Khunjrav – Karachi peace walk activists meet Governor Gilgit – Baltistan

Peace activists meeting Governor Kaira

ISLAMABAD, Oct 29 (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira on Thursday said that the youth being future of Pakistan should come forward and play their vital role for peace, stability and economic prosperity of the country.He was talking to peace activists Ejaz Rumi, 25 and Asghar Rumi, 22, both from snow-clad mountainous Tehsil Gojal of Gilgit-Baltistan’s famous district of Hunza-Nagar, who called on the Minister here.Both students of the Karakoram International University are on a Khunjrab-Karachi Peace Walk, which they had started from their village 24 days ago.

Appreciating their effort, the Minister said Pakistan’s youth are second to none and they can excel in various fields if provided opportunities and training.

He said, “We believe Pakistani people particularly the youth had the passion and commitment to bring the country to the top,” adding that the government was giving priority to their uplift and launched numerous training programmes to equip them with skills on modern lines so that they could contribute in national development.

Kaira said the PPP government was keen to develop the far-flung areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and to achieve this objective, it has already introduced Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment and Self-Governance Order-2009. This order, he expressed the hope would help improve the living condition of the area.The students informed the Minister they had started their walk on October 3 from 16,500-feet high Khunjerab Pass, situated on the Sino-Pak border.

So far they have covered over 900 kms and are determined to complete 2,600 kms to reach Karachi in 100 days, marching through main cities including Lahore, Multan and Hyderabad.

The students said they have brought two stones with them as a symbol of peace and would lay these at the Mazar of founder of Pakistan in Karachi.

The mission of the boys is unique and of great significance, especially at a time when the country is facing scourge of terrorism and extremism. The masterminds of terrorist activities are using the youth of almost the same age group for carrying out suicide attacks.

The students said they are on the mission to promote peace and love and show the world that Pakistani nation believes in humanity, unity and harmony.

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  1. Keep it up boys, God bless you i m proud of you complete the mission of Love, Humanity,Unity and Harmory.
    qadam barao Ejaz aur Asghar rumi hum tumhary sath hain.

  2. Boys, you made us proud hunzukutz, thanks for your efforts. We all and our prayers are with you.

    Kaira, liar, liar, liar!

  3. Keep it up bravos
    n 1 thing that it is the stage that electronic and print media should play their role and let every citizen of Pakistanis know that you are ambassador of peace and we the mountain peoples are peace lovers…. not a susider

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