Wakhi Musical Night in Islamabad

(L-R) Javed Ali Khan and Fazal Rehman Shireen Sado

PT Report

Islamabad, December 15: Wakhi artisans who recently participated in the five days long Wakhi Festival were engaged in yet another cultural event at the house of GECA vice-chairman, Tayib Jan, last night.

Nazir Ahmed Bulbul, Fazal Amin Baig and Najeeb Ullah Naveed read out poetries in Wakhi in an informal mushaira.

Fazal Rehman Shireen Sado, Rehmat Karim, Haider Murad, Javed Ali Khan, Riaz Sahar and Mehmood sang Wakhi songs to the tune of Rubab, Duf and claps.

As the sounds of Duf and Rubab, and the enchanting voices of singers, competed to win hearts and minds of over fifty men and women gathered here to meet and greet the artisans, in a cold Islamabad night, one felt proximity to the heaves that blanket the Pamirs and plateaus of Gojal valley.

Female artisans presented folk songs and sang a unique Wakhi genre called Loos, or  “the songs of mourning”. A Loos, traditionally, was eulogy for a departed soul. In yesteryears women and men used to eulogize the dead by spontaneously composing and singing songs of mourning, to express extreme grief and pain over the death of a dear one. However, for different reasons this practice has been shunned over the past few decades.

Similar cultural nights and dinners for the artisans were also arranged at houses of GECA chairman, Farman Ali, and prominent planner of the Wakhi Festival, Mehboob Aziz.

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  1. Its good exposure within the capacity of wakhi culture, but there is need of improvement in every prospective.

    Good luck Management Team of GECA

  2. it was good effort by GECA and plasure for me becouse i am the founder member of this orgnization…

  3. First, I pay my heartiest congratulations to the whole Wakhi nation regarding to elect Mr. Mutabiat Shah against the technocrate’s seat and
    Second, I am impressed by the hardworking of GECA regarding to organized a beautiful and magnetic 5 day’s Wakhi cultural program in Islamabadad. Definitely, such unique programs develops the identification of the a nation. Here I would like add my view that kindly workhard for the promotion of this 2500 years old language as bring this in School curriculum for our new generation, and that we can make this the source of our correspondance. I have read this word on internet written by any of my foreign freind that ” Wakhi people are high in education, unique in hospitality, they speak an unwritten language is called wakhi”. My dear readers, think on this one point that they speak , what is this?
    please workhard for the development of this 2500 year’s old language as we say broadly. We should think on this point.
    Okey further tomorrow
    Sincerely Your’s

  4. @ Mr.Abdul Aziz

    i am really amazed with your assumption that our language is 2500 years old…(2500 years)???? I think you have made a mistake…it may be 250 years

  5. Excellen Javed Ali Khan and group.

    Keep up this healthy activity and is highly desired.

    I really missed these precious moments being away from the country.

    All the very best for now

    Aslam Ghalib

  6. Javed Ali Khan….keep up going sky high. I really appreciate your singing in Wakhi (although it’s beyond my understanding) but still it’s so fascinating and create beautiful ambiance with the tune of Rubab and Duff. I hope you would continue putting efforts for creating awareness among people who are not familiar to the beautiful music of Hunza and enhance your singing ability professionally as you got the potential. I really love the beautiful traditions and culture of Wakhi people…specially bonding to the roots and culture. Wish you best of luck for future endeavors.

    Almas Fatima
    Admin Manager / Avanceon

  7. The great poets, singers and composers are setting a trend. This is the Renaissance of Wakhi culture. Keep it up.

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