[Opinion] Unofficial, unconfirmed, results pouring in

by Noor

Thousands of people voted for GBLA candidates in all seven districts of Gilgit – Baltistan today, expressing the desire to be free from dis-empowering governance structures in the region.

Turn out remained below expectations due to cold weather and due to the presence of a migrant population of GB who could not exercise their democratic right, living in different parts of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Abbotabad, in large numbers. Due to absence of polling stations in these cities thousands of voters included in the voters’ list could not go to polls.

According to unofficial results MQM candidate Raja Azam Shigri of Skardu has clear edge in vote counts over Imran Nadeem of PPP.

PPP’s Mehdi Shah is reportedly victor in Skardu while Wazir Shakeel of PPP has also be unofficially declared winner in Skardu. Engineer Ismail of PPP has, reportedly, won the polls in Ghangche, while Amna Ansari has also, reportedly, got an edge over the rival candidate.

Gilgit city, LA 2, saw a major turn, as Didar Ali, an Independent candidate won the elections, defeating both favorites, Jamil Ahmed of PPP and Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman, president of PML (N)  Gilgit – Baltistan.

In LA -6, Hunza, Wazir Baig is unofficially reported to be the leading vote taker, seconded by MQM’s Kamil Jan – a praiseworthy performance by the latter in a very short span of time.

Unofficial results reveal that PPP got resounding victory  in Gojal valley. This election may also mean the end of Mir family’s easy float in electoral politics of Hunz during the past three decades. Shehryar Khan of PML (N) and Independent candidate, Shehbaz Khan, were not able to impress voters with their election manifesto, it seems.

Confirmed results will be announced on 14th or 15th November, by the GB Election Commission.

The overall situation of law and order remained peaceful, except for a firing incident in which MQM’s Captain Hadi, in LA – 3, had a fortunate escape from, what is being reported as, a bid to take his life.

MQM has alleged pre, during and post election rigging in the GB elections. PPP has also alleged that armed activists of MQM were nabbed by the people in Shigar valley – a valley that saw an earlier feud between MQM and PPP, over a petty matter of wall chalking.

Independent sources have brushed these allegations as repetition of old, “i- would-not-accept-defeat”, tactics used by Pakistani parties across the country, in all elections.

According to expectations, alliance of the regional parties, GBDA, was not able to attract significant votes in any constituencies. However, the nationalists are expecting a strong fight from BNF leader, Nawaz Khan Naji, in Ghizar, whenever the election takes place. Let’s remind our readers that election in this constituency was postponed due to death of MQM candiate, Sher Bahadur.

Observers are also expecting the independent candidates to play a very important role in government formation, within the next few days.

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  1. From my perspective this is a very good news that PPP is having a sound victory in the GB elections especially in Hunza. At least we have got rid of the Mirs who had been enforcing their Miri through politics. Hopefully this result will turn out to be a good one in Hunza’s political history.

  2. Congratulations to the people of G&B for casting their votes to to the candidates of their choice. The win for PPP was expected; but a new political player,MQM, on the scene is also a welcome dimension of this election–GBLA-2k9. The youth of the Region in Karachi and elsewhere will get the benefits of this political openness. I congratulate all those who won and hope the will work for the development and glory of the Region. Those not able to win must star a serious ground-work for their future plansin the politics of the region. The people of G&B have shown a political maturity during the whole process of election. The print and electronic media, both, have praised them.

  3. New era, new government and new hope, congratulations to the newly elected members of the GTB.

    A very interesting result in Hunza obvously PPP had to win but remarkable performance by Kamil Jan realy great to be ahead on Mir family. Best of luck for next time.

    will it be a big question mark on the uncertain future of Mir era?

    but the politics in Hunza is certainly influenced by the center government in Islamabad. Kaira won.

  4. An unfortunate victory of Wazir Baig ( this character was tried before and had done 0% development in this region ), and I am unable to understand the approach of educated people in Hunza, every second person in Hunza hate Zardari and they have elected his representative in this peaceful part of the world.
    Independent observers have clearly stated that MQM is in a leading position and they may win and give a surprise to whole Pakistani, which did not happen. Based on what has gone so far, someone sensible person can understand that something has burnt though !!!
    Allegations from MQM and PMLQ seems like true that it was either pre-decided or they must have been rigging during campaigns, because there is simple and straight answer for this.
    Hunza people can not be so selfish or uneducated to vote for someone or someone’s representative THEY HATE THE MOST,
    Hunza people always welcome young generation and young blood.
    Hunza people know the importance of MQM in Karachi where 50% of Hunza’s population is sighing.
    Mir and Mir’s family might have lost the elections but we shall not forget, world still knows Mir Ghazanfar, not Wazir Baig,
    So Hunza people are played by trick one more time by selfish elements ……Good Luck

  5. Salamalikum
    I highly appreciate for election 2009 updates in Hunza.
    Kindly update results of each village of hunza by candidate.if possible.

    once again thanking you for your efforts.


