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“Nazir Sabir as governor”, demands PPP Hunza

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, December 08: “Nazir Sabir well deserves to become the first governor of Gilgit-Baltistan”. This was said by the senior leaders of the Hunza-Nagar chapter of Pakistan People Party in a meeting held on Monday in Aliabad Hunza. Those who participated the meeting included Lal Hussain; Senior Vice President PPP Hunza-Nagar, Fida Karim; President PPP Hunza, Karim ullah Baig; General Secretary, Aziz Jan; Senior Vice President,  Ejaz Gilgiti; President PYO Hunza, Farman Razi; Vice President PYO and other party activists.

The party leaders appealed to the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani and interim Governor Qamar Zaman Kaira to appoint Nazir Sabir as Governor in recognition of his meritorious services in projecting positive image of the country at international level.

They said Nazir Sabir is a senior PPP loyalist and has rendered meritorious services as Advisor for education in the assembly during the last PPP government. They said he is also a mountaineer of international acclaim who became a national hero as first Pakistani to climb Mt. Everest after scaling K2 and some other above 8000 meter peaks. The prestigious award of Sitara-e- Imtiaz conferred upon him by the Government is the proof of his services, they added. They said Mr Nazir Sabir had the honor to lead a student delegation from Hunza to call on Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutoo, Prime Minister of Pakistan at Islamabad in 1974.

He was also in good books of Shaheed Mohtarama Benazir Bhutoo who had wished him to become the member of PPP Central Executive Committee, they stated. They said, the nomination of Nazir Sabir as first Governor will prove to be a good omen for the communal peace and harmony in GB as he is also known as a peace activist equally acceptable to all sects and ethnic entities of the region.

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  1. Above all he is a porter and how can he lead an educated nation with 90 % literacy rate being illiterat. We need someone educated and well experienced like Mutabiat Shah to lead the people.

  2. I belong to Hunza too but I support Mr. Afzal Shigri is the ideal candidate for Governor. His experienced and he has knowledge. Wake up people, think out of box!

  3. EK and Diram both are looking jealous of Nazir Sabir. Their words speaks! I strongly recommend Nazir for this position. Nazir Sabir gives porter like jobs to people having mindset like you. He is more educated than you.

    At last Nazir was the person to break the threads of Mirdom in Hunza and you people are surely a frustrated supporter of Mir.

    1. @ Hunzukuz.
      look like u r a hero worshiper rather than analysing the facts. We know Nazir and his education as u know him. We know as well that what he did after winning the election against mir. he behaved like a porter and he is not competent enough to lead a nation.

  4. Nazir really deserves the post. He has a good exposure and background. He never remained involved in corruption in their last member of the assembly. He was the most honest person.

  5. I am from Nagar and had the chance to work with Sabir. He is the best of Governorship.

  6. GB will be lucky to have celebrity like Nazir Sabir as governor, he has already make history ground the globe as ambassador of Pakistan on various platforms we will be lucky to have leader like you. There is no match of Nazir Sabir apart from, politics, Education; straightforward, sincere, background, the most important thing is a variety of globel heads know him very well he is universal Star. We should accept the reality.

    1. @Didar
      We do not need celebrities as our leaders. How cheap we think that nazir is know by some foreign people which makes grounds for him to b governer. Shame. this is 21 century and we need a leader with a knowledge of world and current affairs but not with some one having knowledeg of mountains and alpine club. May b some porters and guides would like him as their hero but he is zero out of that circle as i know him very well.

  7. Hunzukutz, dude, I don’t have any jealousies with Nazir nor I’m a frustrated support of Mir. The fact is that, I belong to a family which is part of the “No to Mirs” process started when Late G.M. Baig from haiderabad came into politics may be even before my birthday, and Nazir’s winning back in 19994, my family had a great support and I never said he’s an idiot. So, keep the jealousies that you think I have aside but think practically. If you really think of whole GB, look at Mr. Afzal Shigri’s profile. One more thing, I’ve a deep respect for Nazir, he’s like an elder brother to me. I interact much more than you may think of even, almost a weekly basis.

  8. I remember when I had chance to meet Mohtarama Benazir Bhutoo last year when I told her I am from Hunza she asked me about Nazir Sabir that how he is doing she told me she wish him on satellite phone over submit of Mount Everest.
    Its very sad indeed after looking at top comments “people” still need their experienced jobs of porters don’t worry he use to help you people and he will in future as well. I hope people are getting my point.

