[PT Election Cell] Candidate Profile – Shehryar Khan

Shehryar Khan

Appended below is an interview with PML (N) ticket holder from LA – 6, Hunza, Shehryar Khan, son of former chief executive of NALA, Ghazanfar Ali Khan.  It is being presented for information of the readers. Editor_.

PT: Can you kindly tell us about your academic background? What is the highest degree you have achieved, so far, and from which university/universities?

SK: I did my primary education from Convent of Jesus & Mary in Islamabad, after which I completed my Middle and High School education from the International American School of Islamabad.  I then proceeded abroad to attain my bachelors degree in international relations from the University of Texas at Austin,  USA.  I returned to Pakistan to complete my MBA in Finance & Macro Economy and a minor in Human Resource Development from Preston University Islamabad.

It would be pertinent to mention here that His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan blessed our family by financially sponsoring my entire education.  All these qualifications are due to his blessings and support.

PT: How can your experience as a banking professional help you in your political career? Do you see the two choices compatible and mutually enhancing?

SK: I initially began working for Union Bank Limited (now Standard Chartered) from 2003 up till 2005 as a Personal Banker.  This helped in meeting people from all walks of life be it politicians, bankers, corporations, government officials etc.  I feel that this PR development broadened my contact base which would help me later in my political life, if given the chance.  In 2006 I got an opportunity to work in Dubai at the ABN AMRO bank (now Royal Bank of Scotland) as a Senior Relationship Manager (Investments & Wealth Management).  This gave me a chance not only to broaden my contact base, but taught me a valuable lesson in managing private equity funds and study economies of many countries including South Asia and Europe.  You would agree, development of contacts and a firm understanding of domestic and international economic markets is essential in today’s time and age, especially in the changing socio-economic trends world-wide.   I feel these qualities are essential for a politician in order to keep up with the changing times.

PT: Kindly list down five top issues faced by Gilgit – Baltistan.

In my opinion the top most issues being faced by Gilgit-Baltistan are;

–          Political deprivation i.e. non-representation in the National Assembly and Senate.

–          Unity and cohesiveness among the people.

–          Dramatic collapse of the tourism industry.

–          Non-development of major industries i.e. mining, fisheries, agriculture, corporate farming.

PT: What are the top issues of Hunza valley and how do you plan to tackle the three issues outlined above?

SK: Top issues of Hunza, in my opinion, at the moment are;

a)      Requirement of additional seats in the GBLA

b)      Unemployment

c)      Education

d)     Healthcare

I plan to tackle these issues by focusing my attention on the following problem areas;

a)District of Astore has a registered voters population of 10,000 and have 2 seats in the GBLA while Hunza having a registered voter population of 34,500 has only one seat.  I will demand not 2 but 3 seats from out party leader, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif on the basis of area and population.

b) we will initiate private investment in our Area by attracting investors from around the globe, mainly the middle east and japan where people would be invited to invest in different industries i.e. hotelling, corporate farming, which then in turn would create employment for the youth.

C)  My demand for a cadet college was made to the leader of our party Mian Mohammad Sharif, and I am certain if I come into power this demand would be pressed upon by our leader from the government.

PT: What do you think about the demand of three seats for Hunza? Is the demand feasible and attainable?

SK: Like I stated before, if a district with ten thousand registered can get two seats in the legislative assembly, why can’t Hunza demand three seats, having more than thirty-four thousand registered voters? Therefore the demand for 3 seats is feasible and is attainable provided that the people bring about a candidate who can raise this demand with the power corridors. Nothing is impossible.

PT: If you lose, would this be your last election? Or, do you see a long political career for yourself in Hunza?

SK: There are certain unconditional promises (whether I win or lose) that I havve made to the youth particularly in the educational sector. I intend to uphold these promises irrespective of the election results.  Moreover, winning or losing is part and parcel of politics, and I would like to inform that I am here to stay irrespective of the result.

PT: If you want to build a political career what would be your focus areas?

SK: My main focus area while building my political career would be to bridge the gap between the educated youth and myself.  I plan on doing this by setting up a Coordination or Rabta Committees throughout Hunza.  Representatives of these committees will be chosen by the people (2 women and 2 men ) from each village who will coordinate and apprise me of their problems and grievances, but only when I am unable to meet them myself due to work commitments or other reasons.

I plan to travel extensively to each and every part of Hunza and reach out to the youth.  I will hold interactive sessions where they would be free to ask me any question they wish, which would be addressed in all honesty and humility, thus creating an atmosphere of trust between us.

PT: How do you rate the development of Hunza over the past few decades? What have been the major change agents during this era?

SK: I would not like to comment in detail to this query as it may seem biased to the readers.  Therefore I would only like to say compare the development of Hunza with its neighboring Nagar and you would have your answer.  The basic issue here is not development of the area, but it is the unity amongst the people coupled with Leadership with easy access to its leader which is my main focus.

