Delegation of Nagar visits Gojal, offers apology

No border trade till detention of invaders, leaders of Hunza demand

Both parties emphasize importance of brotherhood and peace

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Hussaini, August 8: A delegation of Nagar Valley, comprising of GB Finance Minister, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, Chairman of Gilgit Chamber of Commerce, Javed Hussain, Sheikh Mirza Ali, Sheikh Mushtaq and Sheikh Musa Karimi visited Hussaini village of Gojal Valley today. They met leaders of Hunza Valley , including President of the Ismaili Regional Council for Hunza, Dr. Khuwaja Khan, Ex Vice President of Ismaili National Council for Pakistan, Brig (r) Hissamullah Baig, Chairman Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Board, Nazir Ahmed Bulbul and other religious and social leader of Gojal Valley.

The two parties discussed the issue of armed invasion of Hussaini and Borith village at length. Both sides agreed that a regional committee will be formed to resolve such issues in the future.

During the meeting leaders of Nagar Valley offered an apology to the people of Gojal for attack by the armed labourers. They said that the illiterate labourers do not represent the collective aspirations of the people of Nagar Valley. They leaders of Nagar Valley condemned the attackers and said that the actions of these individuals should not be seen as the action of the people of Nagar or an entire sect.

Leaders of Hunza Valley emphasized the need to curb the militant elements who are a huge threat for regional peace. They made it clear that any such provocation in the future will be dealt with full force by the local people.

The leaders of Hunza Valley said that they have abandoned guns for degrees, but that shall not be seen as a weakness. “If we are threatened and the government fails to protect us then we can take all measures to defend ourselves”, a leader told the delegation.

The role of district administration and police was harshly criticized by leaders of Gojal and Hunza. They demanded strict action against the police officials who facilitated and guided the armed labourers during the invasion of Hussaini and Borith.

The leaders of Hunza Valley have also demanded that there will be no border trade till detention of the invaders.

GB Finance Minister, Muhammad Ali Akhatar, while speaking at the occasion said that the losses caused by the invaders will be compensated by the government. He directed the Deputy Commissioner to assess the damages and submit a report for compensation. He also announced funds for construction of a water channel at Borit, while visiting a house that was attacked by the invaders.

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  1. It’s really a good news, these things shouldn’t be happening as they had never been a part of our history. I also condemn the armed aggression towards such a peace loving jnhabitants. A very vital part is that, whole GB is a single entity and people living here belong to the same creed, so when someone from our own lands comes to apologize, the duty of the media personals is to show an equal and balanced picture of the event. No doubt Pamir Times represents the people of GB without any prejudice and never drew foregone conclusions without proper research, but no one should ever feel that he is been shown inferior by any mean. This is a personal ideas of mine, I don’t represent any group here, rather GB as a whole. Thx

  2. It looks like some people have idea as cowardness of the people of Gojal and Hunza,but fact is opposit of this as a modern progressive nation these ideas do not work. However if someone wants to overcome and tries to sabotage the peace in the region,let him try to learn a lesson from other part of country where people say their prayers under arms.This area has great importance in the world regarding to hospitality and peace.Bothsides try to understand the georaphical and regional importance of area and not listen to those people who want to attempt a historical mistake in this area.No one could not find his story in decades in future thier names in a good way..

  3. I tend to agree with Haider Abbas in theory.

    However, practically speaking, if we see the coverage given by Daily Badd-e-Shimal and Daily K2, we can see a completely biased and misleading version of the story, in which the attacks on houses in Hussaini and Bortih village have not been reported.

    The Daily Baad-e-Shimal, specially, has taken a completely pro-Nagar stand, most probably on sectarian grounds.

    Baad-e-Shimal has written an editorial in this regard, putting the entire blame on the labourers of Gojal, while justifying the attack by the labourers. They have completely failed to condemn the attacks on religious places in Borith and the pelting of women with stones in Hussaini.

    The media shall be neutral and shall offer equal opportunity to all versions. As far as I could see, there are diverse opinions on Pamir Times, which shows a higher level of openness and neutrality.

