People of Hunza are “na shukar” (thankless), says CM of Gilgit – Baltistan

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Islamabad, March 27: We made a big mistake by giving cheques to families of the deceased people of Attabad on time. The people of Hunza are thankless (ungrateful) because they are not appreciating the role played by the government during Attabad disaster. We have done a lot for Hunza after the disaster.

Syed Mehdi Shah (File Photo)

These views were expressed the other day by chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan while briefing the recently appointed governor of GB, Dr Shama Khalid, on Attabad landslide disaster.

He also said that political elements are using the disaster for political purposes by arranging protests and sit – ins across the country.

Mehdi Shah has also criticized Ghazanfar Ali Khan for not visiting Hunza in these times of disaster despite of being elected representative of the region for five terms.

A strong reaction can be seen in the Hunza valley in opposition of the statements made by the chief minister. “When the disaster struck he was dancing in Lahore in a cultural show and did not bother to come to Hunza for consoling the disaster hit people on time”, an angry senior citizen of Gojal told Pamir Times.

The chief organizer of PML (N) Hafeez ur Rehman has also condemned the “irresponsible” comments of Mehdi Shah and has termed it to be equivalent to adding salt to injury of the people of Gojal – Hunza.

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  1. The Honorable Chief Minister GB’s remarks will make every Gojali sad. As we know this is not 1852 an era without a disaster management team, an era without heavy machinery, an era without a government of the people, by the people and for the people, an era without volunteers and an era without the electronic and prit media.

    If all are in place being citizen it is basic right of every Gojali. If the CM can make special orders for saving of one special baby at the hospital , then the people of Gojal also deserve his attention and kindness.

    Gojalies have already respected Mehdi Shah during his pre-election tour o Gojal. We expect nothing from him except self respect for our area.
    Let Ghanzafer explain his ignorance and reason for not visiting the area.
    Syed Mehdi Shah sahib is Chief Minister of all Gilgit Baltistan of all community of all people weather one has voted for him or one has not. We all deserve your attention and kind words.


  2. this is wht our goverenment could do for the betterment of gojal…. still we could not make govrnment to realize that we are in trouble.

  3. Being a political figure & elected representative such statements are higly condamable cheques were given to real effected families as a true citizen it was there primerey right those cheques for sure distributed from the government tresury not the pocket of (so called) chief manister.Its reaily shame to pass such comments have you ever think for a while for such innocent people who have lost there houses along with family dependents. It needs to be clear to CM that you are public servent you must perform your role as a true representative instead of critisizing particular rigion or nation.

  4. We are really shocked by the comments of our CM, he should realize the ground realities of the region before making such foolish and irresponisble comments. He should have to be grateful to the people of Gojal and Hunza who fully supported and played their main role in the sucess of PPP in the region.

    What the govt. has did so far in the region? Mr. CM should be ashamed of his thoughts and appoligy from the people of Hunza Gojal on his irresponsible comments.

  5. yoon heee mosam ki ada dekh k yad aya hey– kis qadar jald badal jate hain insaan jana

  6. Mr. Chief Minister, which cheque have you given from your pocket? This is people’s money and you as a representative have given the cheques. If you have paid from any of your accounts, then the people must be thankful to you, but why are you expecting the people to be thankful when you are giving people’s own money to the people. You have not been destined by any divine mission to help the people, rather it is the people who have chosen you as representative and this is one of your duties to give to the people back at the time of need and in return you should think people to be obliged for what you are doing. You should be thankful to the people that during this calamity and in face of the slow response of the government they remained calm and peaceful. Otherwise, you are well aware what is happening in other parts of the country when they are faced with some problem, they do not remain peaceful, they create law and order problem, the paralyse government and its machinery (the recent protests in Islamabad and Rawalpindi over load shedding are an example) and they get their demands accepted by force. But people of Hunza-Gojal did not do that and peacefully conveyed their message to the government and cooperated with you and other administrative bodies. So it is the government and your administration which is thankless and not the people.

  7. Mr. C. M, Mind it , Your have been elected by the people of the region to serve them, Everybody knows what you have done to the people of the region, Your such comments really hurts even those who may be having soft corner for you. You must admit that what ever you have done is enough till date. You people are working just like a shopkeeper who passes his day only. If you are thinking like this, Its betteroff to Resign.

