Ghulam Abbas Khan leaves PPP, joins MQM in Gojal

by Zeeshan Ali

Gulmit, October 31: In an interesting turn of events a die hard supporter of PPP, a veteran activist from the PPP’s initial days in the region, Ghulam Abbas Khan announced quitting his old party and joined MQM, withdrawing from the election race in favor of Kamil Jan. He had earlier applied for PPP ticket.

The decision was announced in a public meeting attended by a modest number of people in Tehsil Headqaurter of Gojal valley. Also speaking at the occasion were assembly members of MQM, members of the MQM Rabta committee and Kamil Jan, the party ticket holder.

Kamil Jan appreciated the positive response of common people towards MQM. He said that irrespective of whether or not he wins the polls, he will serve the region as a son of the soil. He also said that MQM has its systems of checks and balances and he would be answerable to his voters, as well as his party leaders.  Responding to a question after the event Kamil Jan said that he is favor of demanding three seats for Hunza valley, one each for Gojal, Kunjut (Hunzu) and Shinaki.

Representing MQM’s stand on the difficulties faced by students of Gilgit – Baltistan in obtaining admissions at the Karachi university a speaker said that MQM will ensure that no discriminatory policies are followed against the students of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Also speaking at the occasion were local elders, including Shahgul Aziz, Muhammad Baig and Aziz Jan, local PPP leader, among others.

In a separate event leaders of the Hunza Action Committee also arrived at Gulmit, along with thirty five supporters. They were not able to attract a significant number of people for the procession. As Noor Muhammad started delivering a speech a group of youth chanted slogans against him and he had to cut his speech short and wrap up the public meeting.

However, he said that a bigger  political event of AHAC will be held in Gulmit in the near future.

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  1. it all done a great job by a great leader Abbas khan. Although he was invited frm karachi by the ppp leaders of gojal but they betrayed him by not giving him the ticket.for ur information Quaid e tehrik ALTAF bhai was the man who suggested abbas khan to contest frm but he said I betray my party butthe party betrayed him and looking the youths and public s intrests towards mqm he joined MQM to support kamil jan as he is well known in all hunza.
    (na janay kya hai us ki shaksiyat mae FARAZ)
    (vo na mange to be VOTE dene ko dil karta hai)
    jeeye MQM
    jeeye kamil jan

    1. why ,i think he can’t write his name ,how he can lead a great people of hunza ,we need well educated person ,we dont need bugs ,we hunzakutz are well aware about all candidate so inshallah i assure u a qualified candidate win from central hunza

  2. Mr. Ghulam Abbas Khan’s seeking PPP ticket for GBLA was a joke. He has no credential nor any service to the community. He hasnt even done any thing for ….. Had PPP given him Party ticket would have been a disaster for them.
    I am not surprised that he has joined MQM. He is an opportunist and courrupt guy.

  3. ya mafad parast log ha. apna mafadat ka lia kisi bi party ma jasakta ha gayoor awam aisay logon ko mustarad kara………

  4. This is very excellent news for Mr. Kamil Jan that Mr. Ghulam Abbas Khan left PPPP and Joined MQM on this turning point. But am sure he will never rejoined the PPPP forever. I hope that all the people of Gojal will support the condidate of MQM and late see for future exception & implementation…


  5. Great job Abbas sahib, great job, you are not the only one who’s betrayed by so-called PPP leadership. I’m sure your decision will not only help Kamil Jan to win the seat but also, those fellow brothers and sisters from Hunza living in Karachi and the students who are seeking their future studies in Karachi will be benefited.

    @Shari, you should think before you leap! You are talking about corruption and opportunists……… the nation knows who are corrupt and opportunists. Who have betrayed us and who will help us in future. All are experimented be it Nazir or Wazir not to mention Mir. We need someone who can lead our youth, who are there for KHIDMAT!

  6. I am the favor of Mr. Abass Khan , who had joined the MQM party
    that’s way its the innovate towards promotion . Old parties didnt do any good job for the public of Hunza ; MQM is the party who can break a change.

  7. Many leaders who were famous in the PPP left and now all those arezero e.g. Ghulam Mustafa Jutoi, Farooq Laghari, Sherpao, etc. PPP is an academy of politics for politicians. If Abbas Khans has left PPP Hunza no matter because he has no big political contibution during the previous decades. We all know MQM started its politics with terorrist activities in Karachi killed many Pakhtoon, Panjabis, Sindhis, Balochis even many people from Gilgit Baltistan. I will say the terrorism started by MQM in Pakistan. If youth are not aaware of the facts please visit websites and read the previous reports available on the internet.Now Abbas Khan has selected right political party MQM and he can fight easily because the goal of this party is terrorism but the leaders of this party and activists should know this is HUnza region not Karachi.
    Kamil Jan, at the moment, has started its compaign through offering wine and money. Is it politics? Is he the leader of fututre?
    Their is no room for the oppurtunists in the PPP.