    1. @ Didar

      So that is the justification to make nazir as Governer that benazir asked u about him.. Comeone man get out of the peanut shell and think widely. Do u know his education level and can u send me any of his political speech that impresses any body other than showing slides on mountains.

  9. Maghulasho siis da ke maghuleen
    Hale gare balimikulu estachen ne
    Nazir Sabir besen bai besen mar lel
    Shahinsha bei chisko ke ithayter ne
    Mi Hunzu ke Nagarkutzer tok Dunatulu
    Ban Nazir Sabir Yelze Farzin Das Ne
    Goernor ine api yashki Ohda
    Bi Milchin Sadre Pakistan Manis ne
    Khudaya hang uchi koi har hagorer
    Ukhar yashki neti yarzaash mayan ne
    Le Nageri bere le khu besik meiban
    O domasaske ghaying zchuqurm Biza ne

  10. Despite party association,family or whats so ever people you are belonging of, Please,its truly fact that Mr.Nazir Sabir is the persona and leader who has mold himself in every sphere and capacity and proved to be a great leader ,locally as well as internationally,where his talent,experience and vision is appreciated,he is the person who has been receiving invitations across the world for lectures and presentations,which portrays his exceptional and versatile leadership. i am very bamboozled to read the friends very cheap and nasty statements,though they have right! i am sure the people of GB are very much educated and can decide their fate and better future.
    i am sure he is the right person!

    1. @ Mirza

      plz share some of his extra ordinary political achievements other than his mountaineering… Every day one nepali explores mount everst but none of them never became a governor.

  11. My dear brother didar ali hunzai, it is quite unfortunate that we under estimate our national heros. Mr. Nazir Sabir when atopped Everest, he didn’t made only Brusho or Hunkutz proud him but who also Pakistan, and international community too. Diram, seems to be highly ignorant, that Nazir Sabir didn’t climb as porter but from the very beginning, he and Mr. Ashraf Aman were representing Pakistan Alpine Club when they both climbed K2 respectively. Later on, he was sponsored in his different ventures, except for Everest. Speaking of his eligibility for Governorship, I don’t think he fits that slot, his honesty, his sincerity are beyond any doubts are appreciated by all of us. BTW, shaheed BB’s wishing on sat should not be set as criteria for his eligibility (if you mean that, otherwise, please correct me if I’m wrong).

  12. Why do we drag in a “fired bullet” for every position? Why can’t we be thoughtful enough to think in broader aspect? Is Nazir Sabir the only Moses to leader us through the Nile River or the only Jesus for our salvage? While dealing with the issue of leader and leadership why do we always see that person as a leader who is: 1) from Hunza, 2) a PPP loyalist, 3) a fighter against Mirdom. Let’s try to find out some more essential leadership qualities in a person, besides these 3. Being an international acclaimed mountaineer can never qualify him for the position of governorship; neither the Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan can make him fit for this job. He is a leader of his own field; let him lead our country as a hero.

  13. Remeber those days in 2005 when Gilgit was burning,this was Mr.Nazir Sabir who called all the sects and intellectuals to sit to gether,the people who are arguing education desere pity.Leaders need qualification not education.They can hire educated people to assist them,Look at Obama,he is not a very highly educated person but acelebrity who united blacks and whites.We have Nazir Sabir who represents our age and time.History gies leaders vry very rare.And we got one.Please think unbeis.He is gifted from Heaven,I should say,and we should recognize it and raise our voice.And PPP should also realize the matter that he is not a Hunzukuty celeb but only Pakistani first to climb everest.I think if there is only person of his stature in the Pakistan is either Imran Khan or was Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

    1. Then why dont they make imran khan as a prime minister as we won world cup for pakistan… why he could not win more than one seat in NA… nacheez go back and study the history of politics and leadership that who is called a leader and what does it demands from a leader. Nazir Sabir does not posses a single quality of leadership. For God sake.

