Fresh photographs from the Hunza Lake barrier

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan | Captions: Nur

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  1. Gulmit, the Tehsil HQ and the former winter capital of Hunza State, is the hub of the largest and one of the most far-flunged area of Gilgit -Baltistan Region. This majour town, on the KKH, also serves as a hub-economical, educational and cultural– for the people of Shingshal, Misgar, Avgarch and Chipursan Valleys; and hosts the only dry-port, the economic life-line of GB. The Govt of GB and Islamabad not being able to upgrade this only hospital, rather a primary health care center, even during this time of disaster and emergency is just lamentable. We need to prioritise our needs and pursue them regoriously and meritoriously.

  2. PT-

    I wish you would put the watermark on many of the photos is a little less central place. It’s not that I don’t want to give credit where credit is due, but there are times that I use these photos on my computer wallpaper. While I enjoy reading PT, and I enjoy the photos, the stamping is a bit too much.

    For example, I’d love to display this photo on my computer:

    But not with that nasty watermark.

    1. i agree, it is insult of the pic and its originality is lost, i think PT is a community based social blog shouldn’t worry about information theft. Be open to share information to the world. i appreciate PT and its team is doing a great job its a voluntarily contribution.

  3. I suppose it is the worst situation we are debelaterly put in by our leaders,non-availability of doctor and facility at hospital is i think the hightest level of ignorance of our Government.I pray to Allah for the recovery of the patients.i really appreciate the work of the very dedicated volunteers serving them.Allah has the biggest reward for them.
    Let me pay my heartfelt tribute to Pamir Times ,Nur Muhammad and Zulfiqar for updating us from the very first day,i realize they are making history for their work and hisoty will remember them forever.


  4. My Dear Pamit Times Team,

    While we all greatly appreciate your efforts, it is also important that we keep all material, repots photographs etc. open and properly visible to the entire world. It is not a time for us to take credits for what we are doing. We are in such a difficult time, and nobody should take credit. if someone is doing something it is for the region.

    The Labels of Pamir Times on these photos do not look good at all, and it shows that there is just some show going on. Please guys, come on, what if someone take your pictutes and places it somewhere on another blog or web, it still gives a coverage of the situaiton and makes things more visible to the world. I am sure no body is earning money by taking your stuff or violating copy right whatso ever.
    For God sake, this is not the right time for doing this.


  5. Today I ask a question from Public…Where is Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Mr. Noor Mohd., Mr. Kamil Jan, Mr. Shahbaz Khan and other party leaders. If I am not wrong they must be in public, although they are enjoying in different big cities. These are the selfish people who only join public in elections time. Public must realise this that these leaders are feelingless. There is no any soft corner for public in their heart. I must say shame on all our political leaders either in govt. or opposition, who dont join public in this hard time.
    On the other hands all those member of different parties who are very active against those people who are supporting public in this harsh time. Well said by a senior person of RCMG that these guys are “Apne Aaqaon Ki Ghallazat pe Bunbunati Mukhyan”.


    1. Brother Tariq
      i appreciate your thinking
      don’t keep this thinking in your mind only try to spread it to others minds and let them no that we are just foolish , nothing else
      its time to awoke the nation
      we are already backward and going more ………

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