    I agree with Shari’s points.

  8. that is grate job Abbas Khan sahib….

    but we want to see a changes in the Gilgit-baltistan..
    so let’s see what MQM will do….

  9. @ Avgarchick

    man u are saying that Kamil jan is offering wine and mioney. could u tell us what is banazir income suport.. Is ppp provides the fund to the deserved families. the answer is no ppp encashes it in the form of vote. u are saying currption good the Zardari jumped from 10% to 20% pesent what is this ?

    ppp is the root of curruption

  10. Pamir Times, my post that I did in reply to Avgarchick’s post didn’t appear. It was detailed reply and nothing controversial. Those did afterwords, their posts are online. I was wondering why my comments are not appearing?


  11. I hope our youth will make a wise decision and elect the right and competent candidate having the ability to tackle the longstanding issues and challenges of hunza.

  12. We should look for a better leader rather than looking for a person whom we personally like. Its the matter of future of our people.

  13. Hey that’s Great efforts by Mr, Ghulam Abbas to leave PPP and joined MQM, as we know he is the man who can work for the gojal peoples. and the same efforts will also help those students who are studing at karachi and faceing problems,


  14. @ EK
    Where did you get this perception that i am some how PPP loyals or I am some how advocating that there is no corruption in any perticular party.
    If you think that by electing MQM candidate we can secure our students interest in karachi as well. You are mistaken my friend. If this was the case we would have gotton our basic constitutional rights long ago by electing tow majour federal party candidates i.e PPP and PML.
    Our so called leaders from these federalist parties have no say in their central policy making.
    We should shove these puppits asside and support our nationalist leaders.

  15. I think Mr. Abass’s departure from PPP will not put a negative impact rather it would be possitive. I am personally aware of the contributions by Abass Khan during the movement against than Mir of Hunza. But later Abbass Khan remained out of the scene for many years. Few years back when he came to Pakistan, at that time he was part of ANP. I am not sure when he re-joined PPP and now left it. As i know he was part of ANP and now moved to MQM.
    MQM is a new entry in the politics of GB and so is there candidate from Hunza. Kamil Jan Bhai could be a great bussinessman but he is not an experienced politician. In past he has been largely involved in financing Ghazanfar and i think now it is his right to get the support of Ghazanfar.

    Mr. Kamil ;s presence in politics will not place impact on PPP vote bank rather it will impact sheryar, Shabaz and rest

  16. Dear PT Readers

    Let me appreciate PT for a greater and balanced coverage of GB polls and providing a platform where I can see, encouraging and thoughtful debates from youth. This itself, justifies the importance of communication in politics. Lets agree here that most of the villages and villagers in Hunaza valley have no access to PT however the majority here we share our thoughts are those who are living in cities, towns and or aboard. I appreciate PT which connects the disconnects.

    Who will win? I think this question will be answered by the voters who will vote during the polls and by all means we should accept the results. I personally feel the party affiliations at this point in time has not that degree of importance for GB as we have no influence at the national level – GB assembly will rely upon given budget for the region by the federal Govt. The important thing in my view is the ordinary people who are contesting the elections and giving tough fight to the traditional politicians of Hunza valley- this is something encouraging and we should support this process – hence the traditional leaders whom names are been heard by all us in our life so far since we understood the meaning of “election”. This process is important so that the traditional leader will understand that they can be challenged by ordinary leaders who emerged from the masses of Hunza – which may also have a positive effect on their performance if they win this time again – so that they serve better than the past.

    Let me say something about Kamil Jan, but before doing so, let me let you all know that I don’t have any party affiliation with any one in the region, however as I and Kamil share the same village, I decided to say something about him- he is not a highly educated person which he openly announced and declared during his campaign but he does have the minimum eligibility to contest the elections as per Pakistan Election Commission so that he is in the ground of run. As an individual he is a self starter, went through all the mechanics of life of a self made individual. He went through hard times of life but achieved a good degree of personal success in his life. As an individual he remained a helpful person to all – personal traits I won’t comment as no one is an angel on this earth but he never had a criminal record or corruption – so he is socially respectable person in the society where he originated from. I am sure the same would apply on entire valley. He did remain a supporter of Mir in the past but changing mind on principles is always there in politics.

    In the political dogma – u take up any instance from the world history – it is always a win-win situation – most of philosophers never succeeded in politics – but some activists did enjoy the philosophy of philosophers and become political leaders (like marks and Lenin). Hence a good professor of a university not necessarily can become a good politician and vise versa.