    “I request All our representators Think hundred times before saying any thing”

  8. rather then crticising others mr.mehdi shah who is in power should do something constructive for the people of gojal.if he thinks ghazanfar ali khan can do more then he should resign and appoint him caretaker cm!

  9. Mr Mehdi shah you remember those days when the disaster was accrued you was on a trip and was enjoying through out Pakistan at the end you you reached to the graveyard of Bhutto family for prostrate. Then after a long time u reached in hunza,do not create animosity for yourself in the hearts of the People of hunza gojal,the people of the area will raise question about your your performance when the lake will outburst in the coming days and will damage the river banks and bridges if we are thanks less or (nashukar)what you have done for the people of Hunza-Gojal in these three months can you ask?

  10. Bandar Kay Haath mai Bandook

    Muqaddar Mango Hamesha..Elm nahee

    Mehdi Shah Sahib Baithay Baithay CM ban gaye aur badhawaas tu hona hee Thaa..Kia zamana aa gaya keh sab se Taleem yafta Gilgit Baltistan Kay 80 % Members anparh hain aur Innse gila Ka Koi faida nahee

  11. he didnt deserve be cm i think he has no maners to be a chief exactiv he have to resigne

  12. Well, this is a statement of immature politician; actually he has not the capacity of running the government as CM but in Pakistan, if Zardari can become president, so anything can happen…. Mr. CM we have not yet forgotten that during the disaster of Attabad, when people were looking for you as a First CM of GB to come and saying i m with you, but you were on a tour of sindh and Punjab to make your party leaders happy… nonsense leaders…. but now you have given another gift by saying that….. people of Hunza are thankless….
    CM try to be mature now….. but we know you are been trained by the 1st governor of GB so we can expect anything from you….. basically it is problem with party leadership… you have to be like this otherwise how people will recognized you…..

  13. We should,t expect any positive response or commit from such a low profile CM, who’s thinking horizons starts from Skardu and ends up to Skardu, based on their professional trade he can carry a basket of muck or he can raise slogans for any political procession. He is not appropriate for the prestigious CM job. As for as his comments concern, it,s great matter of shame for him and he must apologize from the People of Hunza especially from the affectees, by distributing some amount among the affectees he can refrain from his responsibilities as CM.

    1. @Eng.Farman Karim..
      I belong to Baltistan and i strongly condemn Mr.Mehdi Shah’s statement,I hav political differences with him, He is not a mature and sensible politician…He does not know what he is saying. His role and aim is to please his masters sitting in Islamabad (As his predecessor Mir Ghanzanfer did during his tenure).
      But Dear…..! During Mir Ghazanfer’s era no one criticise him just becoz he is a Hunzai,.. plz it is not a sin to belong to Baltistan, Plz avoid while giving such comments that “who’s thinking horizons starts from Skardu and ends up to Skardu, based on their professional trade he can carry a basket of muck ”
      Plz dont try to deviod us on sectarian,regional and lingustic basis….Rise above all these odds…
      Shuja Yabgo, Baltistan

      1. I agree to Mr. Shuja,

        Mr. Farman Karim was a bit harsh, and we should respect the communities by not hurting feelings. I apologize being a hunzukuce.

        I want to clarify here that the commentators of PT have been very generous in criticizing Mr. Ghazanfar when he was Chief Executive of the then Northern Areas. If you remember during the issue of Sost Dryport every one had taken him to task by heavily commenting against the deeds of himself and his family.

        The uprise of the youth against him was so strong that he was given such a defeat that he will remember it for the rest of his life along with his whole family.

        He is hiding like a mice right now in his Islamabad mouse-hole and the people of Hunza-Gojal are yet to hear a word from him on the worst disaster in the modern times that has hit Hunza.

      2. @Shuja!
        Let me put my aforesaid pharase reagarding CM Mehdi (……such a low profile CM, who’s thinking horizons starts from Skardu and ends up to Skardu) in this way ” I MEANT CM mEHDI’S MENTAL exposure, not the exposure of the Baltistan community or Skardu community, measures a limited jurisdiction,,,actually by picking the identifying the name of Hunza, CM Mehdi has committed to divide the things for which I condemned.
        As for as Ghazenfer case, you should better seacrch even here in Pamir times, you will find that how much we have crtisized him for commits to its maximum limit.

