[Breaking News] Massive landslide destroys most of Attabad – Hunza, KKH blocked

Pamir Times: File Photo of a section of Attabad Hunza


By Ijlal Hussain, Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, January 4: A massive landslide has destroyed most of the endangered Attabad village of Hunza valley.

Contrary to the reports initially received by Pamir Times it is with heavy heart that we post the sad information about death of at least twenty people, as a result of the massive landslide that hit Attabad village earlier today. Most of the dead are women and children, a reporter told Pamir Times. The death toll is likely to increase, it is being feared.

Talking to a private TV channel, DG of the NDMA Gilgit – Baltiastan, Usman Younis, has said that nothing can be said with certainty at this stage. He has said that there are reports about death of six people.

Many people were injured as a result of the disaster and they have been shifted to hospitals in the nearby towns of Aliabad and Karimabad. Over two dozen houses are buried under debris of the mountain.

Volunteers are finding it very difficult to search and rescue the people that might be trapped beneath the debris, due to lack of equipments, as well as due to the lack of light, as night fell in the valley.

The landslide has completely stopped the flow of Hunza River and a dam is quickly forming towards the Gojal valley. More than two kilometers of the Karakuram Highway is completely destroyed, Zulfiqar Ali Khan told Pamir Times.

A Jamat Khan (worship – cum – community center), a school, dozens of residential houses, cattle sheds, fields, trees and orchards have been leveled by the landslide, causing irreparable damage to the economy of this small hamlet.

The landslide was so huge that it blocked the Karakuram Highway, located across the Hunza River, at opposite side of Attabad. The flow of Hunza River has not been blocked, however. Huge clouds of dark dust spread over the entire valley, upto Khyber Gojal, in upper Hunza.

Reporters from different villages of the valley told Pamir Times that at one time the dust was so dense that it completely blanketed the entire valley, hindering visibility.

Speaker of GBLA, Wazir Baig, elected representative of Hunza Valley, told Pamir Times that the damage caused to the village would be compensated after analysis of the scale of destruction. He also said that local administration had rapidly moved to the site to carry out search and rescue operations.

Pamir Times had recently used this space to highlight the plight of Attabad.

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  1. Very sad news indeed. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy and disaster. May Allah bless the departed souls and grant courage and strength to the entire community to overcome this huge loss. Our heartfelt condolences go to those who lost their loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire residence of Atta-Abad village.

    Aejaz & Shazia

  2. It’s big loss; may Mawla bless departed souls in eternal peace and give strength to family members to bear this irreparable loss.

  3. khabar dayal ja us boot tang imanimi.khudaye or jannatul firdaws nasib es.gute time jar boot chum k boot afsoos manilla.

  4. Very sad indeed. All this time i hoped that some how local authorities will get them relocated despite all issues before any serious disaster hits. but it never happened. Every one knew of the situtaion and slope failure was quite evident. It really makes me sad that people didnot move when they first identified the risk. Saving lives should be the first priority. Praying that there are minimum casualties. May god be with every one and may all who lost their lives rest in peace.

  5. This is a sadest news of hunza gojal….
    and we are equally sad as the vallagers of sarat are.. it is really a big loss and i pray for the departed souls, may molla keep give them peace… and and give strength to family members to bear this irreparable loss.
    at the edn i want to request the youth of hunza to help them volenterly… b coz this time they really need our help..
    they r our brother and we will never let them alone…

  6. this is very sadest loss in our recquest to all people of Gilgit to help the effected famlies and i pray for all effected famlies.

  7. This disaster is great loss of Ismailies of hunza and rest of the world. I my self in great shock .This is time to help to the effected families by physical or financial. I appeal to all the ismailies to go there and share their love with the sad families.

  8. indeed it is a great loss. there hasnt been such a massive loss in the history of hunza ever. when i heard the news i was completely gutted and dismayed. i think the NGO’s should have warned them and the place should have been evacuated earlier then this dreadful event. but now it is history. all what we can say is that may moula bless those who lost their lives eternal peace and may moula grant the relatives with patience to bear this great loss.. Ya Ali Madad

  9. Kia ap log ya nai sochte k hum sb hunza walon ko khud apne Bhaion ke madad karne chaheye bajeye us GOVT ko kehne k jis GOVT ne hume AJ tak KUCH nai dya
    aj MEDIA pe dekh lan k hunza disasters ke kitne news chalte hy or shaher ke choti news kitne chalti hy
    these all things are example for us
    ap log is baree me sochan gyy
    iqbal karim from hunza hyderabad

    1. shaid
      hum logon ke samj me ajae
      or hum log pher se wohe
      brother hood peace or sharafat sadgi or insaniyat ka daman us tara pakaran jese humare BAP DADA pakrea huve thea.

  10. I have been involed with landsliding disaster atAttabad from the begging to date. 1st I really appreciate for the local Jamaati Institution/local government adminstration/volunteers/boys scout and other local people included nagar people for their tremondous cooperation from 4 Jan to onward……….. Seocndly I am really happy for Central Govt Action and facilities which is still continued to affectees of attabad and upper gojal people they are stuck off due to blockage of KKH due to landsliding of attabad disaster. Once again i am thankful to local govt as well federal govt for ther tremondous action …………………… Hunzai One (Karimabad, Hunza)

  11. Alas! still tears are flowing from my eyes when i see the pictures of this catastrophe because it gives me pain. Although, i always pray for those victims who are still suffering having lack of government facilities.Hope fully, our Mowla will give you happiness and success, so just hope for the best….

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