Gulmit hospital still unable to provide health services

by Kamran Ahmed Bari

Gulmit, March 23: A dental surgeon has recently arrived at the Tehsil Headqarter hospital (THQ) Gulmit to serve the calamity hit people of  Gojal for a period of one week. While inspecting the dental surgery room it was identified that the THQ hospital still lacks surgery set without which the visit of the dental surgeon becomes useless.

The technician responsible for fixing the dental surgery machine has returned from Gulmit without properly fixing and making the dental machine operational. The X-ray machine available has also become operational, and the people are waiting desperately for a permanent medical officer to arrive.

The calamity hit people of Gojal have been continuously demanding for permanent Lady Medical Officer, permanent gynecologist, permanent dental surgeon, permanent X-ray and laboratory technicians and full scale operation theatre with permanent surgeon. While several announcements have been made by high government officials it seems like the government is too helpless to purchase a dental surgery set for the hospital, let aside the demand for permanent medical officer, gynecologist, and full scale operation theatre etc.

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  1. It is indeed sad that despite the announcements things are not in place. This testifies the general feeling that govt is just lingering on instead of taking concrete steps. We expect our Honourable representatives. Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr. Mutabiat Shah and the first so called empowered govt of the Gilgit-Baltistan to take serious measures in meeting the announcements.

  2. kamran i like it its strange for the people of Gojal that they dont have a leader who can fight agaist the burcracy and so called govt of Zordari to appoint doctors in the remote areas GOD Help us we couldt find a leader still forget the party peoples we have to fight to remove all barers


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