  14. The fact remains that nobody in GBN can match the overall standing of Nazir Sabir. I am not biased as I am from a third place and nothing against IG Shigri (RTD). He is not liked by a certain important part of the society in our country. He tarnished his image for practices that went much beyond crossing human rights when he served as IG in Sindh. He maybe having more experience as a bureaucrat but it is all down south. He doesn’t have the same good will that Nazir Sabir enjoys across the many communities in GB and to top it up he also has practical experience of five years practical experience in GB politics and he left great traditions of clean politics and is known for the only elected representative who never claimed TA DA. His service for peace in the region is no secret from anyone who keeps a constant eye on the affairs of GB.

    I agree with Mr. Didar those few small people who talk rubbish against him are ill mannered and represent a poorly brought or poor breed talking in that language. We all know who Nazir sabir is across the corners of GB and the whole of Pakistan highly respect him for what he is and the entire mountaineering community salutes him for making a new route on K2 before even these spoiled kids were born. These few jealous idiots are too small to get any attention here through a blog without even showing their little identity out of fear of their smallness!

    By the way why you all are fixed only at NS and why not talk about Mr. Shigri as well!

    1. @ Ayub
      Only an idiot calls others as idiot. he might pay u some extra wages while taking the lugggage across K2 but if is a good mountaineer that does not mean he would b a good leader. Why he did not take TA DA and pay to some poor people in hunza or pay a fee rather than giving back to government.. This is whta his mental level is.. By not taking TADA he wanna be a hero again.

  15. There are some polarized comments and some adherent remarks regarding the appointment of Nazir Sabir as Governor GB, on rationale basis, being an uncontroversial figure as well as acceptable persona, Nazir is the most preferable & right candidate for the governor office. As a matter of fact, controversies always prevail around the top slot of Pak bureaucratic offices, which would erect barriers for the rest of candidates.

  16. As I hav stated on several occasion that it is the President of Pakistan Who has the right to appoint Governor. However, we can express our opinion on the subject. The Governor should be highly educated with administrative experience working with Fedaral Government. Thanks God there are hundreds of such experienced people in Gilgit-Baltistan. The names of all such unsung heros should also be brought to the notice of the President to facilitate his decision.

  17. Governorship is not Mount Everest, I think. it requires administrative qualities and needs services of well educated personnel. Although NS is a well-known person (sports man) but he is not such a good leader. He did nothing to the people of Hunza in his tenure when we the people of Hunza selected him as MNA. I agree with Sabit that there are a lot of people who deserve this position, but who cares!!!

  18. Dr. Sabit Rahim is right. We need to also highlight other names as we can expect meritocracy and reward for common people for the first time demonstrated in the appointment of Mr. Mutabiat Shah. If it was PML than the technocrat, women seat and other positions were for the ever deserving Royal family. Remember the SRDP where theydistributed the positions among the family.

    @ Ajaz:

    We need to come out of the old grieviences/prejudices. The above three criteria still applies in Hunza context and much breaked this time due to the introduction of other parties in the process. You can see PPP in Gojal supported many people on merit as covering candidates for Mutabiat Shah who have been on merit but not had previous party loyality.

    But those who have struggled deserves the reward.

  19. Dr. Sabit Rahim should be ashamed of pursuing the case of retired bureaucrats. They are the most corrupt and the real cancer of this unfortunate country plundering the resources of this land deceiving and depriving its poor masses of almost everything. They are also the main culprits of the society’s all ills. They behave worst than the British and yet much worse than the dogras. …………………. So a very BIG Noooooo to any bureaucrat what to talk of someone from the worst cadre of police service! We don’t need policing of our people. We need someone who has seen enough of the civilized world and can guide us while taking us along this century. IG Shigri is from a world of yesteryears anyway.

    Besides that he is not giving a good example to the educated by his ungratefulness. Sabit Rahim forgot the fact that he was employed by Mr. Nazir Sabir when he was jobless after retirement. He didn’t then notice the less educated employer of his for over a year and was getting a handsome salary for virtually emptying two packets of cigarettes and reading news papers every day and just going there for a chill that I myself witnessed each time I visited the

  20. First ppp hunza demanded cmship for wazir baig and now they demand governorship for Nazir sabir. Wake up and smell the roses. Nazir will not get the slot. They will place someone like ch manzoor on the slot due to the fact that they have to appease all their cec members with govt positions quickly because this ppp govt won’t last another 6 months.
    People should not have high hopes from this new assembly either. All it will be is a debating club.

