of concern for the people of Gilgit – Baltistan. Observers and analysts argue that MQM is being introduced in Gilgit – Baltistan under state patronage to diffuse support for the nationalist movements.

What do you think?

Let’s discuss.

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  1. i totally agree with u that mqm is being introduced in gilgit baltistan to diffuse support for nationalist introducing mqm in the region will only exacberate the problem.what would the mqm know about the problems we face?the government should give gilgit baltistan representation in the senate and national assembly if they actually want to diffuse these feelings of alienation.haven’t our brothers and sisters given as many if not more sacrifices for Pakistan? Citizens of Gilgit baltistan have fought valiantly in pakistan’s armed forces and died for this country. One prime example was of a Hunzakut from Hyderabad who was recently killed in battle with terrorists. The governmet should honor our sacrifices and give us proper representation and powers so we can come at par with the rest of the country. We don’t need “kagzi karwai”. Should we not be given our due respect and rights like people of other provinces?

  2. we are always accepting others rule it is unfortunate and it means we have not made any political foundation on grass root which cater the gaps of political vacuum. We accepted others rule and we have not our own way of political foundation.

    That imported political parties PPP,MNA and MQM and we have no political brand.

    All two parties have been examined and they have done nothing and we should examine another party who may be meet the public criteria.
    The Army Government have done lot of developmental works instead of political party governments.

    you are judge any decide as your right decision at right time make possible right person for the right nation.

  3. the question is why we need guidance from the outside I think we have enough capibility and ability to lead we have to look this factor as well that how the MQM ruling in Sind and specially in Karachi and everybody well aware about the MQM.

  4. I would welcome MQM as evolving a mainstream political party of Pakistan. Since MQM is a liberal political party and has emerged most incluantial in power circles of Pakistan during recent year, i think this party would raise and represent GB in national assembly and politics.

    Lets take is an opportunity

  5. The remedy lies in our identity. No one from outside will help us. They are just using us and will dispose after the fulfillment of their mission. I see no role for Pakistan based political parties. We have pinned our hopes on these parties for the last 60 years or so.

    1. Mr Riazullah
      You are right….. i totally agree with you. hah i think i am free now my job is over……..Being a citizen i have condemn these imported parties…
      Sorry dear one cant stop here if you realy want to get these people out then come on play your role not verbally ,practically. We need leaders like you…

  6. I agree with Shahid. MQM’s role and policies especially in Karachi should be given due consideration. It is an open secret….

  7. 100% agree with mr shahid on MQM’s roll through out the country specially in karachi & heyderabad.

  8. this is great news that we are going to change. i think now-e-days Altaf is better then Zardari. I appreciate the worker and candidates who are joying MQM and in gilgit we have seen only two parties not else. Competion is the way for change.
    i think we should give them a chance.Jeeya Altaf Bhai

    Karim -Sostiq

  9. we dont nedd crime in gilget every one now about mqm . this is the way of crime and marder we dont need them .

  10. the people of Pakistan have no right like other Provinece or not like the status of Kashmir? previous election we give vote different parties, now we should try MQM n let change our mind and give vote to MQM.

  11. we all should be carefull about this type of incident and there should be special security at night time.TAKE CARE……….

  12. I agree with Noor but it is not just MQM every political party that operate in Pakistan and has a presence in Gilgit-Baltistan is a hurdle in realizing the rights of the people of GB. PPP, PML, MQM, JI and other political parties have and will sacrifice, without a second thought, the people and land of GB for Pakistan. We should be supporting parties for whom GB comes first.

  13. Dear All,
    Don’t go to the personality of any person but try to see there willing and vision towards development. MQM is the fourth largest Political party in the country and the have there own theory which is acceptable for the educated and middle class people. If some body try to understand this things in depth. In the past we try and judge all the other PPP, PML both and azad umeed-wars and JI candidates in our area. Also it is not Altaf or other party leader who present our area GB, the Kamil Jan who got the ticket of MQM for elect in the election and let us see what is the vision of our leader kamil jan how he presents our area GB from the plat form of MQM. Has the man have leading Qualities I actually don’t know him but listen about him that He was served for the Fisheries in Karachi. Who actually export Fishes? So we have study in depth Kamil Bahi and Decision is our own individually. no body have the rights to force us in this era, its we people who will go to take good decision at the right time and chose a right leader for the future who will present us Well at each and every stage and every where required. Plz don’t choose a person like our previous Chief executive, who hasn’t communication skills even. So how he presents our area, For God sake Study Each and every candidate in depth and Chose an educated Leader who will work for our betterment. But don’t lose your zeal for the sack of money and else. PLSSS…………
    thanks you all


