Marvi Memon’s charter of demand for the people of Gojal – Hunza

Press Release

  1. What took place on Jan 4 was a natural disaster but what happened for 5 months was criminal negligence since water was allowed to be built in lake which flooded many villages and created water bomb potential downstream. We were promised the debris will be cleared in two weeks initially but this didn’t happen. Judicial inquiry required and CJ suo motto to determine which ministries due to kickback dreams didn’t allow Chinese technical assistance and delayed physical work. The two reports which should have been heeded to came when PML was not in power. National Assembly Standing committee report states: “GB government is held responsible for not evacuating Sarat, when Geological Survey of Pakistan had given this recommendation in September 2009 and FOCUS had given the same in November 2003, 2007 and 2009.
  2. Compensation announced by government has been rejected by the people because it is not the same as that negotiated between the affectees and the administration. The current Rs 4lac is inadequate and should be raised to atleast Rs 10 lac.
  3. School/ college fees needs to be paid for one year by govt including hostels for all those students whose lands/livelihoods have been destroyed/affected.
  4. Deadline for rebuilding KKH and budget allocation needs to be declared since that is the national security and trade link for Pak-China relations.
  5. Trade community business losses need to be independly evaluated and compensated and Sust Dry port needs to be made functional again for the sake of security of trade links.
  6. Camps need to have clean water, electricity, sanitation food, medical, education flawless facilities and current standards have to be raised with independent monitoring to track progress. This should include fodder for cattle and milk for children.
  7. Demands made to PM to improve lives of affectees in letter of May 31 needs to be implemented.

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  1. “We were promised the debris will be cleared in two weeks initially but this didn’t happen.”

    In all fairness, anyone who made this promise obviously did not understand the magnitude of the mess. There was no way that debris could be cleared in two weeks. Don’t fault anyone for not doing the impossible.

    You might not have noticed, but there is a man-made disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike the landslide, the Gulf disaster is 100% human made, and everyone was hoping for a quick and easy resolution. From the various reports, it will be a minimum of another two months before the damage is under control.

    If you look at the list of demands listed here, and then you listen to the demands of those affected by the situation in the Gulf, there certainly are parallels.

    There are no winners when a disaster strikes.

  2. We can accept the same attitude fromthe Government and same is that we are famous for ! The negligence of the Government has put people in more Traumatic situation and destruction.

  3. We call it political marketing in management language…every politician uses our issues for their own benefit…no one has yet no any concern with our real issues…

  4. Ahleian e Gojal,

    I fully sympathize with you in this difficult time and pray for mushkil asan from Movlana Hazir Imam in Jamat Khana everyday. I was shocked to hear and watch the disaster from the lake everyday on the beautiful valleys. I understand that this is a difficult time for the families in Gojal. I wish I could be around you helping hands. Being a member of the family, I pray and offer any help needed.

    Alijah Hasil Murad

  5. we appreciate the steps that marvi mamon took regarding the disaster of attabad lake , we thanks to her to stand with us in these critical situation .. we mus kick out PPP from Hunza , the idiot leaders who play with us

  6. Could Marvi Memon explain what did her party’s government under the patronship of Musharaf do about the reports which had identified this area as flashpoint for danger? Instead of putting the blame on present rulers why doesn’t she admit that her party’s government had no time and interest to pay attention to this issue? Where was she during all the time and why is she so much interested in arranging protests now? She could mobilise the people and motivate her government to do something about the impending danger but why did she keep silence? Today, nowhere else in the country she finds her place for publicity in media and this has led her to show sympathy with the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

  7. Marvi Memon, is the only political leader who frequently visited the area to meet the affected community. Thanks Marvi…

  8. @Immaculate Dream: Ms. Marvi Memon has got many more vital issues to adress dear. She is a member of National Assembly and In-charge for G-B (PML-Q), she is not like a seasonal bird, she has alwayz been intrested in the socio-economic develpment of this region and kept on visiting G-B every noe n then. Ms. Marvi Memon is a higly qulified and multidimientional women with internationalized orientations. She has got everything that a politician needs to be called a politician. If she supporting G-B’s deprived people, we all should join hands with her. Despite of being a woman, she iz sitting on the road for our rights, and we just cowardly criticizing people like her by sitting in our filthy bedrooms. This attitude of our’s iz going to drown us all, at one side we scold nationalists for being rude against Pak and onthe other side we just can’t bear a sincere Pakistani leader who has got some soft corner in her heart for the people of G-B. Dn’t we need to think on our perceptions..!!! What is that we want.???? Plz, think broadly, Ms.Marvi Memon doesn’t have any other intrest but the betterment and communal development of this region.