  21. @DIRAM

    Dear,you bring a PhD Doctor in Maths who will lead us for God sack,politics needs personality,no high degrees yes a minimimum education threshold is understandable.And Imran Khan is new.Take my words…….IMRAN KHAN IS THE NEXT PM OF PAKISTAN!I If he remained healthy.And Nazir Sabir is the only statsman eligible Governor of GB if Chaudary Manzoor is not considered.

  22. This is in reference to the comments by Yaqoob Khan( No.25, December 10,2009) in which he has accused me of pursuing the case of retired buraucrats and further has asked me to be ashamed of it.I would like to starghten the record and say that I have never pursued the case of any person for Governorship not to say retired bureaucrats. I challenge Mr. Yaqoob to show me any single letter in which I have advocated the case of bureaucrats and nor I have given any name of a single bureaucrat. So,why I should be ashamed for an accusation which I have never committed.It is people like Yaqoob and his ilks who pursue the cases of Nazeer Sabirs,Shigris, Shah Jahan Mirs, retired Judges etc of this world for Governorship.( See PT Comments And K2 News Paper of few days ago. I had simply stated that “Governor should be highly
    educated with administrative experience working with Federal Government” (No23, December 10,2009). Does this mean retired buraucrat?
    This harmless comment has brought the wrath of yaqoob on me. Is this the democracy we are fighting for Gilgit-Baltistan? We cannot tolerate a harmless intellectual discussion without attacking on the personality of the person. If I have worked with Nazeer Sabir,what is wrong about it? I sold my service to him and not myself in slavery. As a conscious person, I must have freedom to say what I think is right. The PT website should be devoted to exchange of ideas rather than propaganda of some body which leads to personal attack on other people as I have been subjected to by Yaqoob unnecessarily as I haven’t said any thing against his hero. Here,I would like to quote a persian poem.( Ay Andalib-e-Nadan, Ghowgha Makun Darinja– Nazul Mizaj Shahan Tab-e- Sukhan Na Darand). If I smoke cigaredtte and read News paper,it was my personal habit and I was using my own money. Any way, it should be apprciated that at least somebody is reading something in a society where only wealth is worshiped.

  23. Respected Dr Sabit sb

    I, sincerely, apologize for allowing statements by Yaqoob Khan that were offensive in kind and nature.

    We all sell our professional services and I am sure that Yaqoob, whoever he is, may not be an exception. Integrity and originality are core concepts that need to be kept in heart.

    Besides, if Nazir Sabir employed Dr Sabit “for emptying two pockets of cigaretts” to quote Yaqoob, I don’t think he is a good decision maker. How would he be able to manage GB, as governor, if he is that bad a manager?

    Again I apologize, wholeheartedly, for the offensive words published, due to my negligence.

    Dr sb, your presence at PT has been a source of inspiration and courage for all of us. We hope that you would forgive this unintentional laxity and continue your role as thought leader on this forum.


  24. Diram, this forum and the man you are talking about requires some respect. he’s a national hero. And before commenting on his career, you need to learn about him and about his climbing career. If a dhako can be president of Pakistan, why not a descent man can be governor of GB?

    1. Climbing K2 n Mount everst does not qualify him to b the governer. I know him very well. If national heros start to become our leaders then hum sab ka allah hafiz.

  25. Dear Noor
    Thank you very much for your kind words. We should have intellectual discussion freely to arrive at solution to our problems and tolerate each other instead of hitting below the belts at the behest of God fathers. I have worked for 35 years with the Government of Pakistan and yet I criticise Govt. wrong policies. I worked in the Ministry of Interior for two years from 2006 to 2008. Should I accept every garbage said by Rahman Malik? I am now working as a Professor in the Preston University Islamabd and I have sold my services and not myself in slavery. It is for the Chancellor of Preston University to judge my performance and not some mercenary whom I even don’t know. I think the gentleman confuses services as a favor and becoming slave. It is not like that. It is a trade where we exchange our services for remuneration and the remuneration is again not a dole out. It is the way how people earn their living except those who are living on the wealth created by others.
    In our part of the world elder people and particularly highly educated people are not insulted for no fault of their’s. Howevr, I am against control on mdia. Please let him write whatever he wants to. I am not angry. I am clean person with good record whereever I have worked. That is why I am still working and there is always a demand for me. Last year I was offered Chairmanship of the Economics department at KIU Gilgit. I know most our political leaders very well.