  14. What are these guys talking about…support MQM, kion???aik party jis ki bunyad ta’sub pe khadi hai,aik party jahan party ke andhar dictatatorship,aik party jis ke leader ko ye pata nahi ki Gilgit-Baltistan kis chidya ka naam hai,aik party jo VIOLENCE pe yaqeen rakhti hai,jo kabhi RAW to kabhi ISI ke bhayanak maqasid ke liye ghalat iste’mal hoti rahi,aik party jis ka azeem leader Pakistan banNE ke 69 saal ba’d bhi “Two Nation Theory” maanNE ke liye tayyar nahi…aap ye tamam baatain karney se pehley aik baar is azeem leader ki koyi aik taqreer to sun letey YouTube pe…National level ka party banNE ke liye inhoon is mulk main kahan kahan sir nahi mara…Balochistan main Balochoon ke masley se le kar Kashmir ke zalzaley tak..jahan museebat-zada logoon ke haath main apney khooni party ka jhanda pehley diya aur roti ba’d main! bhaiyo is party main ne bohot qareeb se dekha hai,in ko mazloomoon aur URDU na bolney waley Pakistaniyoon se koyi sarokar nahin…aur un logoon pe bhi to nazar daliye jin ko ye Gilgit-Baltistan main ticket de rahe hain,kon hain ye log…yaqeenan MQM inko din dhehadi aur kuch commission inayat farmati hogi plus gaadiyan aur so called BHARAMBAAZI ke chand cheap techniques…dosto,bhaiyo apney ilm,aqal,observation ka neutal istemal karo ye na dekho ki kon kuch dinoon ke liye aapko lazeez khana khilata hai aur khobbsurat gaadiyoon main ghumata hai…aur hamarey so-called nationalist partiyoon ne kia gul khilaya hai aaj tak,jhandey jalaney ke siwa aur Qanoon-Saaz assembly ke elected members to Qanoonsaazi ke bajai bijili ghar banatey rahengey aur i khoobsurat zameen ke resources,uqood CH** jayengey aur in sub ka nazala to sub se pehley nichley tabqey hi pe padega…it’s time o think neutrally and boldly…and if you search deeply you’ll find tht MQM has been involved in urbn-violence and is a better terrorist compared to other national parties…jab aik bhi party sahi na ho tokia kia jaye???is ka jawab aap main sekuch ke comments sunNE ke ba’d inshallah…may god help people of this land to reive their glorious past in a modern way,ameen..

  15. It’s not a question of insider or outsider, its a question of Pakistan’s and regional politics and rights of people. The present system is being patternized by privileged part of people. The system should be changed by voting power, it’s a question of thoughts not a question of people from Karachi, Quetta or Pindi.

  16. I agree with you MEERzada bhai…it’s a question of thought and i’ve tried to explain what MQM thinks,thought and will think…and their activities,political behavour,policies inhi thoughts hi ka to nateeja hain…ye hawa main to janam nahi payi hain, unki marzi aur soch k khilaaf!! aur aap is awam se keh rahe hain ki Samraaj to Samraaj hota hai,andhrooni ho ya beruni..bus pisney ke liye tayyar ho jayiye andhar ki ya bahar ki samraj ke hathoon,hum ghareeb hi in Kali QUWATOON ka agent bantey hain and a whole generation or gnerations have to suffer and pay for these deeds later…agar ap log MQM se itna hi ispire hain to SIRF inki achi cheezoon ko apna ka apna party banayien aur in mojoodha so-called QOAM-PARAST tanzeeoon ki QURBANI dain…

  17. salam
    Well nice to see the people of our region talking about politics.Though we are still not politically well developed peoples that is why imported parties are ruling us since 1 november.
    Avery long way to go…. and its not easy to unite the people of our area i don’t know why but its true that the way we are moving forward seems no possibility of unity.
    More then 90% literacy rate in Hunza, still without a leader who plays his role to unite even the people of Hunza???? How can you expect to unite the people of Gilgit/Baltistan????????

