Aid for poor kalash households in Bomburate Chitral

Kashif Ahmed

CHITRAL: Legal Awareness Program for Human Right (LAPH) chitral through HRMC Bomburate has distributed quilts/blankets among the poor households of kalash valley bomburate. The goods were donated by Mr. Shahid Qasir Bajawa a friend of kalasha from Gujranwala Lahore and the goods had been distributed in presence of the local kalash community, HRMC members in the valley, the beneficiaries were already identified by HRMC Bomburate through consultation with the local community of the area.

While talking on the occasion, Chairman, Legal awareness Program for Human Right (LAPH) Chitral Mr. Niaz Ali Shah said that networking and linkage development with others organizations is one of the central objectives of the organization and LAPH is get in touch with some organization for the welfare of kalash people and HRMC is already been structured in the valley in order to watch and monitor human Rights violations and women empowerment in the area. He also said that successful linkages have been developed with some organizations for the provision of medical equipments   and medicines to the Health House established by HRMC Bomburate and for free treatment some polio effected girls in Bomburate.

The local community thanked LAPH and appreciated its services and HRMC Bomburate for their work for the poor kalasha people. The event was also attended by, Mr. Behramshah, A local kalash leader, Ms Khadija, Chairperson HRMC Chitral,  Sardar Ahmad, kalasha crafts designer, Mr. Ajaz Ahmad, LAPH, Mr Tanveer Ahmad and Ms Fatima Jinnah HRMC Bomburate.

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