Nationalists arrested in Gilgit city

by Shakir Baig & Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Gilgit, October 1: More than two dozen leaders and activists of three nationalist parties were arrested in Gilgit city on the morning of  an Independence Day celebrations that seem to be overshadowed by the election campaigns of different parties.

According to details Advocate Farooq Ahmed (KNM), Javed (KNM), Akber (KNM), Aman Ullah (Balore Labor Party), Col (r) Wajahat,  Col (r) Nadir and several activists of different parties were arrested by the local administration for preparing a stage in the historical Garhi Bagh locality of Gilgit city. According to some report Col Wajahat was sent back to Islamabad.

The provincial administration had announced a ban on holding political processions in the Garhi Bagh area, for security reasons, a couple of days ago.

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  1. All this happening In So Called a Democratic Govt. so there iz no any difference in A military dictatorship and Present GOVt.

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