PT: What’s the future of pasture and land disputes in Hunza (Shinaki, Kunjut/Hunzu, Gojal)? Do you have a solution in your mind for resolution of the decades old disputes?

SK: Honestly speaking, immediately I have no solution to this problem, but I am aware of the disputes.  I would like to interact with the elders of each area, hear their point of views and try to arrive at a mutually acceptable consensus solution.

PT: What’s your vision for Hunza and Gilgit – Baltistan?

SK: Identity, respect, and preservation of culture and tradition.

PT: Why do you think the people of Hunza would vote for you on 12th November?

I was living  a luxurious and comfortable life abroad.  I resigned without looking back for a moment,  to serve the people. I felt it was time to be with the people of Hunza who I have a lot of respect and love for.  I don’t have any hidden agendas and my conscience is clear.  I am young and I feel I can reach out to the youth and make myself accessible to them whenever and wherever I am needed, irrespective of the result.

PT: Thank you for your time and thought-provoking comments.

SK: You are welcome anytime and thank you arranging the interview.

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  1. PT has provided a good forum for the young generation to understand the regional politics and creating awareness. Our comments should reflect the thoughts of young educated generation of Hunza-Gojal. It should be based on facts, not just prejudices against any party.

    Well I think Leadership gap is the major concern for the people of Hunza. As we claim we are the most educated and civilized society but unfortunately still searching for a good leader…do we have set any criterion for a good leader? i.e. education, good character, knowledge and capacity to deal with the political challenges , and political contacts etc.

    The youth should discuss and spread the “reality” on the ground level to ALL those around … Educate, Educate.. first and foremost..

    Each and every one, tell the one next to you, behind you, ahead of you..educate what is happening, discuss the issues , the real issues of Hunza…meeting with the leaders …..advocacy and lobbying on different regional issues

    Yea Mr. Sheryar is a good person. However one thing is worth mentioning here if he really wants to come in the political arena and serve the people..he has to come out from their traditional shell of MIR . in democracy the people got the right to elect if he can serve as a Khadim only then he can win the hearts of the youth . but again it will take time no matter whether he loses this time but has to remain in the area ..and serve the people … Best of Luck

    Arshad Aly Sakhi

  2. I am very impressed to see the detailed formate
    of PT. It is covering most of the issues. Please
    add more pictures . It was nice to read about
    Mr Shehryar Khan. He needs to work hard and
    to mingle with common man to read their People.

  3. Good interview. My vote will go to Shehryar because he is young, energetic, educated, and overall a nice person.

  4. I am totally astonished to know that all educational expenses of Mr. Shehryar Khan has been born by AKES or AKDN. AKES Scholarships are meant for poor talented students who cannot continue their studies. There are thousands of talented students who leave their education incomplete due to lack of financial resources. These students should be helpd out to get their education completed not the ones like Shehryar, who is in a position to help out so many students.

    1. I don’t think, any where in the interview, Shehryar mentioned AKDN or AKESP sponsoring his education. My personal understanding is, his education was sponsored by His Highness himself as a gesture of good will to the family of former ruler of Hunza. I am commenting on this post because you are not only calling Shehryar a fraud but also implying that the H.H Aga Khan’s institution are also involved in these mal-practices. Make sure that you understand what is being said and you are an expert on what you are commenting about.

    2. Mr Manzoor has rightly picked the corrupt practices that being adopted in distributing the scholarships of AKES and AKF International. A person who got scholarship for one of downgraded university of USA failed in completing his education and graduated from the one of so called university of Pakistan. Don’t be impressed from his career because most of his jobs not pertains that of mangers but of lower strata in banking sector.

      Now through PT I request the talented youths come and spoke against the corrupt practices which enshrined last twenty years should be shunned in this high communication age. Though this system in name of “merit” and in the name of “reputed universities” inept student got scholarships from AKES and AKF International. After completing these scholarships programmes the returned scholars hardly contributed to the society and one can count their externalities to the society and the returns to the society. Why and How this happening? Because OF inefficiencies which is out come of INCOMPETENCE. In-competencies reproduce Corrupt PRACTICES. Why WE ARE NOT GETTING SCHOLARSHIPS FROM OUR INSTITUTIONS IS BECAUSE MOST OF US HAVE NO ACCESS TO ANY BOARD MEMBERS OF THESE INSTITUTIONS. BOARD SELECTED is FROM THEIR OWN Circles. ULTIMATELY Corrupt SYSTEM IS EXISTING WITH COMPLETE LEGAL cover-ups. THOSE WHO ASK FOR SUCH annomolies AND IRREGULARITIES are BEING victimized by NOT PROVIDING GOOD JOBS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. This results TOTAL LOSS OF OUR COMMUNITY.

  5. very impressive interview but still I m not with this man.when we will see him doing some piratical work then may be in future we can change our mind not this time.

