[PT Election Cell] News Roundup

  • Liaqat Baloch, leader of right wing Jamat-e-Islami demands GB representation in the National Finance Commission. He was addressing an election related gathering in Gilgit city the other day. He also said that the recent package is not the destination but a sign towards destination
  • GBDA expresses concerns over transparency of the GBLA 2009 elections. Recently a number of GBDA candidates and activists were arrested and expelled from Gilgit city on charges of violating section 144 of PPC
  • Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal has opened a free eating out space at DHQ hospital for patients
  • The government of GB has allocated over thirty million rupees for compensating loss of life of government employees
  • Javed Nagri, GS of Nagar Youth Organization, has said that voters of Minapin Nager will stamp on “Flower” on 12th November.  Flower is the electoral symbol of Sheikh Muhammad Ali.
  • MSF (Ghizar) has said that PPP is aware of its defeat in Ghizar district. In a joint statement Raja Changez Khan and other leaders of MSF have said that PPP has only been cause of corruption and manipulation in Ghizar district
  • Mohamamd Musa has refused to withdraw from the election race, as demanded by Anjuman -e-Imamia. The Anjuman had asked him to step down as candidate and let space for another candidate endorsed by the Anjuman. Musa has said that he didn’t get the ticket from any Anjuman so there is no question of stepping down
  • Wazir Baig has visited different villages of Gojal to gather support. He is expected to open a campaign office in Passu tomorrow
  • Kamil Jan has emerged as a very strong candidate in Gojal Valley as well as parts of central Hunza. He is MQM’s candidate from LA – 6 Hunza
  • Shehryar Khan and Ghazanfar Ali Khan recently toured parts of Gojal Valley to muster support for the election
  • Shehbaz Khan is also busy campaigning in different parts of central, lower and upper Hunza. He claims to have a strong support base in Shinaki, Altit, Aliabad and Gojal valley
  • Waheed Murad has stepped out of the election race. He was contesting from LA -6, Hunza. His withdrawal will benefit Shehryar Khan, analysts believe


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  1. as a media representative u should be neutral .if u cant give correct news here i am going to tell u the latest news from hunza . noor Muhammad is the most strong candidate ,why u r not covering the AHAC activities , plz be neutral and plz give correct n authentic news plz ,i am not a relative of noor muhammad but ,one should realize the facts as i belong to central hunza and i m well aware about news plz plz be neutral

  2. @ Dear Ain

    The Media Representatives r performing their duties at their best.they are reporting the fact and figures.its your opening that Mr.Noor Mohm is strongest candidate but over all statics shows that ppl are supporting Kamil Jan n he is the strongest candidate from Shinaki to Gojal.its the fact..and plz don’t blame any media representative.accept the reality…

    all the Best for GBLA-6 Candidates…

  3. Dear Mr karim,
    here i am not blaming media but i am telling u facts.The majority of the people in hunza want to see their own identification. pl z review the past posts of PT,they entirely published .the news against all AHAC.As u know the main vote bank of GBLA 6 is in central hunza where the people select their own candidate for the contesting the election 2009.AHAC is a platform which represent the people of hunza from Gojal to Shinaki this is not my opinion that noor is the strong candidate but the support of ppl show that he will win the election ,INSHALLAH

  4. @ Dear Ain
    My best best Wishes for your party leader ..but v demand for change and such a person who can face the change.v don’t want to repeat our blunder mistakes ..hope for the BEST..

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