Pakistan Red Crescent Society active in Attabad

Workers of PRCS conducting relief operations in Hunza

Press Release

Hunza, January 7: Gilgit – Baltistan chapter of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society has actively helped the affected people of Attabad disaster since day one, by supplying tents, medicines, blankets, food and other equipments.

The society also seeks donations from willing groups and individuals who want to contribute in rehabilitation of the displaced people.

Their account numbers for depositing donations are:

Pakistan Red Crescent Society
Alfalah Bank Limited Gilgit
Pakistan Red Crescent Society
National Bank of Pakistan
For more details please contact 05811-920372

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  1. thank you very much for publish about PRCS Disaster Responce and releif Operations from 1st day of disaster till date

  2. We appreciate the efforts of PRCS for their efforts to relief the displaced people. We also appreciate the efforts of Altikutz for sharing their bread & butter with their brothers & sisters. We are optimistic that being Muslim Altikutz will show the essence of brotherhood.
    Mr. Moderator you are also requested to highlight the efforts of Altikutz for their generous support. I know you are from Gojal so don’t be biase in this regard. This is the time to appreciate every one for their efforts. So plz do that.
    May God bless all of us

  3. @Meena

    Please come out of your biased opinion and salute the volunteers of PT for their endevours. They are from Gojal which is the backbone of Hunza but their untired field-based reporting on every issue is highly appreciable. Your staements shows that you are unable to perceive how these people suffer voluntarily to make us informed.

    Viisit the blogs of people from Central Hunza and compare it with PT, you will see the difference.

    Atlast the settlements of Sarat, Attabad, Ahmedabd are part of Altit so whatever they are doing are for their own family members.

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