  6. I am impressed, for me he is most qualified candidate. His being part of Mir family might be a hurdle for him but i guess he is a better choice among all the candidates, if he considers himself among the general population of Hunza, and not among the so called Mirs…
    Good Luck Man, I wish you God speed

  7. You have got a manifesto to provide employment to the youth of Hunza. I have got a very simple question; why did not your father do so when he was the Chief Executive of GB?? What was the strength of that KKH police force?? How many young men from Hunza were recruited??

  8. we are well awear about the beehaviour of Mir Family regarding the Sost Dry port issue and frud of millions of rupees, and their sons caring funs and moving around like punjabi chowdery,,,no more foolish interviews of Sheryar…he should 1st change his behaviour of his family towrds the people of Gojal and Hunza especially Mr. Saleem…who wants implement his own style of rule in Hunza Gojal,

  9. Well- presented profile….. but there are so many things to reflect on as he went abroad for higher education but was not able to compelete it… however with the financial support of AKESP or some other sources he was able to compelete his eduction from a university which in not recognized by the HEC- Pakistan……

    Good luck a man of shortcuts but politics in Hunza is not like Preston University

  10. A serious and fine-tuned interview by SYK. I think MirJK family got one of the talented son. I appreciate his thought for the future development of Glt-Blt and the Hunza region. However the demand of one or two additional seat is not a big deal; we need to struggle for a separate distt. or at least the status of additional district that was give and withdrawn decade ago.
    His commitment to the youth of Hunza and the idea of a Rabita Committee, mail and female on board, seems very much oriented and practical; and, that could help the youth to understand their rights as citizens of Pakistan/ the sons and daughters of Glt-Blt; and, also realise their duties as member of a fast changing society. The youth of Hunza and of course the youth of Glt-Blt need such a net-work /forum on permanent basis. The election ‘halla-ghulla’ after every four /five years is just a joke/mockery with the civil society. Other political activists of whatever background of the Region and the Vally must come forward and have their tangible activities on ground wether they win or not–GBLA elections 2K9.
    SYK is also needed to re-orient the politics of confrontation promoted by his brother Salim Khan, particularly in the case of the Sost Dry Port, and other family members too.

  11. hahahahahahahahaha gr8 job Mr.Sheryar khan….Wonderfull… I really appricated the team of PTs…!!! Its amazing that a guy who has done his bachelors From University of Texas at Austin and when he come back to pakistan he didi,nt got addmission in other high level Universites..!!! great mr sheryar great…..

    Any how No worries best of Luck for ur Future..

  12. Ehsan, what u mean by high level universities. There are many students who graduated from this institute. So please do not underestimate any institute od university until unless it has been recognized by HEC.

  13. 100% agree with Mr. Manzoor AKES or AKDN are working for the deprived class but shouked to hear.. Kibla Seeda Kara..

    Sheryar a young and energatic person hope he will do his best..


    You have to do alot of Things to show for the People of Gojal & Hunza

    everything requires time,You Mr.SYK have to practically involve yourself for the progress and betterment for both HUNZA & GOJAL at large.G& B.

    If you really getting into politics you have to first make the list of THINGS TO DO…………………………………………….
    Than you have to have priority for certain projects and matters to be solved with the daily problems for our people .

    Keep you note with you all the time becouse after winning or loosing this Elections you have to rise if and if only you are able to cop up with daily routines and problems faced by the people of HUNZA Gojal

    1. whats the probelems for school childrens
    2.Whats the problems for middle schools childrens
    3.what are the problems faced by both girls and boys students of this region
    4.whats the college level probelms face
    5.what the the problems face with students at MASTER levels
    6.what are the problems faced for Skilled labours
    7.what the religous Edcucation schools problems
    8.what problems are faced with family whos husbands have died
    9.How you can create scholarship for all catogaries at every level
    10.How you can creat jobs for the young youth
    11.How can you solve the problems of woman and man for income sources ,how u will u creat job opportunity and source of income for everyone
    12.How will you be able to work for Tourism and Trade sectors
    13.How can you improve the areas of Health and sport facility for both young and old people
    14.How can we make use of our Minerals which is still hidden in our muntains…How can we get benefit out of it.
    15.How will you be able to resolve all the issues pertaining to pasture land disputes
    16.How will you be able to bring yoursel down to ground level from Mir to common youth of Gojal or Hunza
    17.What do you think that will make you proud for doing all this good job……Where do you see yourself in 5-10yrs time

    Whats your vision about Hunza & Gilgit & Baltistan at large

    18.How can you represent yourself as a true and modrate Pakitani

    My best wises are for all my Hunza and Gojal bring whoever it be that will bring projects and focus on areas where we are lacking.I hope and pray to Almighty Allah that,He gives us right guidelines and we all can work together for the progress of our lovely Home HUNZA VALLEY


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