  26. @Diram pls do nt hide ur real name ur nt from Diram
    My dear you have to wait for your supporter for next five years I can understand the feeling of poignant loosing election because of Nazir Sabir, as far as his lectures are concern you can not think in your dreams about the worldwide universities where Nazir Sabir is giving lectures like Pervez mushraf, literate people no need to reply on trash comments because people know the worth of diamond.

    1. I was a supporter of Nazir sabir and he won the seat on my vote but he disappointed the people after winning the election and enjoyed in F-8 islamabad. never been to Hunza. If he isinterested in politics then what he did for last 5 years alone.. he was suppose to act like an opposition leader and mobilize the people against the evil actions of the x-executive but he prefer to b alpine president to make foreign tours. Didar u might b in dark but not me.. i watch people and their actions specially who claim to be leaders like nazir.. I say again he would b a good mountaineer but a worst leader.

  27. Dear Dr.Sahb

    Who does not know your personality and sincerity your name is self eident to prove your career as an intellectual of high calibre.The problem for us to understand is unfortunately some newly introduced species of parties in the area have snatched the morality of our youth as wellas sensible attitude toward respectful people in the society.I fear we are losing our social structure which is more important than administrative structure,To be very frank people are scared of newly emerging harsh and indifferent political culture of harrassment in the area.I stoingly show my concerns regarding namely Yaqoob,I dont know whoever he is and from which part of the country he belongs (because he showed opposite to the cultural norms the area for which he speaks).I appeal PT readers to condemn such attitude toward our respected elders of society and show solidarity wwith respected Dr.Sahb.







  29. In the comments above, it has been asserted that the Governor should be non-controversial person and it is also claimed that their candidate is non-controversial and impartial. The term non-controversial is a relative term. Some body could be non-controvercial for you because of your relation with him,but the same person could be controvercial for others. No human being both local as well as non-laocal can be completely non-controvercial and impartial. Rather the local living in the society has more controversies related to his region,religion, ethnicity and many other denominations that we are divided. The moment you touch the person directly or indirectly all these connections are exploited and it becomes difficult to unseat the fellow. The non-laocal can be managed to remove with comparative ease through agitation.
    It is up to the President to appoint a person who is highly educated and does not have a dictatorial mind. This country has been damaged tremendously by dictators both military and civilian. A big No………………… the people with DICTATORIAL MIND.

  30. Dear Rahimullah Sahib
    I am really thankful to you for kind words spoken about me. It doesn’t matter what somebody says about me. I have a clean record and will go on speaking the truth. I know who is who in our area and can defend myself. II am against dictatorship and restriction on freedom of speech. So far I have not named any body for Governorship or no Governorship. I simply stated the good characteristics for a governor and keep on stating them most often with the hope that it would somehow resch the President who is the appointing authority. We all are going to get a big surprise in this connection as many people are lobying for the post.
    Anyway,let me again state the characteristcs of a governor. In my opinion,he should be highly educated with experience of working with the Govt., democratic minded person who can mix with common people and above all,he should be honest and has not cheated in his tax payments. I don’t know why people stretch these characteristics then attack on my personality for their God father. The mercenary should respond to our letters.

  31. Mr. Nazier Sabier is the deserving person for the GB Governor and we strogly suport him.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  32. Respected Dr.Sahb.

