[Pictory] Ayeenabad – Shishkat sinking

Ayeenabad ward of Shishkat village has turned into a lake due to the blockage of River Hunza because of the landslide disaster at Attabad. The organic disruption of hard earned properties, infrastructure and other means of livelihood in the valley has severe social, economic, cultural and psychological implications for the years to come. The material loss is being talked about and promises of compensation are in the air but the loss of mental peace is yet to be looked after. It is time for the relevant organizations to initiate psycho-social programs in the vulnerable villages upstream. [Nur]

Photos by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Wake up gojalis.
    Just wake up.
    Still we are sleeping?
    Our gojal is going away from us.
    May Allah help us and give us strength(ameen).
    meher jabeen

  2. We strongly demand to change the stretegy of the existing work going on the site to release water. It is a big failure of FWO that the situation is standstill and the whole area of Shishkat and Gulmit is at risk as FWO is just waisting time. The water should be released through pumps.

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