Panic in Gojal due to dam formation at Hunza River

by Ghulam Nasir

Gulmit, January 4: Panic has gripped parts of Gojal due to dam formation at Hunza River and the blockade of Karakuram Highway. People have started storing essential food items, fearing prolonged blockade of the Karakuram Highway.

Only a few hundred sacks of flour are stored in Gulmit, which can lead to food scarcity in the region in case of prolonged blockade of KKH.  Problems were also being faced due to shortage of medical equipments and staff in the region.

The Hunza River has dried up to the Ganish Bridge, due to formation of a wall of mountain rubble, around 200 feet high. This wall has completely stopped the flow of  Hunza River, turning into into a dam.

If the dam keeps storing water the low laying parts of Shishkat village, Aayin Abad, would be affected due to rising water level.

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