Listen to this kid, Zardari, Gilani, Mehdi and Wazir!


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  1. hello young baby,
    its really fabulous and committed speach,in which you have high lighted the poor and miss management and lack of consentration on naturla disaster in gojal occured on 4th jan,2010,
    i do appriciat your speach and your points high lighted.

    keep it up and do hard work in your life.

  2. Dear Pamir Times,

    Our so called government is veyr passive to our recent situation in Upper Hunza. We cannot wait for them …. Their actions are slower than a turtle. As Hunzai, we want China to help us…. The resolution of our problems lies with China. We are all fed up of their sweet promises. Our children cannot wait for them anymore otherwise our children will suffer more.

    We are calling the Chinese to come fast and help US.

    Gohar Karim Gohar Khudaabad
    Dubai, UAE

  3. I am really impressed by the zeal and emotions of this young blood of Gojal, which she is doing to play her part to save its motherland.i pay tribute to her boldness and front line role in this moment and hope history will never forget the contribution of this young kid specifically and the people of Gilgit-Baltistan at large for conducting such a successful protest.
    Our motherland and the future of our youth is at stake at the moment because of Psychological,social and demographic effects of this calamity and therefore to save our future we need to play our role.

  4. Well done ,Mehrab. A really impressve and enthusiastic speech.Hope such kind of motivations may activate our passive government.

    All the best.

  5. dear all! u know that still the government has,nt inform or told the United Nation rilife and all other steps to relise the water. i think we all should force the government to invite the UN agencies.

  6. Commendable Commendable really nice….May God bless u
    It’s a knock to the door of our dead lost leaderzzzzzzzzzz

  7. nice attempt but the localities of gojal must take a serious step to awake the sleeping govt of pakistan, and my extreme request to the students of media and TV that they should visit the specific area and prepare a documentary to diliver our message to the high officials.


  8. it is indeed a big slap on the faces of our so called leaders and the goverment …..great sweet baby.

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