Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

BLOOD MONEY – Raymond Davis pardoned by families of the men he shot dead, released by Court

In a shocking turn of events, the Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah, has been reported as saying that the CIA Contractor, Raymond Davis, has been released by the court after being pardoned by families of two men he shot dead.

The families have, reportedly, accepted “blood money”, against the death of their family members.

Earlier today the session court had indicted Davis for double murder.

“The family members of the slain men appeared in the court and independently verified they had pardoned him (Davis),” provincial law minister Rana Sanaullah told a private television.

Blood Money, known as Qisas or Diyyat in Islam, is “money paid out to the family of victims.”

Raymond Davis had killed two Pakistani men in the month of January.

A five-car-convoy from the US Consulate in Lahore, reportedly, has already taken Raymond Davis from the Kot Lakhpat Jail, hwere he had been detained for the past two months.


6 thoughts on “BLOOD MONEY – Raymond Davis pardoned by families of the men he shot dead, released by Court

  1. Shame on U Pakistani Nation and Speacially Punjab Govt,,
    Shame on you Rana Sanaullah… Laanat ho terey Oper KHUDA ki or Makhlooq ki bi,,Thuuuu,,,,,

  2. hummmmmmmm . last night i felt very bad when i come to know about this raymond that he is free and can go back .
    simply the Govt of panjab and the people of pakistan proved that pakistan is on sell .
    our people dont think that what these people done with our Afia???????
    did the cheap justice of pakistan (iftikhar) proved that he is deaf and dumb as well .
    Oh GOD please send us our Quid-e Axam back.

  3. Kia khoob mere mulk m insaaf hua hai . .
    Ik khoon bha hai b to phr maaf hua hai. .

    A qoum tere khoon m izzat hai na ghairat
    ye raz bdi dair se ab faash hua hai !!

    veer asif sakhi

  4. A shamefull couldron indeed.
    The govt has brought yet another heinious smudge on the nations integrity.The recent saga reminds,the well known trial of Amin Khansa in U.S court,which led him to a death sentence.
    The Autornory general had said: ;These pakistanis would sell thier mother for few US dollars”,,,,,,

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