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Daughter of Gilgit – Baltistan: Sharista Baig

Sharista Baig and an unidentified colleague photographed with Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani and Chief of Pakistan Air Force, Air Chief Martial Rao Qamar Suleman, after a Para Motor Gliding Show, at Risalpur Airbase. This gliding show was part of the graduation (passing out) ceremony. Sharista belongs to Hunza valley of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. Sharista Baig is really a source of inspiration for the daughters of not only Gilgit-Baltistan but as well for the daughters of Pakistan.she has really achieved a status which many individuals would dream for, but only those who are committed like Sharista can win the race.we hope she will achieve more success and earn a name for this country.

    Sher Khan

  2. Well don the daughter of Gilgit Baltistan for your brillent Achivement, keep it up and try to train others and in future there will be others like you. Ti TAAT R OFREEN


    —–well done, we all are proud of you… keep it up!!!!

  4. Dear Sharista,

    Congratulation for your great achievements and God bless you keep it up.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  5. We are proud of the people, like “Sharista”,those who bring name and fame to the country and to the region! May Allah give you more chance to bring good name to the country and people of Gilgit-Galtistan,those who are very proud of you, being their dauntless Daughter!

  6. 0′ DAUGHTER OF THE NORTH : WELL-DONE ! We the people of Hunza valley & the Region of Gilt-Balt., are really proud of you.
    Keep it up.

  7. Rahmat Karim Hunzai Advocate
    Congratulation from deep core of heart to our sister and wish her best of luck in her future further.

  8. All GBIANS are proud on your great achievement. many congratulation to u and your whole family. Keep it up and contribute to present a role model career for GB female students.

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