  18. Welcome MQM to Gilgit Baltistan, you are the only progressive, liberal and moderate above all you are true representation of poor mass and you don’t have religious fundamentalism.

  19. I must say hahhahahah on the people of Hunza who claims the most developed and civilised but the incident with Sultan exposes everything.

  20. dekha aap logoon ko apney auqaat main aatey aatey kam waqt lagta hai, aap logoon ke beech jo is tarah ka gap paida hota hai wahan ye log ghus jayengey,inko yehi gap chahiye…that slightly noticable gap today is death for you tomorow,aur khushi ki baat hai ke hamarey ilaqey ke kuch layiq fayiq logoon ko dictionary wali progressive,iberal,moderate,non-fundamental ki definition yaad hai zaroor laikin inki amali shakal se shayed ye abhi na aashena hain…i’m not a political person,but i can see & analyse things neutrally…MQM ke progressiveness ki sirf aik misaal: Karachi main city mayor Niamatullah k daur main Sweden ki aik company ke saath muahida kar ke GREEN CITY BUS service start kia gaya,it earned money and people were happy with it..jaisey hi MQM ke haath city government aa gayi ye GREEN BUS bina kisi wja ke usi din ghayab huwey..kionki ye kaam Jamaat-e-Islami ke NAZIM ne karwaya tha,sirf is liye….aaj tak ye pata nahi chal saka ki kayi million lagat ke ye bus kahan gaye,aur ye paisey kis ke thai,hamarey,qoam ke! ye to mulk aur qoam ki mufaad main MQM ke progressiveness ka aik adhna misaal hai…aap log khud kia ho,define your problems clearly and define your own position don’t let other corrupt political bodies speak for you…you will be washed away then tomorrow along with your interests and problems…MQM ke national party banNE ki jo choti si lethal khwahish hai us ke bheent chad jaogey!! aur han MQM Kurram Agency bhi ponch gayi hai,itelaat hain…aap dekhte rahiye ye kahin religion,kahin ethenic aur kahin linguistic issues ki aadh main ghusney ki koshish karega,logoon ko bewaqof bana ke..emotionally black mail kar ke…and is it healthy politics?logoon ki kamzoriyoon ka ghalat faida uthana,healthy politics ki nazar main sub barabar hain…Sindhiyoon ko khuley truckonn pe gumaya,shaam ko unhoon ne na’ra lagaya “Awanjo Bhai,Tawanjo Bhai…Altaf Bhai” aur mujey darr hai aap yani hum GB ke ghayoor awam main bhi aisey sapoot paida hongey jo kahengey “Har Sawal Ka Jawab…Altaf Altaf”! humain apney frame main rehtey huwey sochna hai,Karachi ka aik urdu speaking muhajir ban ke khudara MQM ki taraf mat dekhiye,hum aur hain wo aur hain…un ke alag tarah ke problems hain haramrey alag aur ye baat jan lo aik average Karachiet ke muqabilley main hamari zindagi bohot behtar hai…apney ghareeboon ko karachi ke ghareeboon se mat milayiye…

  21. AOA Borthers, I am very happy to see the people of gilgit are discussing issues very openly and in very good manners. This is how we should share our opinions and differences. using bad words and critisizing others for nothing never be a healthy things to do. I am in Canada and watching election activities in Gilgit I personally wish MQM will win few seats to send middle class people to Gilgit assembly. Important point for people of gilgit would be either MQM candidates belongs to Gilgit or not? I believe every candidate is from gilgit. I am not sue please correct me if I am wrong? See this is the big difference when it comes to MQM you can disagree with MQM in every department but you have to admit this party give chances to Middle and lower Middle class educated candidate to lead the people. Can any one of you think to participate in election if not why??? this is the key.. In Karachi people living in 80 yard house are in assembly. Mayor of Karachi is one of them. I am not big fan of MQM when it comes to politics of hate but when you talk about 80% of Pakistani which are either belongs to Middle or lower middle or poor class I think MQM should be given a chance. Otherwise there are tons of sardars chudry wadera available on PPP and PML plat form for yours MNA. As all of you Know MQM is trying to be National party then why not give them a chance. Example of Kashmir is there two poor Kashmir’s living in Karachi now minister and one of them was acting President of Kashmir Can you ever imagine between all those Kashmir’s sardar MQM sent two middle class people to sit with them. This is very big to me. I don’t know if there is any chance og MQM to win or not but I must say you can stop MQM but you can’t stop the philosphy.. which elect people from you who knows your real problem not those rich sardard and tribe leaders who have been abusing pakistan for 62 years.
    Thanks a lot
    Danish . Toronto

