NATCO station manager abducted, tortured, in Hunza

Hunza, October 18: Sultan Ayub, station manager of NATCO in Aliabad hunza, was abducted and tortured by some people in Aliabad, Hunza. Police have registered a case against five people on charges of abduction and physical torture.

The attackers, allegedly, are supporters of All Hunza Action Committee and they had vengeance against the said employee of NATCO for submitting nomination papers of Zafar Iqbal in office of the returning officer, earlier this month. Zafar Iqbal, former MD of NATCO, had submitted his nomination paper through Sultan Ayub despite of AHAC’s call for boycott of the election.

Let’s inform readers that after AHAC failed to convince or force people from filing nomination all of its top leaders submitted their nomination papers. Zafar Iqbal’s nomination was rejected on the basis of his government employment while Noor Mohammad, secretary general of AHAC, is one of the prominent contestants form Hunza.

Public circles have condemned the incident harshly and termed it violation of basic democratic and citizenship rights.  Stern action has been demanded by political parties and public circles against the culprits.

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  1. Hunza Action Committee should be condemned for carrying out such acts of violence and spreading hatred amongst the people. What happened to AHAC’s cry for peach and unity???????

    Noor Muhammad should be held responsible since the four people involved in the incident belonged to his area.

    Dear Noor, You should make sure we find out the truth what really happened.

  2. Abduction & torture …wow! We are really following our true cultural path Mr. Noor? Or is this a positive sign, like you would try and convince me to think?

  3. this is a very serious issue & those 6 guys who tortured sultan ayub should b put them to jail or give them a punishment from which they com to learn lesson.. a sort of accident had already happed in altit before this issue so its better for the ppl of altit to teach …..gud….. manner.

    Mr, noor is responsible for this case,, he dont have manner how to act with ppl how can he b our leader????

  4. It looks that Hunza is no more peaceful land, or not a land to express their feelings I strongly condom the barbaric action whoever is responsible bring them to task.

  5. Dear Mr. Noor of Pamir Times, what do you want to achive from this yellow journalism. Please stop bad naming our lovely land of Hunza with your regional biasis. Can you come out of this regional thing and stay true with facts. You know well the person Zafar Iqal how characterless is he, even serving our holy inistituion he did corruption and in the past for his enemity with he also came under firing. He tried to diveide people of Hunza while he was inchage of a holy inistituion. He is socially and financilly corrupt and was suspended for these reason form his office. Did he not aware about the role of govt. for elections that government employees can not contest elections for two years of their retirment. But he did it just with intentions to break the unity of Hunzukutz for an additinal seat to please his boss Qamar Zaman Kaira, as he knew it could benefit him personally but harm Hunza.

    Karim Khan, Hunza

    1. Dear Mr. Karim
      How a stupid a harash thinging.. Brother I don’t know where u are from educated and who guided u.

      Zafar Iqbal a prominent personality shame on u blaming such a harash words using..

      Being a responsible citizen what u are talking about. Brother we are living in 21st century and every person know better his rights so please don’t teach them.

      And Mr. Noor a culprit from land of Hunza who is he a footpathi..

      Ali Sher
      Karakuram Cooperative Bank

    2. Dear Karim

      you are just adding fual to the flame… Dont you think the event is a shameful event and shouldnot be encauraged….. You have attacked Zafer Iqbal, without reflecting on the ground realities…. why this HAC its self is participating in the elections. They the chatted sologans and dirty remarks were passed were not actully representing that an action committee of Hunza. They would have rather motivated candidates to withdraw rather taking opportunity for themself to submit nomination papers.

      Karim since i know and am well aware of your sefl….. me too am a native of central Hunza but was not agreeing with this HAC and their way of politics…. Few of the demands were really stupid demands i.e. Hunza state, talking contral of state institutions etc….

    3. mr. karim!
      i think you better mind your language. …….. y dn you hunzukuch stop your biasedness. he is a charismatic leader indeed. thnk b4 you write or speak anything about the leaders of our jamat. yu don,t have the right to blame ones character. and he has studied law. knws more than immateures lyke you.

  6. ALL happen just because Hunza Action Comett, and the Noor Muhammed. So i Request HAC to be learnt tolearnt not the way of Tourcture.

  7. I condom Strongely What ever is happening in Hunza with NATCO Manager. NOOR MUHAMMED and his fellowers should bring them to justice to End the Crices.

  8. KARIM,
    i think u don,t know the personalaty which u are talking abt MR WAZIR BAIG our leader. Shame on you and alsoSo called HUNZA ACTION COMEETE which Menefesto is just abducted and tortured the annocent people of HUNZa. who the hell NOOR MUHAMMAD is????This is not a prpper way to Politics learnt some thing then Come in Elections.