  9. its our pleasure that some of pakistani poloitician shows their interest in GB specially miss marvi

  10. I am very amazed to see some comments of our very educated youth on PT and FB, they are still supporting the government and forgetting the government’s negligence toward our area. I know many of these people have lost their houses but still they are giving favour to the culprits. It is really a very difficult job for a poor person to rebuild his house in this economic crisis. I think judiciary inquiry against the people who are responsible for this man made disaster is very logical. I know Marvi Memon is the only political leader who visited the area many times during these disaster days, so we should appreciate her efforts. @Immaculate Dream if she has found Gilgit Baltistan her only place for publicity so let her do it. Because by doing so, she is actually helping the people of Gojal to highlight their problems to the world.

  11. @Hyder Abbas Sahib
    1- The first thing you have mentioned is that Marvi Memon had other important issues to deal with during her party’s government. Does that mean that paying attention to the reports about pending disaster in Hunza-Gojal was NOT important and Ms. Memon and her government did a good job in neglecting the reports and not taking appropriate steps to save the precious lives?
    2- What revolutionary steps were taken during her government for the socio-economic uplift of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan if she was so much concern about the region?
    3- In the present crisis how much contribution was made by her party and how much by herself as she comes of a family with large business?
    4- Do you think it is appropriate to think of MASSIHA in everyone who shows sympathy to us?
    Kis qadar qahd-e-wafa hai meri dunyan me Nadeem
    Jo koi hans ke milay us ko massiha samjhoon
    5- You must be aware that now a days the realities have changed to a large extent and gone are the days when Pakistani leaders used to ignore our area. Now, each and every party and their leaders are on board to get the support of the people of our region. Currently you can see that Peoples’ Party, Nawaz League, Mutahida Qaumi Moment, Jamaat Islami and all other mainstream political parties and their leadership do not only raise their voice in support of our people but also take part in relief efforts and in rehabilitation process. What does this means is that there is not only Marvi Memon but other people also who have concerns about our people and area.
    6- Marvi Memon may be your favourite leader but it does not mean that you should start advising others not to criticise her. Instead it is better to try to understand other’s point of view as well.
    In my comments on Hyder Abbas Sahib’s views I have replied to your point as well.

  12. @Immaculate Dream i have told to Ms Marvi Memon to reply to comment lets see what she say’s…

  13. What you are doing right now, iz da world’s most eaisest and futile thing, i-e. Criticism.! Nothing z persnal here Mr. Immaculate Dream, its about our future n our coming generations.
    Dear bros n sis’s, If money, a bag of flour, few kilos of rice and a cup of sugar is our standard of measuring someone’s sincerity affection and concern, then definitly Ms Marvi Memon is wasting her time by up-lifting our issues of self-deprivation n basic human rights.! If Ms. Marvi Memon n her father have had stolen money from Pakistan, then they could pour it here..!!! As they did not do it, so they are offering what they have. As far as some earlier reports are concerned, nobody has seen n heard them before, so what is gone let it be gone and what is going to cum, think about it.!

    1. I do agree with Haider Abbas. My point of view is; criticism is a positive sign as it bring with it more ideas and unfolds new avenues and options, but criticism should be for development and improvement. Merely criticizing someone just on the basis of what political affiliation s/he holds is not fair.

      Coming to the point, if Marvi Memon is doing something good for the people of GB particularly for the bright students of affected areas of GB, lets admire and laud her efforts with open heart and mind. None of us can overlook her efforts and services for the rights of GB.

      Well-done Marvi Memon! May Allah Almighty give you more strength and spirit to work for the voiceless people of the country… Aamin!

  14. Marvi is the only political leader visited the area many time and raise voice for the people of Gojal..I realy appreciate her efforts for us..all her efforts were based on humanity not for any political marketing..Thanks Marvi for supporting us..

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