Happy Mothers’ Day

Many languages, one feeling. ...... I love you my sweet mother

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  1. To My Loving Mom!and to all mothers,

    Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
    Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
    Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
    But only one mother the wide world over.
    ~George Cooper

    My loving mom! you are a neverending song in my heart of success and happiness. My materialistic life may sometimes make me forget your kind words but I always remember the tune and prayers, you have for me. My heartiest wishes and prayers for your good health to you and to all mothers too on this day.


    “I wanted a day of sentiment, not profit.”
    Anna Jarvis

    Everyone has a mother, so it isn’t surprising that throughout the world there are ways of honoring and celebrating mothers. Mother’s Day is a time to think about the legacies – personal and societal – mothers and grandmothers pass on.

    Historically, mothers have had a key role in building and maintaining connections across generations. Even today, they are most often the “kinkeepers” in families and take the lead in passing down family stories, life lessons, and traditions. Honoring this role of mothers is part of the story behind Mother’s Day – but not all of it.

    Many people may believe Mother’s Day was developed as a commercial holiday by Hallmark or some other company to sell cards, candy, and flowers. Or, they may believe it’s a day solely to celebrate the domestic role of women in the home and family. Neither of these perceptions is accurate. Our consumerist market may have fueled the commercialism around the holiday, and the role of mothers in families is indeed important, but Mother’s Day is not only about honoring a woman’s devotion to her own family. The history of the day has its roots in honoring the broader networks, social ties, and political concerns of women. The day is about women’s commitment to the past, present, and future at both the personal and political levels. It honors women who have acted not only on behalf of their own children but also on behalf of an entire future generation.

    Love To My Mom!!!
    Ghulam Hussain

  3. Mudatoon shab ko meri maan nahi soyi Tabish
    Me ne ik bar kaha tha muje dar lagta hai

  4. I Belive in Love at first Sight,,Bcoz I have Loved My mother Ever Since I opened My Eyes…..!!! “HappY Mothers DaY”
    I M Happy to Wish all of U Such an Unforgetable Day…!
    “May Allah Keep Kind Shadow Of Our Mothers On All Of Us” Ameen

    Wishing U All A Wonderfull Mothers Day…..!!

  5. Daastan mare laad piyar ki bas
    ek hasti ke gird gHoomti hai
    Piyar janat se esleyae hain mujay
    ye mere maa ki qadem chomti hai

    A mother’s LOVE is something that no one can explain, it is made of devotion and of sacrifice and pain….


    You are my inspiration
    And a role model
    From you I learned
    Strength, Courage, Wisdom, and Love..Deep abiding Love…..
    I Love you Mom…. 🙂

    Sajida Khan
    USA Florida

  7. To our dear Mom,
    Neend apni bula ker sulaya hamko,
    Aansu apne gira kerhasaya hamko,

    derd kabi na dena us ko,
    Khuda bi kahta hay “Maa” jis ko.

    Happy mothers day to all mothers…..

  8. dear mom .

    may you leave long and god give you unfathomable blesssingsssssss for your true sincererity , care and genoristy that you provided usssssssssssssssssssssssssss………………………….

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