‘Global Day of Action for Climate Change’ celebrated in Gilgit

wwfM Iqbal Khan and Dr Humaira addressing the seminar.

Press release

Gilgit, Oct 24: WWF-Pakistan along with Pakistan Wetlands Programme and Water Conservation & Development Project of UNDP celebrated Global Day of Action for Climate Change in collaboration with Youth Club Majini Muhalah. A seminar was held in Karakuram Commerce College Majini Muhalah Giligt. The main objective of the seminar was to raise awareness about Climate Change among the masses. A large number of students from Gilgit schools and citizens participated as guests.

Mr. M. Iqbal Khan of the UNDP said that climate change is happening due to excessive use of oil, coal and gas in the world which has raised the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere beyond safe limits. This is increasing temperatures, melting polar ice caps, raising sea levels and causing many useful plants and animals to disappear, in addition to spreading many diseases and pests in area where they did not exist before. He asked the youth to spread awareness of climate change to others and take individual actions to reduce CO2 emissions in the air.

During the seminar, the Pakistan Wetlands Programme (PWP) Gilgit-Baltistan representative and wetlands specialist Dr. Humaira Khan said there are many negative effects of climate change on the region’s wetlands. She said the wetlands include lakes, streams, peat lands, and rivers. Due to increasing temperatures, glaciers are getting smaller and this will contribute to less flow in rivers audiencewwfand stream after some time. This will affect the communities and plants and animals that depend on wetlands for their needs.

After the presentations, the Youth Club members conducted a clean-up and awareness march during which they picked up garbage from the streets. They also demonstrated the use of cycles as much as possible in order to reduce carbon emissions. It ended at the Medina Market where all participants made the shape of 350 (maximum safe limit of CO2 in the air).

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  1. water,soil,environment…these things will decide about our,if e take care of them…they’ll take care of us,it’s very sad to see the water and environment of towns in GB becoming polluted day by day and our LEGISLATORS and other important agencies don’t even feel the need to make policies to stop all this and on the other hand we all ordinary citizens are joining hands to destroy our oil.water and environnment and we all this way along with our coming generations are creeping towards a frightening death…we togethr can avoid all this..

  2. It is a good effort of awareness. Already i think there is a lot of awareness in GB and specially in Hunza valley. during my last summer travelling through the KKH I observed very nice slogans on different places from DAEE to Ali Abad Hunza. Mostely these are the innitiative of the Local community-did’t saw any distingush sign or project from wet land or other related international and national institutions. Speciall the accomodation constructed at the KHUNJARAB to is a slap on the faces of all institutions whom are working in GB on environmental aspects.
    M Iqbal Khan and Dr Humaira addressing the seminar- My humble suggestion to them is now practicle steps required to save the country at large and especially GB for the water sources for the country. What the environmental rules and regulations are applicale in GB. Most of the untuned heavy vechles are dragging on the slopes and it seems that a factory of carbon SOX and NOX are fitted with them to destrory the nature of GB. First of all my request to implement fine on such vechiles and the second important factor is the available Desiel-which is blend of carocine and 30 % of desiel.

    if the concern deepartments are really environment lover-they should stictely apply watching arrangements on these two. deforastation is very high in GB so special permission may be arranged of LPG with in the country and from nighbour countries. The wooden planks in the DIMER district are question mark for the Environmentalist of the Country and GB. When I asked from one of the wood supplier why they are cutting these trees-he immediately named some of the very Reknown personalities of the country that they are giving and alloting permits just for the sake of their due share. If the situation remains same we will face a drought in the country-so, who will bell the cat.

    At last, all these highups are least concern with the environment of GB. Local community should wake up and work for the safety of our Globe and especially GB. When our kids ask from us how was the God’s world-we would be able to send them to GB to seeing the Creaters this WORLD.

  3. nice sayings Mr. toojik kep it up,,,,The money on Enviroment and Tourism Minstry is all spend in Punjab but name is given for GB. What the Govt of Pakistans will for the Betterment of Enviroment When the Ministers are from Punjab and we only have name brend Pakistan, All the Dolloars from Tourism Ministry,Rupees for Enviroment Ministry and the income of Billions for Taxes at Soust port for the Revenue department and all the Money thats going to be Generated from Water And Electricity in the near future is spend only for Punjab Province. We the GB seems not to deserve anything from Govt of Pakistan, We request all Ministry to fullfill our common rights as a citzen of Pakistan. Hopefully one day our Govt ministries can spend the income and revenue generated for the people of GB from Custom Revenue from Soust port.Tourism Ministry can spend all the income received yearly from foreigners who come to scale the Beautiful Mountains of Gilgit and Baltistan and all the Revenue Generated from Water Powers..Inshllah the Educated Youth of G&B will not let the Resources and revenue generated from all sources within GB .We would like to see the changes made for our youth and for the good future of our society.

    GB means the income resources must be spend for the people and by the people.

    We would like to see schools,colleges.Health Centers.Aiport Expension starting from Basics.With request please do not ignore our Great people any more, we still hope to receive our demands from the govt of Pakistan.

    Best Wishes to all my folks there in GB. Keep working hard. Hope for the best for the nearfuture.Once a day will come that Pakistan can realized that we the GB are important part of our lovely home land Pakistan.We can not be ignored any more after spending 60yrs……gone are the days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but no more………………..

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