  14. This is what happens, when we have incompetent leaders, this should be a BIG SHAMEFUL DAY FOR WAZIR BAIG, who being the speaker of GB Assembly failed to prepare the ground for his elected territory of Hunza, specially – Upper Hunza, which have given him the Formidable win for the second term,

    Mehdi Shah has done a marvelous job by setting aside the much needy people of hunza at this point of time, and he says THANKLESS ??? for what ??? i wonder what Government has done in initial 48 Hours of disaster ?? i think not more than 5% of overall efforts were from Government, but all locals, and now just distributing little money to condole the dead, and widows, and orphans, and homeless and still getting homeless people, what he want to prove ??






    still we have the time to wake up and start thinking about our homeland, enough of these type of people we should start thinking differently and we need modern and young leaders and politicians to lead us from the front, not to stab us from behind



  15. this is the time for gilgit baltistan peopels to forget about political parties an start to think that we have very honest educated peopels in northren area to come togather to make adiffrent to our peopels and our area the disaster is from god but we have aculter to help each other our brothers sisters shame on cm and also shame on all of us to obay like this leader we deserve better than this becuse all northern area peopels are self made self respaceted if we have like this leader he dont know how to talk to peopels it is shame for us and what will be our futer cm have to appoligies from hunza gojal andfrom peopel of gilgit baltistan for his remarks and i request to all gilgit baltistan members and new apointed governer tocondame his remarks and posation we didnt deserve like this stuiped man to be our leader

  16. I think CM should be brought to the lake spot and through him inside and tell him na shukar, what a piece of trash our politicians are, cheap skates always looking for political motive and money. Gojalis and Hunzukutz have always done everything with self support notion, we have to realize that we live in Pakistan we cant expect anything righteous from this Government. May God bless and save our motherland and make it full of spring flowers fragrance again.

  17. Mr. CM which stands for CHOR MAHDI. The money distributed among the victims of Attaabad is not your fathers property. It is the money of people who pay the taxes. You are simply a non sense, irresponsible and illegible person. Your comments reflect your personality which is not suited to CM but only to CHOR MEHDI.
    I also shame on our political leaders from Hunza Mr. Wazir Baig, Mutabiat Shah, Nazir Sabir, Noor Muhhamad, Ghazenfar Ali Khan, Ijlal Hussain and Kamil Jan for not responding to this culprit. Hope our leaders will awake to defend our integrity and noblety.

  18. I wonder what more people are expecting from the current government..! People should really be thankful for what is provided to them.

    PS: People using harsh language to comment, please go through the following link.

    You should be following the guidelines.

  19. CM u r nt giving any thing from your father’s pocket SHAME ON U.this is hunza from where govt collects billions of dollars every years and here u are talking about just hundreds rupees very very shame. we have still enough power to show u we have lot of slogans to raise but dont ever think that we are becarefull mr cm …..

  20. His words are shameful and disgusting. Thank goodness the northern peoples have the culture to support themselves, with or without these so-called “leaders.” Now I have a better understanding why so little is being done from the central govt.

  21. We strongly reject the foolish talk of CM, the money about he has talk not from his own pocket or his fathers, he is not aware the history of GB . Anyone tell him the historical scarification of GB , what Pakistan give us ??????? I must say he is not able to lead our nation he must leave his position immediately and give a chance to any patriotstic to do this job done sincerely .
    I am very sad to know this news . I urge to think tankers of GB pzl plz come forward to tell Pakistan and these idiots that we are the people who get independence from our own struggle and we know to teach the lesson who is unfair with us …. You all people know better what did government for us in last decades
    I am from attabad I know how toy with this situation by gov’t , I am doing my MBA, but due this disaster I am unable to continue my studies and when I approach gov’t and my university they did not give any positive response , the gov’t has declare the waved the fee of students only who get education in gov’t institutions’ and what about those who are in private sector .
    So this is a time to get up the nation to get our right if cannot do so now then never can do in future, if are not united today then we can’t in future , if we can’t realize the importance of GB today never in future , plz plz come forward

  22. hey this is not fault …………………you no he is illiterate person you can expect any comments from him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  23. I didn’t seen CM any more compitent. Can any one tell me his qualification?