    Thank You for your deligent guidance to our people and the nation.I like your point very much that our leaders should be mixed with people and from the grass root level who can not only know their problems but they can feel it.A person who lives his wole life out side the society and enjoyed acelebrity life cannot depict the true wishes of the people.With your kind permission I may present the example of Mr Wazir Baig.People often called him Paeidel Baig.As he was living relatively a simple life than his opponents although he too has an upper class background,atleast he lives among people and knows their issues,thats what we need.Otherwise you know why democracy in our nationl politics are not sucessful because our leaders are literally citizens of the other orld I mean first world and the middle east.They dont care what happens here as their stakes are out of the country.Therefore,we should choose our leaders who truly fell the peoples problems.I am least informed about Nazir Sabir but aporpose to what Dr.Sahb you suggested that his experence in the tchnical ground might be a question,ageeing with your point I will aid that Nazir Sabir has a lot of pain in his heart for us.As you know him cosely and people like you ,I mean the highly educated can guide him in policy matters.Taking permission from your wisdom and experience I seek audacity from your kindself to say that while defining a leader we also take the persona of a personality in terms of cherisma which is in it slf no other than a qualification and we know Nazir Sabir has that due to his highest achievements on international level in mountaineering sceinces.But on the other hand Dr Sahb keeping my hand on my heart,I say that Nazir Sabir is not a corrupt person.He is a true and honest personality believing in maximum quality in each field.And if he has some shortcomings in his knowledge the experts like you can consult him.We have seen his last 5 years record of ruling Hunza.We know him as a true person which is the most important thing to bring confidance and unity in people.And let me add here,if lets say Nazir Sabir is not at that level which we the public think of him still Dr.Sahb let me again seek your permission to dare saying that Perception is more important than reality,that people believe in a person.So Nazir Sabir shows all the qualities to be in public office,but at the same time I agree with you that he needs experience and thats only possible if we give him a chance.
    On reality I will quote your words that it is the job of president to select the Governor but why not the people of GB make a unanimous rsolution to bring Nazir Sabir into the office.I would also stree our elected and selected representatives of the GB to reach the President to make Nazir Sabir The first Governor of GB

  33. Dear All.
    Very interesting discussion. I went through all the comments from my respective friends. I agree but here what i want to say something is not blindly but want to share two examples of Mr.Sabir.
    He is an opportunist (Why)

    Dear go to those people who were accompany with him from pakistan and when they first time went on an expedition to everest but could not succeed.Sabir was leading that expedition, ask those that about that tour.

    About his personnel life and devotion to his nation, go and as his real and native villagers( Raminj) people, you will get the real picture.

    And if i am not wrong he has denied to say the name of his native village name once when he had interviewed.

    Dear all. We all should build our leadership skills by learning from these people. Now we are not those to raise slogans for others. Get ready and prepare youself for the future.

    We should come out of this traditional style as to blame and blame. If we see in our view all those whom we have experienced are Fail leaders,either he is Mir, Wazir or Nazir.

    Regards to all

  34. I strongly register my protest on the remarks given by Mr Ali Karim who tried to diminish the stature and grace of our elected leaders.It is anti social comment because people need a personality to be united.We are living on earth not in heaven.For God sake dont bring so called philoophies inn which scatter us into pieces.We need leadership and leadership is there elected by thousands of Hunzukutz now in one breath you cannot refuse their importance.So please take the nails of sense and then take down your words.If you want to be a leader come to the field and exercise your mussles,but agree that there is a leader,who we trust in and his decisions are respected with submisionof our opinion.
    Hope we can stay together.

  35. Rahim Ullah sahib, there’s nothing bad Ali Karim Sahib has written, unfortunately that’s a bitter truth. Especially (according to the story we have heard from some of the expedition members), the Everest Expedition, two our strongest brothers from Shimshal were about climb with some foreigners but our leader Mr. Sabir and Raja Colonel Sher sahib forced them to retreat back to base camp. If they were let up, today Nazir Sahib wouldn’t have been the previlage of becoming 1st Pakistani Everest Climber. If you are interested, you can ask from our brotehrs, Rajab Shah and Mehrban Shah from Shimshal. I don’t have any information about the interview thing so can’t comment. But one thing that a leader shouldn’t have is that, people who love them, respect them and vote for them shouldn’t be returned back when they go to their doors, because once you are elected or become a leader you are of public and a people have complete right and should have easy access to them, which in Nazir sahib case, the oposite. Otherwise, he’s a wonderful person to be around.

