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EC notifies technocrats and women legislators of GBLA

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Gilgit, December 8: Names of the technocrats and women legislators of Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly have been announced by the election commission of Gilgit – Baltistan.

According to a notification received here Mutabiat Shah (PPP), Jameel Ahmed (PPP) and Maulana Sarwar Shah (JUI) would be technocrats in the newly elected GBLA.

Sadia Danish (PPP – Gilgit), Amna Ansari (PML – Ghanghce), Mehnaz Wali (JUI – Diamir), Gul Meera (PPP – Diamir), Shireen Fatima (PPP) and Yasmin Nazar (PPP – Ghizar) have been selected on special women seats.

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  1. congrats to all members who made their way to GB assembly.
    I had been looking for the name of Mrs Attiqa Ghazanfar, as I was continuously receiving on my cell messages of her success on women seat.
    Where is she??????? or is there any special seat bestowed on her????????
    Hoon aram hay toom shah kay wafadaroon ko

    I Congrates uncle Mutabiat Shah (PPP), for electing as technocrat in the newly elected GBLA. I hope and pray that God help you in performing the job and overcoming the sorrow and griefs of the devrived people of entire Hunza and Gojal.
    We the youth of Hunza –Gojal are alaways with you and work behind you.

    Political analyst

  3. I am glad to know that our friend Mr.Mutabiat Shah has been declard as Technocrat in the G-B election. He is really a technocrat and deserves it. I congrtatulate him on his success.

  4. Congratulation to Mutabiat Shah; he has the capabilities to lead the Hunza people. he has rich experience in development. An ideal person for the fit post.

  5. So, yet again, Zaradari led PPP showed its reality of breaking promises. In Hunza the Kaiara and other leadership had promised people of Hunza that they will give both techno and woman’s seat to Hunza, this will also be a compensation for not giving us the 2nd seat. What else we could expect from them. Zaradari is a deceiver, chor, dakot, dictator Mush has describe Zaradari’s personality very well.

  6. Of course, congrats to Mutabiat shah and to the brothers and sisters of Gojal Valley too. They deserve much more then what they’ve been given today. At last, Brusho took this step. I personally always appreciate the hard work, and the professionalism our brothers and sisters of Gojal have adopted. I see, whichever profession they’ve gone into, they’ve become professionals in true meaning.

    PPP won 7 seats out of 9 in Baltistan division , while in Gilgit division just 5 out of 14 PPP nominated candidates could win their seats in the recent general election……………………….
    But wht a strange reward for the people of Baltistan,,,,,PPP elected only one woman from Baltistan region (Shireen fatima) and no one is elected on the technocrat seat. ( PPP had 6 technocrats/women seats and gave just 1 for Baltistan region.)
    With due respect and congratulating all hunzais on the nomination of Mutabiat Shah please keep in mind that PPP got just 6000 votes from hunza and 56000 votes from Baltistan….

  8. Dear Shujat, I can understand the frustration dude, but you see, the PPP cheated people of Hunza too. They’d promised during campaign both the technocrat and woman’s seat but they didn’t. You must also understand that we are a bigger valley which deserves two seats but we don’t have them. So these two seats were to compensate us. As the recent Zaradari led PPP has become a party of liars so, they showed their reality once again by fooling the educated mass of Hunza. How could you expect something good from the recent PPP my dear. It’s not the one anymore for which, we came on the streets, for which both Shaheed father, daughter and sons gave their lives. It is now Zaradari’s party, who’s moto is to make money as much as you can and run away.

  9. Dear EK…..Its not just about neglecting on the nomination of some reserve seats….We are always crying that pakistani establishment sitting in Islamabad r sole resposible for the deprivation of our rights, But As a nation (Balawar)are we able to handle the little authority? can we give up nepotisim and deliver sympathy and rights to every one?Can we rise above the vested intrest? wht is the difference between a Punjabi and Local center of Power? Just after 1947 their were only two regions….Gilgit and Baltistan,….Now in Gilgit u hav created 5 districts and in Baltistan we r struggling to save the 2 districts?
    We are not demanding more than our right share but its does not mean that if someone has access to media and more educated then give all the preveliges to them..
    Karakarum university was our national asset but there is only 4 or 5 Baltis out of 700 employees? why ? bcoz people were selected in Gilgit…..I am discussing abt our collective civic behaviour as a citizen of Gilgit Baltistan………I am not balming you,Our own Balti elected members could not protect our rights and a single person sacrifices the Baltistan’s collective intrest to get a so called CM seat………
    NOTE:- (I belive that the recent package is just a drama BCOZ
    1:- to lesser the international pressure on pakistan on the issue of deprivation of basic constitutional rights in Gilgit Baltistan
    2:-World Bank and Asian bank refused to fund Basha and Bonji Dam as our area is not a constituitional part of Pakistan )

    1. hi Shua!
      Here u have mentioned two v.imp issues. like
      1:- to lesser the international pressure on pakistan on the issue of deprivation of basic constitutional rights in Gilgit Baltistan
      2:-World Bank and Asian bank refused to fund Basha and Bonji Dam as our area is not a constituitional part of Pakistan )
      will you please give us some refrences of this where did u get these points
      So that we should also be aware of this conspiracy.

  10. Dear TIZY…!
    1:- Pakistan has been critisizing India on every international forum for the human rights violation in the Indian Held Kashmir for the last 62 years, But with the passage of time due to the politcal awarness of the people of Gilgit/Baltistan and the commence of international media in the region ,the real political/constitutional status of GB has been exposed to international community,
    In the past just tourists from all over the world used to visit our area to see the natural beauty and mighty mountains, but now human rights activists/intellectual/Parliamentarians r comming and exposing the real political situations of whenver Pakistan raises the Kashmir issue on international forum,They r told…….Wht r u doing in GB? why u have deprived them from their basic human rights?
    it has not been possible for pakistan to continue the status quo in GB.
    Dear TIZY…….! please read the famous Emma Nicholson (a member of European Parliment) report which was passed last year with overwhelming majority by the European Parliment,in which shehas criticised Pakistan for not paying adequate attention to the socio-economic plight and Constitutional status of people residing in Gilgit and Baltistan.
    Human Rights Watch and other organizations are releasing such reports from time to time on GB issue…mounting pressure on Pakistan.
    In june this year The World Bank has refused to finance the Diamer-Basha dam project worth $11.8 billion while saying the site of the dam is controversial between India and Pakistan.
    However, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is ready to fund the mega project but linked it with certain conditions
    including seeking of resolution from the parliament in favour of the dam, seeking the re-demarcation of the site to reslove the objection of GB and give the area a constitutional cover, as no one is ready to invest a huge amount in a highly disputed area.
    So pakistan’s huge media compaign to declare a mere administrative reform as an autonomous provincial setup is to just disguise the international financial institution and international community.

    Shuja Yabgo, Baltistan

  11. Congratulations to uncle Mutabiat Shah Sahab for being selected as a member o GBLA. this is the victory of all those who wished talented people to get the alloted seas.
    We are very much sure taht Shah sahab b will be a good choice anad play hisconstruive role in the developemenatl activities of Gilgit-Baltitan.
    I congratulate all Wakhis for having their first representative in the house after 62 years.

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