  24. Shame on you Mr.Mehdi Shah and with your statment you have shown your mentality and quality of leadership. We want to see and calculate your contribution for hunza during this time and still i can say by grace of god the people of hunza-gojal are having still the ability to survive even if you and your governement wants them to sink or ignore. But think of yourself and for your future. We miss that Mr.Ghazanfar Ali Khan has not visited the area during this harsh time but if we see you are in governemnt and you have the power that you can change things, so if you still thinks that the situation needs Ghazanfar then i must say you and your speaker should be go to work for him as shepards.
    What you did in practical by visiting the site for several and your speaker is always having his bed around the lake. Guys you are not elected as security guard or peons, but if you feels it your duty then its your level of thinking and mentality.
    You should always say thanks and Shukriya to the people of Hunza and gojal that being in worst condition they still respect for their country and leaders, otherwise it is not very difficult to replecate the situation which took place in chilas.
    Now you reminded us that you are ignorant and frustrated leader and you only values the viloence. Lets see ahead……
    Thanks to Wazir Baig for the little charity if his governemnt has given and they want the to disgrace the dignity of hunza people in return. But this will never happen…………………
    We are pakistani and proudly very true and loyal pakistani, so we have equal right to get our part.
    At Last i must say Wazir Baig you can not be a leader like Ghazanfar Ali Khan and he is 1000 time better leader then you. If i could be at your place i would never hesitate to resign from the position. But yes you are the one who is live dead.

  25. I endorse all the above comments, particularly comment No.18 by Kokab against the foolish and irresponsible utterances of being “ungratefulness” by the so called CM. What a person says,it shows his inner-self. I think our politicians are so naive that they consider Government fund as their personal property and demand to be thankful in return.
    Government itself has no fund. It is the taxes, fees, prices of utilities and other goods and services provided by the public enterprises that constitutes revenue for the government. I am sure, the disaster stricken people of Attabad ( both dead, injured and alive) have contributed and contributing to the gov to government rvenue through indirect taxes. Out of this revenue so collected, expenditure on hefty pays , perks , previleges and TA /DA of the CMs, PM, President and thousands of Government servants are met. Whenever, there is a natural dsiaster or man made disaster like terrorist attack, Government is duty bound to compensate. By paying compensation,the CM has performed a small duty. Why the people of Hunza should be thankful to him for performing his duty. He is being paid for this.
    However, we must distinguish between a road accident and disaster. In Pakistan many people die due to road accident but none has been compensated from Govt. Treasury. The CM has paid a hefty sum of compensation to the unfortunate victim of road accident on KKH of an Advocate and his family from Baltistan region. I forgot the name of the victim. Yes,the CM should demand thanks in such cases.

  26. The GB Assembly should pass a strong condemnation resolution for what their leader has said for the people of Hunza and our elected representatives should resign for disgracing their people by the CM by his stupid statement.

    They should be with the people of hunza who have them elected, if they really continue a political career for themselves. Mr. Mehdi Shah can go anytime with the kind of attitude he has shown towards the people of GB. I do not see a future for him in the GB set-up for longer time.

  27. The comments which has been conveyed to people of hunza were quite disappointed from CM it really shows that Mr.CM has no sense of reponsibility towards the region of Gilgit-Balitistan along with this i would say that he is not prepare enough “God forbid” for any other disastric situations would happend in other parts of the region while after showing his this kind behaviour.we have given the votes for our party to finish the deprivation from the region and to expedite, broader the vision of Shaheed Mohtarma B.N Bhutto and Shaheed Z.A Bhutto.we condemn and request to Mr.CM to avoid such comments openly which might created disturbance in the unity and firmness in the party and region as well.

  28. Our people can expect such statement from ilitrate ingnorent leaders.
    The people of GB must use their precious vote sensibly.As we are been experiancing that our reprsentatives are unable to represent our area and its people more effectively. I know all our leaders are loyal but thay are lacking the leadership qualities.

    Ali Masud


  29. Shame on you Mr.Mehdi Shah and with your statment you have shown your mentality and quality of leadership. THANKS for pakistan Army they are standby from day first to on words. and you talking like this shame full on you and your Party.

    abdul karim
    saudi arabia

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