  36. I am sorry but Nazir is a short temper person having prejudices for others. By all means he is not suitable for such a big responsiblity

  37. Dear Rahimullah
    This is in reference to your comment vide No.42(December13,2009 at 12.59) addressed to me and eulogising Nazir Sabir as if I am the appointing authority. I have never suggested the name of any person for the post of Governorship and nor have opposed knowing fully that my opposition/ support has no meaning in this connection. Moreover, I am not a personality/cult worshiper. Going through these comments,I found one thing quite bothersome. These
    comments seem to be obsessed with either Sabir or
    Ghazanfar. The sooner we come out of this loop and join mainstream G-B politics the better for us. G-B is full of people who have achieved distinctions in every walk of life. Every one of these can perform the duties of Governor perhaps better than any non-local Choudhri. All of these people are respectable and have contributed to the political and socio-economic development G-B.
    It is not fair to propagate one of them as all are equally important.The party in power should prepare such a list and facilitat decision making at the higher level.
    There are other important issues like election of the six members of the Council,which needs to be discussed threadbarely instead of wasting our energy and time on non-issue. Let us start discussing the modalities of the election of six members of the Council where we can contribute for some changes. Governor has to be appointed by the Prsident. Non of us knows what are his priorities.
    I suggest that the elected members of the Council should be over and above the party affliation and they should be elected from the pool of real intellectuals and other high achievers o G-B mentioned above. This is just a suggestin,please discuss it like educated people and don’t curse me without any reason.

  38. As I said let us get out of the vicious circle of Sabir and Ghazanfar. The duo have playd their role alrady and overwhelming silent majority must be knowing them very well by now. A persian poem goes like this” Azmuda ra Azmudan Jehelast” meaning thereby To Try a Tested Person again is Ignorance.The duel of cronies praisng their candidate and opposition equally determined to oppose will not carry us any further. I hate to recommend people for the said post. But if you insist on some body from Hunza for the slot then what is wrong with Dr.Sher Zaman, Mr.Amanullah and Mr.Ashraf Aman. All these gentlemen have achieved distinctions in their respective fields. The first two are old guards of people party. Dr.Sher Zaman was personlly known to Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

  39. Dr Sahb,

    Thank you very much for the guidance,Yes you are right we should discuss the six counsil members.
    IAs for as I guess each member needs two votes of elected members to be a member,but again as you said the party chief decides who should vote for whom.I think we have emerging leadership like Noor Muhammad.I think he is the best person and a young blood to be choosen for council.Although it is difficult for him being an independant candidate from Hunza but we should pressurise Mr Wazir Baig to lobby for Noor

  40. Dear Rahimullah
    Thanks. Please get some more information about the elected membership of the council. Professor Salim is being considered from Baltistan. You have suggested Noor Mohammad for Hunza. Let other people think about it. What about from Ghizer,which is an Ismaili majority community.
    I am wondering when people from Baltistan are honoring their intellectuals why we brush them aside. In my comments,I had also suggested that Council Members should be elected without party affliation. We need intellectua and experienced people in the Council,which is the most powerful body. One can contribute a lot to the socio-economic development of G-B.
    If the six mambers of the Council are taken from the party,then it will render the package like a puppetry show.
    Besides Noor Mohammad, people like Amanullah, Dr.Sher Zaman, and Brig. Hissamullah Baig can also be considered potential candidate as the Council is expected to deliberate on higher level of Policy matters for which expert opinion is must.

  41. i dont think nazir sabir b the suitable nominee for governorship.he is no doubt a well known sports man bt governorship requires a person which possess leadership qualities especially in gilgit baltistan we need a person who has been loyal to this region who proved himself through his work.i think sher jehan mir would be more suitable then any body else as his social work can be clearly noticed all around gilgit baltistan thats why he is awarded pride of performance by president of pakistan which is a great honour for all of us.i think he is a right man for right job.

    1. i think u r rite bro we need a person who worked for our people and our region,many people talked about afzal shigri here i wana share some facts about him when the people of GB were in need of his services he didnt even bother to come and serve over here i still remember those days when GB was burnning in sectarian issues and mr shigri was offered to play his role for his people bt he preffered to serve in in which capacity he wants to be a governor of GB.we need loyal people who stayed here and served here in any i agree mr sher jahan is the best option.

    1. Let me introduce mr Sher Jehan Mir I think if u would have been in gilgit baltistan u would probably know him better.sher jehan mir is a chief executive of karakoram bank and executive member of all Pakistan co-operative association and also the mentor of the state bank of Pakistan. He had topped institute of bankers of Pakistan and also awarded pride of performance by president of Pakistan. other than his professional expertise he is the only person who is equally popular among all the sects and regions of gilgit baltistan.due to his expertise a scrap became leading financial institution of gilgit baltistan due to which thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities were generated.he led many foreign delegations and represented Pakistan in more than 45 countries all around the world. He has also played a vital role in peace keeping and sectarian hormany in gilgit baltistan.he is also president of peace foundation gilgit baltistan.even now if you have some confusion regarding S J Mir then every one from gilgit baltistan can enlighten u.