    I am writing this in my true honest opinion – here I am not by any means supporting Kamil Jan rather I am justifying his run in the elections. I know Nazir, Wazir, Noor Muhammad, Shahbaz and Kamil Jan on a very close and personal basis – but I never met Ghazanfar and his sons- as they were far and beyond my access- hence let me conclude my thoughts – first let the voters of hunza to decide their leader, second whoever wins must be appreciated, third, if a traditional wins then he should understand that “Hunza is Rising” (PT blog discussion- I loved it), and if a new comes – then they should also understand the challenges and perform best as next competition will be tougher than this


    Dushanbe – Tajikistan

    My friend Js can contribute more from Tajikistan…

    1. dear sir ,
      really i am very pleased to read your you know that we belong to developing region with many prob so here the people of hunza need a candidate who had ability to lead and represent us in GB cabinet .so here people of hunza will elect a well qualified candidate for them self

  17. what is educaational back ground mr, kirmatof ur dear , and what the ppp and others do with his eduational back ground ,,,,,,,, gye altaf bai gya kamil jan

  18. Kamil jan is best leader for Hunza,cos in Gilgit Baltistan well educated person we dont need.cos it has its own way of poltics.means we have to get the budget byHook or By crook.this is also in MQM cos Danda Party can be success in Gilgoit Baltistan.
    cos i know very well most of leaders from Northern Areas as i was been a Local Reporter.i can give you all some examples, like Sheikh Haider from Nagar, Jaffar shah from Gilgit, Mohammad Musa form Giltgit, Mirza Hussain from Nagar, Janbaz Khan from Chilas and all those are still leaders.why we are only thinking about education and all? we need a strong Danda party leader and Kamil Jan is best.
    this is our past experience you may agree with me, our leaders were well educated rather then others but at the end what have we got?China Business is taken over by others we are just taking about dry port? all the Govt jpbs for others what our unemployed will do?there for i request to people of Hunza to vote do vote for Kamil Jan with out any hesitatiion.
    Dont thnk he is from Gojal give one turn to Gojal as well, cos if we think about the education and all we are far better then whole region.i have no any personal relation with Kamil Jan but this is my personal observation and view.

    Rahmat Karim Nizari

    1. Mr Rehmat Karim Nizari, I don’t agree with your statement of “DANDA PARTY” If you mean it then why you are in Dubai? we believe in peace not violance, we prefer merit not safarish. we are Hunzais not MAHAJIR. we need a leader not a Ghunda, so please don’t mis guide our youth let them decide what they want to. Becasue this is the time to prove that we are civilized and education people of HUNZA.


  19. @ well said Sabina, Great Conclusion you put to the show ….You the ladies are the Future of Hunza..if you can not come up with such statments who will care about our society? I see the ” HUNZA RISING” You have the rights.

    Next will be the Management of Our Mother and Sister they should have the position and as Hunza sisters are well Educated you have the rights of decisions too. Still our society is not very Matured coz we living in Pakistan and we dont have the good eniroment within Pakistan.But tomorrow is the days once our society is properly matured than even woman will have their 100% rights from the society

    Appreciate everyone here Who cares about HUNZA- Gilgit & Baltistan, Appreciate all who have a thought in mind for big Change for civlized society in Hunza…..I hope we are more better than evey one people living in the south, We are the best

    Inshallaalh everyone here will give it a chance rets see the results ,i hope Hunza Rises without any disturbance to our Peaceful Society with this up coming Elections.

    Remain Alway PEACE FULL. this makes us the diffrent with the rest of Pakistan

    thats Why we are from “” HUNZA “”

    With blessings of our Present Imam.

  20. i m not in favour of MR.ABBAS. kal koyi dosri party un ko ziyada paison ki peshkash karengi tou ye banda uss mei jaye ga.
    mujhe nahi lagta ki jo log apni party se mukhlis nahi woh awam k sath mukhlis honge…


  21. Is Abbas sahib that important then our genuine issues today? Wake up people, there are hundreds of much more important issues that we have to deal with then Abbas joining MQM or leaving PPP.

    PT, you are doing great job, have no words that would describe my appreciation for you. PT is becoming voice of Hunza all over world, please start a discussion forum where we can talk about problems we are facing in Hunza or to protect our future from evil deeds.

    Best of luck

    1. i think mr abbas khan has the power to bring change bc we know about his khidmat in karachi.i think no human is unimportant…

  22. Fezza, I don’t say he is not important my dear, if you look what I have posted on the very same forum, you would realize I appreciate and respect his decision. All I want is to change the subject and discuss something constrictive. Whether we oppose of appreciate his decision of joining MQM, it is gonna make no difference to it. We should not move on and start talking our main problems which are of more importance and need immediate attention.


  23. “Kamil Jan” is an educated person ????I don’t know if he is, then ok otherwise we are fed up from uneducated,s. plz vote for a good Educated persons,who can lead the Hunza.

  24. Ahmed, what you’ve got from educated people previously? Do you think having a degree makes you educated? I may be wrong bro, but it’s not the matter. Anyways, let’s try some educated people as well.

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