  22. First of all financial class difference is very minor in NAs/GB…aik thikedaar,thanedar,mochi,naayi or peer ka bacha aik hi school main padhtey hain,they share the same play ground,go to the same Masjid,Jamaat Khana or Imam Bargah, get more or less similar opportunities on all fronts of life…yahan pe jo distinct hain power ke lehaz se to wo top army personnels,chief secretary,comissioner type things who never belonged to this region…when it comes to classes,let alone comparing ourselves to the huge metro/cosmopolitan karachi we cannot even compare ourselves to Kashmir…in GB we dont have any sardars,wadheras or makhdhooms…now dont compare the lonely bechara Peer and bechara Ghazanfar to those Pakistani wadheras,makhdooms and GB we are more or less in the same financial class…hum ne apney context main sochna hai…MQM apney saarey middle class ko Hajj pe le jati hai ya marwa ke booriyoon main laashain phenkwa deti hai humain filhal us se koyi gharaz nahi..back in early 70’s when Bhutto removed Rajas in GB tab bhi log is se bhi zyada PPP ke sath emotionally attached huwey thai…the problem is if we go on importing these huge PARTIES from main land we’ll get less benefit and there’ll be a mess…kal ko hum kahengey lets call ANP,the true representatives of middle class in NWFP aur ye log to geographically aur bhi zyada qareeb hain hamarey..parsoon kahngey let’s call a BLA type extreme thing from Balochistan when we don’t get what we want…huh…aik baat zehen main rakh lo in GB we are more or less in the same class,kisi ki Gadi Bagh Chowk main 2 dhukanain hain to wo upper class main nahi chala gaya,ya kisi ne zameen ka tukda baich ke NCP landcruiser le liya to he’s not moved to the upper class..! and for almost 2 decades people from MQM have been sitting in provincial and national assemblies, what they have changed in these 20 years for Karachis middle and lower class apart from increasing hatred aur karachi main rehney waley doosrey ilaaqey ke logoon ko tang karney ke ilawa? the truth is they have just changed their name from Muhajir to Mutahidda , sir naam badalney se kuch nahi hota, its true their leaders are from middle class but when time comes they won’t stand for middle class people belonging to other ethnic groups in pakistan,agar unka koyi gharaz hoga to zarur kuch dinoon ke liye saath dengey,they are self-centred and ye bhi nahi keh saktey ki ye Muhajir Middle class ke bhi true representative hani, when there is one CHILDISH dictator ruling the party alone, aur aaj Gilgit ke kuch log karachi main MQM se miley hain to wo is liye nahi ki wo MQM ki philosophy se khush hain,nahi,but to make themselves and their brothers safer ya phir un ke zaati maqasid hain…when there will be more imported national level parties in GB there’ll be a bigger social,financial and political mess in GB in future…ye Pyaley Main Toofan sabit hoga..aur sub se pehley ghareeb aur middle class hi doob marengey.

  23. Let see brother what will be the result. One thing every one should make sure in GB that this election must be free and fair. I would again support MQM participation in GB election. Because every pakistan can take part in election anywhere in pakistan. There are lot of GB people participating in MQM election rally and corner meeting. who those people are ?

  24. Lets see brother…maaf kijiye ga kehna padhta hai Canada jaisey koobsurat jamhoori mulk main rehtey huwey ye modernist aur maghrib-zada so-called DEMOCRACY obsessed baatain karna mushkil nahi…you’ll taste the fruit of democracy jub pahadoon main door kahin aik sarkari pipe lagwaney ke liye karachi main Nine Zero ya kisi sector incharge BHAI se phone karwana hoga…we’ll elect our own members but they’ll share power with MQM,if they are elected, laikin ye yaad rakhiye wo kisi hadh tak us platform ya party ke tabea’ hotey hain aur aksar party ne un ko ticket diya huwa hota to us ke ehsanat taley dabey rehtey hain…aapko acha lagega jub aapka numainda Nine Zero ke aik qatil,badmash bhai ke aagey dhum hilata rahe aur jee jee karta phirey…i wonder where is the healthier part of our ego and the part that urges us to remain distinct and urges us to have our own identity and our own space to breath.. good luck GB!

