Cracked mountains around Attabad

Images and text: Ali Rehmat Musofir

Hunza-Gojal is located at Attabad fault, and the water seepages in the rock creaks can cause  an earthquake or minor shaking.

The sounds could be due to fluctuation in the rocks structure. If there is limestone in the lake area can dissolve in water and produce minor earthquake waves so the changes are inevitable due to the seepage of the water into the loose rock formation.

As Dr.David Petley’s study suggests earthquakes might be one of the most potential failure causes for the lake formed on Hunza River. Proper scientific analysis of the mountains surrounding Attabad is required for strategic planning.

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  1. Yes.This geological aspect needs detail expert evaluation. Geological Survey of Pakistan should investigate this issue in detail and make public the report.

  2. its indeed a great concern to the people of Hunza Gojal, Geological Survey of
    Pakistan and other related Govt. And non-govt authorities should conduct a detailed survey of the area and prepare a report accordingly.

  3. Geological Survey of Pakistan should carry out detail survey along with NDMA before another tragedy strikes.They should take these issues seriously…please.

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