Third seepage point emerges on the lake barrier


Video recorded on March 23. Seepage has increased since then.

PT Report

Hunza, April 1: Barrier of the lake formed on Hunza River seems to be saturating with the passage of time as a result of water seepage. A third seepage point has been observed near toe of the lake yesterday. According to reports the volume of water discharged from this new seepage point is 0.5 Cusec (Cubic ft per second).

It is pertinent to note that in addition to the large and initial seepage site, discharging around 18 Cusec water, two more seepage points have developed during the last week.

The total volume of water seepage from the three sites is around 21 Cusec. In general terms 1 Cusec is equal to 28.317 liters per second.

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One Comment

  1. This can be an early warning sign of potential “problem’. Let us pray for the best but be prepared for worse.

    Based on increased seepage ( it more like rapid flow) and addition seepage points developing close to toe of the barrier ,thing looks scary.
    Did you notice bubbles in the video?.
    It seems that landslide barrier is getting saturated and water pressure is having it’s affect on the barrier.

    Can we have some expert comments,Please>

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