  25. Com on yar you are trying to say kay pakistan may sab theek hain only MQM corrupt hai. You know pakistan ka aaj ye haal MQM ki waja say nahi or pakistan may corruption kay ilawa kuch bhi nahi. Again you can hate some one you can used bad words as well but can not deny the truth, Keep this words in your mind. I dont wanna go over whats going on in NWFP, Balochistan and punjab and interior sindh. How corrupt are our ministries and othe govt department including Army. I would say lets only talk about election in GB. otherwise every sensible pakistani knows about every thing regarding these politician. I know you dont like MQM or may be hate MQM for some reasons. There are lot of other people in pakistan who hate pakhtoon and punjabhi with the same reasons. So i would suggest lets talk about some solid arguments not this ghissi pitti baten jo ab sun sun kar kaan pak gayen hain. I was in karachi when there was no MQM in karachi in 70s and 80s. I know what pathan mazda wale and punjabi police used to do with the people of karachi. Now you can say MQM replaced those gunday.. tu bhai once again is detail may jane say koi fayeda nahi.. more behas more stupid arguments. becaise i like to live in present and like to talke about future. Not always talk about past and planing for present which 90% pakistan does all the time. Those always live in past and in denial mode never successed. So lets talk about today and think about future.
    I hope you understand what i am trying to say..

  26. So what you poeple say about the result of GB election? Who will win majority seats? Do you know on which seats kante ka muqabla hone ki ummed hai? MQM ki kis candidate ki position acchi ja rahi hai??

    I ca only wish MQM candidate wins and they go in assmebly and work for poor people betterment.

  27. Bhai baat ye hai we don’t want to be the next miniature Pakistan politically…we don’t want any of these Pakistani parties…na Jamaat-e-Islami,na PPP aur na PML and na hi koyi bhiki huyi Qom parast party chahiye…on every front we have our own stanrdards khwah wo corruption ho ya parhezgari…why compare ourselves with Pakistan…why follow Pakistan when we can really build a healthy political premises of our own,Pakistan ke saath rehtey huwey hi…if we work together honestly…arey bhai in partiyoon ko ghar bula ke pehly kia paya hai hum ne…MQM ki mukhalifat is point pe is liye zaruri hai ki ye nayi gandagi hai…hamara purana jo kacherey ka dhair hai us main nayi addition hai…jitni gandagi yahan pe huyi hai is ko stop kia jaye so people could easily get rid of the previous KACHRA aahista aahista…on every front we are different,this doesn’t mean i’m favouring the point that hum Pakistan se alag ho jayien…nahi…balki hamara majmoee shaoor aur ijtemaee siyasi ravish Pakistaniyoon se mukhtalif hai…aap kion siyasi gandagi ko bhadhaney pe tulley huwey hain,meri samaj se balaTAR hai,jabki aap hamarey region ke learned aur previliged bandhey hain to… come help us get rid of the previous political GANDAGI…aur hairat ki baat hai aap mazeed GANDAGI chahtey hain,ye jantey huwey bhi ki ye sub gandhey hain aur corrupt hain !!!!!!!!!

    1. This is another common problem with pakistan that they are more pathan gilgiti punjabi muhajir sindhi then pakistani. That’s why no one in this world respect pakistanis. So stop saying that pakistani politics pakistani political party, Correct your words. you are in pakistan you are part of pakistan and you travel on pakistani passport you use pakistani currancy. So dont try to isolate you with pakistan. Because outside NWFP no one cares about gilgiti and biltistani nation in this world. No one should care. Because there are millions of ethenic grouop in this world. because this is the same problem with Balochi sindhai and Muhajir. I am supporter of MQM but never isolate myself with pakistan and don’t agree with those mqm stupid karkum who always crtiasize pakistan for every thing. What matter i say to pakistan bad or good but here in canada all they know i am pakistani and they treat me as a pakistani so choice is mine. So I would suggest you brother dont try to isolate yourself from pakista,.

  28. So who is going to win this election? Is there any hope for MQM to win any seat? Which two parties are on top? Is some one watching this election closely on each seats or most of you concentrating to make MQM bad guy 🙂

  29. I welcome MQM in Gilgit Baltistan and i think its a path of progress in our reigion so bring hands topgether and vote for MQM
    Jee Altaf Bahi

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