Office of Daily K2 attacked in Skardu, reporters and staff threatened, guard is beaten up

Daily K2 blames Chief Minister, Mehdi Shah, for the attack

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Skardu, August 25: Office of a newspaper, “Daily K2”, has been attacked by a gang of around 15 people in Skardu, the headquarter of Baltistan division. The attackers broke into the office and tied the security guard to chair, before smashing the furniture and fixtures.

A source at Karakuram Publishing Network (KPN) , told Pamir Times that the police did not show up despite of being in vicinity of the office. He blamed Chief Minister Mehdi Shah for the attack, saying the attackers were his men.

It is pertinent to note that earlier an employee of of K2 had been detained by the police.

The police had also raided office of KPN and taken several files and records with them.

The tussle has started after Daily K2 reported an incident of gang rape in Rondu, which the alleged ‘victim’ later denied at the Supreme Appellate Court.

Police sources have said that the raid was conducted according to court orders.

The latest attack on Daily K2 has shocked the journalist fraternity across Gilgit – Baltistan and Pakistan, who have condemned the action and termed it to be equal to suppressing the right of free speech.

Journalists in Gilgit have, reportedly, announced to stage a protest demonstration in front of the Chief Minister House, located next to the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA).

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  1. Really a deplorable and condemnable act….it is the real face of the intolerant PPP govt..shame for the dictatorship in disguise of democracy….

  2. Mehdi Shah, so called CM-GBLA is responsible for recent unrest and brutal killig of peaceful IDPs in Ata Abad, Hunza. Cheif Court GB must send him jail for punishment

  3. the journalists who r belongs to glt bln have to well experienced in reporting monitoring etc
    today a news channel is necessery forus to solve the social issue of glt bln

  4. It is the need of the hour that a TV channel has become eminent for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to convey their expressions in their own languages.Religious/other Scholars can very easily preach the people in thier own languages through speaches,dramas and other sources.There are some areas where people are not well educated and they can only understand their own languages.They can be motivated through true islamic teachings to stay away fron evil excess activities.


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