  42. I recommend Nazir Sabir, Amanullah, Dr. Sabit Rahim , Dr. Sher Zaman, Ghulam Amin Beg, Brig (R) Hisamullah Beg for any such position.

  43. We have experienced a banker ( Shaukat Aziz) as prime minister of Pakistan under musharraf. Look what the duo did to the country? I think we are in a useless debate. No body is going to ask us while appointing Governor. Watto is now Governor. What difference it has made.

    1. mr dr let me tell u shukat aziz can be well compared with shigri and nazir sabir and urself who passed their whole lifes out of gilgit baltistan and now iam really surprised u people want to rule our native land we the people of GB will not tolerate selfish people.nazir sabir,shigri,and other xyz doctors what is their profile and contribution for GB.

  44. I think Watto is not the Governor as the order 2009 clearly differenciate the positions of Minister of KANA and Governor.

  45. Once I used to be a fan of Z.A. Bhutto and regarded PPP as (politically prosperious people) but now things have clearly changed after Mr.Bhutto. Now I regard PPP as (Pakistan paisa party).
    Since they’re in the government, they’ll appoint someone of their choice as a governor just like other parties do. Since they didn’t consult public representatives prior to announce the “package”, it’s clear that they’ll repeat the same criteria in the appointment of the governor as well. The only thing we can hope is (according to the package) that the governor should be a citizen of GB.

  46. In my previous comment No.61, mistakenly mentioned [(according to the package) that the governor should be a citizen of GB)]. Whereas this condition only applies to the seat of CM.
    Governor can be choosen from anywhere in Pakistan and that too is a joke with the people of GB.

  47. what a joke is going on in this page. gilgit baltistan is not only hunza and skardu. other areas are there. let government decide for the post.

  48. our words will never access the def ears of the high ups of this country. They will do what ever their personal interest demands. so why to go for writing wars between each other. Just wait and pray for the future of GB.

  49. How can a banker b the Governor? plz stop this joke.the next Governor will b from Gilgit area. but not the Banker—

  50. Guys, who calls NS sahib a leader? Can you give 10 reasons to call him our leader? Not only him, but all the names being proposed or discussed here including Shigri sahib. For last 20 years I’m living in Islamabad and near heard NS sahib meeting youth of Gilgit Baltistan, let’s not talk about years, in last six months, I’ve never seen NS or Shigri sahib meeting the youth I intentionally talk of youth only here because, ultimately, it’s us are carry on the flag of GB ahead and if our leaders neglect us who will teach us.

    There’re thousands of problems being faced by students both male and female, I’ve never seen Nazir Sahib stepping up and helping us there, except exploiting you for his personal gains like having young students with bamboos during alpine club of Pakistan’s elections. I’ve never seen him providing a responsible platform where both male and female students are gathered giving an opportunity to meet and discuss which I feel is very very important because, a hug gulf is created between male and female students by negligence of us and our leaders. My leader would step up and help us here.

    In fact, it’s Ashraf Aman sahib, who helps our brothers and sisters getting them admitted in colleges and universities of Islamabad with the help of Baber Minhas sahib. I’m sure many of you have returned empty handed from Nazir Sahib’s door steps. No one has returned empty handed, he sincerely tries his best to help us.

    My leader is someone who helps my brothers and sisters with whatever problem they face. Except their misdeeds such is drunk and imprisoned or any other such natured cases. Who is not living in a self created shell?

    This is my experience; please do share your own experiences supporting your arguments.

  51. Hey, amazing ……..after reading this blog it looks like all the people from GB who are not from Hunza are unsuitable for leadership.
    come on ,wake up and c the reality ……
    It doest matter how much hue and cry u make on cyber world or in media , people of GB always select their leaders as per their own wishes,
    please tell me how much influence any leader from hunza enjoys in other areas of GB????……negligible.
    but leadrs from Gilgit,Ghazer and Sikrdu enjoy wider influence and support , so please be realistic and fair while initiaing discussions.

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