  9. I don’t agree with Mr. Karim Khan regarding the color of PT journalism, neither it is defaming our lovely Hunza valley. I think PT gave Hunza a new identity in this particular field. It played a key role in motivating the youth of Hunza valley to discuss the political issues in the area. It gave them a platform to expose and speak against those forces actually bringing bad name to Hunza. It helped us all to have a look at over selves in a mirror. If we see ourselves in an unacceptable or undesirables shape it is not wise to accuse the mirror. Let’s accept the reality and do something about it. Today it happened to Mr. Sultan, who allegedly helped an outer-group candidate, tomorrow it could happen to someone else on the same basis in other part of Hunza. If we push such incidents under the carpet fearing “bed name” then the culprits will gain more strength and an intolerant political culture will evolve whereby politicians will use the same group or other groups like them to harass their opponents.
    So far Mr. Zafar Iqbal is concern I think he played the wrong card at wrong time. Of course it did harm the cause of All Hunza Action Committee, but on the other hand it gave AHAC an opportunity to achieve their goals through political participation. Hope Mr. Noor Mohammad or other candidates of AHAC should win and play their role more effectively as the representative of the people of Hunza. At the moment their standing is non-representative.
    The problem with this particular piece of news, I think, is the use of two words, abducted and tortured, as it communicate an extreme negative aspect of the incident. It shows the highest degree of political violence which might not be the case. I would suggest PT editor to make a careful choice of words, especially during this political season. It is on its peak and “political flowers” are blooming everywhere-be careful they are not without thorns.

  10. Based on above to and fro communicational momentum what v want to express or declare, diversity in ideology is every individual’s supreme right but believing in the specified constraints and without harming any individual’s personal profile, this communication is acceptable.
    The main curse is to make the things controversial or pulling them to the periphery of controversy. To condemn any unethical act / incident is appreciate able but without any solid evidence to make disgust the profiles is regrettable.

  11. I am amazed that people of Hunza are substituting their reputation of being a peace loving nation with that of abductor and terrorists like Taliban. This is serious business and we are all concerned about it. The elders should get together and solve this problem amicably. Crimes are no solution to our problems.

  12. The words used ‘abducted” and ‘torture” even not represents the shameful incident. It is undescribeable in this platform what these people did with the poor person.

    I request committee to not spoil the situation as each of their meeting or press release gives title of traitors to other 18 candidates. They also always talk about harsh punishment. So if the committee is not directly responsible the are part of the conspiracy.

    By the way the action committee is not a representative boby, it is the remaining of the left-outs Sheikh, Noor Muhammad, Hoor Shah, Iman Shah, Sher Jan, Khyber Tai of PML N(personal griviences with Mir but Mir still get PML N ticket) , Another left out and Naraz group from Mir who claims as PML Q (but still unable to stop party leaders giving ticket to Rehmatullah Baig) , Baba Jan group (everyone knows their motives) and who else……Kia ye log poray Hunza ko represent karthay han????????????????????????

  13. I agree with much rational comments of Ejaz, it is infact the wording and straight forwardly calling naming people as criminal. It shows that PT team is highly imature and it also gives a sense of beiasness as the person Noor of PT is said to be a relative of Zafar Iqbal and belonging to the same village of Gulmit.

    Thank you Ejaz for your educated comments.

    Karim Khan, Hunza

    1. You well come dear Karim, just a quick suggestion, which I believe, will add worth to your future comments and ideas you may share with anyone. They will appreciate your words and consider it an authentic piece of intellectual discourse. I think it is imperative to get some basic information about the subject matter (be a place, issue or a person) before establishing any inference and communicating the same to a wide range of readers. We must not forget that our readers are a well-informed and educated segment of our society. They can point out even a bit of misinformation and inaccuracy. I am not sure that Noor was biased because he and Mr. Zafar Iqabal belong to the same village-Gulmit or they are relatives. As far as I know them, they are from two different villages and there is a huge gap between their genealogical l trees. I hope you won’t mind my words.

  14. Peace and harmony should remain. All those culprits should be punished and brought into justice. Torture needs to be discouraged otherwise same could be happened with NOOR Muhammad and his fellows.

  15. Dear All,

    I only see all of you the supporters of our own candidates trying to maxize your interests. Even this website creates an arena for such people to shed all their loyalty, not for hunza but for their political leaders.

    I only worry about competition in the candidacy, we i think is not a healthy sign for a region like hunza, especially in the current scenario.

    Sultan Ayub has been beaten, God knows for what reasons but reasons may exist. NATCO office shall not be held for any political gains and compaigns.

    one can only conclude from the fights above how much we are educated and awared in true sense.

    Another proving fact will be evident from the results of the forthcoming elections. Let’s see how the people of hunza determine their leadership.

  16. Dear All
    i went throgh many comments …sadly i got some sick approach towards life or social activities….one thing is for sure while commenting on something or about aome oneu r not writing the wordz only u r presenting urslf……..PT is doing gr8 job ……..they r market leaderz.
    Blame game is not the last option…..u have to consider urslf so plzzzz b real n true…if u don’t know anything about thn don’t mess it up.

  17. @ Noor PT
    i had given a comment on this topic but you have not considered that, what was the reason?

  18. I am amazed that people of Hunza are substituting their reputation of being a peace loving nation with that of abductor and terrorists like Taliban. This is serious business and we are all concerned about it. The elders should get together and solve this problem amicably. Crimes are no solution to our problems.

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