    Having said that, there is always a room for improvement and the team of Pamir Times may positively consider the observations of Haider Abbas.

  4. It is not enough just to put aside the issue by offering apology to the peace loving people of Gojal.The event needs to be interpreted in the light of the country’s law against armed invasion of a village.We are well aware that how our peace loving attitude in misconceived by those people who have shown such a heinous act of barbarism.They are ignorant about the history of Hunzkutz that how they used to deal with their opponents. We are the descendants of those valours and we can at any stage demonstrate it for the sake of justification and we have already proved it number of times at the country’s boarder.Dealing with such minor things is at our finger tips.

  5. @Karim Khan: Thx alot my bro. Yes ofcourse role of media should totally be impartial, either electronic or orint media.

    @Hunzkutz: First my bro, you should not b trying to seperat this beautiful region from rest of GB regarding any prospects , as evryone knows, this region has always been the symbol of honor, dignity and peace and being the only region with 100% literacy rate it has always distinguished GB. Secondly, I have never heard anyone blaming the people of Gojal as weak, on d contrary, not only the inhabitants of GB but people living round the world praise the peace loving nature, hospitality and soft behavior of the Nation living in this region of GB. I have got many good friends and many of my hon’ble teachers and seniors belong to the region and I have seen how brave and loyal they are. At a crucial time when Gilgit-Baltistan is become the play ground for another Great Game, many gigantic political powers are waiting to get their part when GB will be ripped apart, believe me, GB’s situation like a Buffalow is stuck in the mud and hundreds of beasts are waiting for his last breath, to eat him and no sign of him will be left. So, dear bros, it’s not the time to defy our own bros, but to work for the inter-communal harmony and increase peace and love, let each other know everyone, arrange peace conferences of new and educated generation of GB and combinely condemn such incidents. So, please my dear bros, this is really not a good way of showing your bravery by confronting and challenging your own brothers. Those who were involved in this act of armed cowardice should be punished, as a inhabitant of the lands of Gilgit-Baltistan I demand.

  6. @Bro Haidar Abbas! I really second your view point. Ours is a peaceful region, about that, people give examples. The way we are being discussed these days is very painful for me. Let bygone be bygone. Let peace pervail again here. I am amazed the way people settle scores at the cost of our pride. Let us forgive and forget what happened in past. It is never too late to mend. Get back to hormony again. My hubmle request to all blog users is to promote love and peace here and never start a discussion that might focus on promoting sectarianism.

  7. @ Zartaj Tahir: am honored by your words of peace, prosperity and brotherhood amongst the inhabitants of people of GB. If this thinking pattern makes it way to the minds of all our bros and sis’s of GB, no one can ever dare to destroy us and their dream of altering GB into a battle field would never come true. Aameen.

  8. I’m happy to see the comments of our youth here. I felt a very very positive approach of youth from both the HUnza and Nager side in analysing the situation. Welldone. It’s indeed a marvalous change in attitudes of the new generation. I think we should now think in accordance with rules of promoting our identity around the globe by the principles of co-existance. Non of us can live and breath alone and isolated. Its time to acknowledge each other wholeheartedly and work collectively for the peace, education, health, development of the region etc, lets come out of those bloody useless regional and sectarian issues, which were once being used by stupid ploiticians and religious clerks to safeguard their own authority in their surroundings. Youth has to bring change

  9. Bro Abass, hope people like you will play positive role to change the mindset of those who prefer weapons over education.The dignities of Nagar have promised alot that such type of blunders will not be committed next time and lets see to which extent the intellectuals and educated youth like you will be effective.I am very optimistic after going through your comments that the educated youth of Nagar will be able to make them (the miscreants) understand how to differentiate between friends and foes.

  10. I am really happy to see new and educated youth are playing thier role positively. i dont know what happen there in gojal, but the people who attacked the great people of Gojal should be punished. Our enemies are trying to devide us at any cost but i pray to God we remain united the way we have been for centuries. positive comment fellows, God bless you and your communities.

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