  6. Congratulation to Pakistan people party (ppp) and his candidate Mr. Wazir Baig for his victory in the recent Election 2009, But we hope they should be complete in practically their all announce packages and promises for Hunza development.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  7. Dear friend Sajjad Wazir Baig victory is not ufortunate victory he deserve the win because of his character and efforts.I know 0% development during his last tenur but at tat 0% funds for the area also.And as far as Mir is concerned he is like Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq dual character, his sons and he himself are involevd in emazalments every where especially in Sost dry port.Similay allegation is fashion in Pakisatn during election.PPP deserve win in Hunza every time for its contribution by Z A Buttho for get rid of Mirs in 1974 and giving provincial autonomy in 2009.You are not from Hunza that why you are criticizing the people of Hunza and appraisning Mirs family may be beacuse of any reason which is non of my concern.
    Its because of Mir tat one seat for Hunza a lot of occasion he oppose 2 seats.Similary President Zardari is head of State so we must respect him because he is our president n represents Pakisatn.

    So take care and enjoy and always adopt win-win approach in your life you will be happy otherwise its difficult.

  8. I congratulate the people of Hunza for electing Mr. Wazir Baig, an honest, educated and upright person. Mr. Wazir Baig typifies the people of hunza and is a true reflection of the society. Isn’t Hunza all about honesty, integrity, hard work and uncorruptibility, and that is why they should and have elected a person with these qualities.
    Hunza elected Ghazanfar Khan last time on the notion that he has great influence and would do well for the development but alas it was a false hope. Instead he and his cronies went on rampant corruption both moral and financial with the result that he was not even allowed to contest this election.

    People often say Wazir Baig when last elected did very little vis-à-vis development of the area but no one bothers to state which work he was not able to do. Anyway development funds should be spend on the basis of long term plan put forward by professionals and not on the whims of politician. Just because a number of new and young people entered the election fray does not mean the seasoned ones have to be rejected just for electing the new entrants. I am not sure if MQM is in the area for the long haul, it used money and people with money to make a foothold in the area, not for the people of the area but to shore up its bargaining a.k.a blackmail position in the federal and provincial government.

    Instead of taking delight in the entry of MQM in the local political landscape the people of Gilgit-Baltistan in general and hunza in particular should ponder on why they haven’t got a regional/nationalist party of their own that is rooted in them and vouches for them rather than embracing a political party that at best is regional and represent a particular ethnic group.

  9. First of all i Congregualtion Wazir Baig to win LA-6 Election. 2ndly i suggest Mr.Nur to clear that Hunza Action Committee (HAC) become 2nd Number and MQM 3rd in LA-6 Election.


    Roomi Farhat Beig Sostiq

  10. Hunzai…….well here is something I wanted to say,,,which I might not able to clear…..
    I am from Hunza and I know what was done and how much funds were led to Hunza during Wazir’s last tenure…….But the fact is he did nothing….I am not defending Mir …..neither I am interested in defending them,,,,,I agree with your opinion that people of Hunza have a close relation and a respect to Bhutto and his family,,,,but what I said was fact that in Hunza every 2nd person hate Zardari ,,,,
    We want Pakistan and Hunza to be ruled like Bhutto way,,,We want bhutto’s PPP not zardari’s neither Wazir Baig’s….
    All I was trying to say ….That we need a change, we need a change to change society , change Hunza, put this in right path, why are we slaves though Mirs are not ruling Hunza but our mind set is still slavering psychologically to some extent some how…..Hunza is famous for its beauty, education and approach towards broader prospect,,,,,Why do you want to play with same cards which have not helped us to win????
    Bro,,, Please we should give a chance to someone else….yes MQM would have been a better option because the way they worked in Karachi is an answer……We have social, economic and educational ties with MQM, we could have taken more benefited by electing an MQM candidate instead of CANDY…

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