[Music] A Khowar song by Mamtaz Ali Andaz


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Even the beauty of Hazrat Yousuf can’t match you

The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, is not worth you

Flowers are not as charming as you

Don’t look at me like that, O fairy of my dreams

Even the queen of beauty is not like ……

Due to my limited command over Khowar language, the translation might be wrong. A Khowar speaker might translate rest of the song for us in Urdu or English. [Noor]

The greatest tragedy of life is that happiness and grief flow together and the tears of grief and happiness are the same, in all aspects!

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  1. Dear Noor
    I am a Khowar speaking and khowar is my mother tongue. I could have translated it. I wonder how I could get hold of the song. Is the poet from Chitral or Khowar speaking Ghizeri?

  2. Dr sb

    i think that you don’t have flash player installed on your computer or it is not updated.

    The song is available and visible on this same page.


  3. youtube works fine on my pc but the above video is not shown. may be something has gone wrong in ur embedding. please check it out once again.

  4. I listened to the song and felt that as expression of the sentiments of a young poet it is good but as literary work it is not up to the mark. The allegories used in the song are not the way allegories should work, for example: the beauty of a landscape can be matched with the beauty of a person and similarly the beauty of a person can not be matched with that of a landscape. If you look at the song keeping in view this example you will see that the allegorical examples are mismatched. A piece of literary work should be good to post on a good newspaper like PT, which will enhance quality.

  5. here is a little attempt to translate the song and i have also giving the khowar lyrics if some one like to improve)
    You, no match in attire, no Yousaf stands there parallel, Egyptian Queen no equallent of thee.the flowers of garden no match to thy beauty, no allure in fairies even, they do lack your fascination, Queen of beuty shams to come up too.

    Majnoon, went frenzy in thy love in solitude, away in his contend, Laila beauty no rival of you do,

    beholding Spring flowers in garden, thousands in colour and fragrance no match to thyne but even thousands but not you.


    Relate me the bads of those flowers of springs blowing scent wind of Heaven, breez touching my nimbs but even not all you like.
    no Yousaf stands as you do, no Egyptian Queen equallant to thee.

    to alien in my garden the story of pure love of Amman and Gul but to my bewilder no rival of you indeed too much fascinating to my sensous oh you and you but non else,………………
    (with many thanks to my friend Anwar Khan who actually did this gr8 work)

  6. Khowar Lyrics of the song
    song by Mumtaz Ali
    hussuna yussuf di ta masaweer no
    misro khunza di ta barabar no
    ta ghon haseen no he gulgambori
    hash namakeen no pari merjori
    hussuno rani di ta ghon haseen no
    hussun no badsha di ta barabar no

    majnon waswas khioten dashton kasiran
    farhat thai khen gani zomu thachiran
    shreen surat di ta mushabeh no
    husno laila di tabarabar no

    psohi gulshansa poshik bahara
    bagha gambori awa hazara
    na ka ta ranga na ka ta thana
    ei hazar ha di ta brabar no

    maten huranan ko sazan qisan tu
    maten ori angos beheshto gan tu
    bad e naseem di bad e anwaz di
    bad e sabah di ta barabara no
    husna yussuf di ta masaweer no
    misro khunza di ta barabara no

    ei nabalat tu khosh ma watano
    ei nam ta kara boi gulo cho amano
    andazo sheher hes na janato
    sheher e saba di ta barabara

  7. @SBA……i listen to all musics of north and understand them. compare to them it is the best song in all respect weather allegorical example or what so ever category u look into. in local music chitrali ghazal are best in quality, as the writter are well educated in chitrali peotry, and this song can well be compared to any of theirs. so you first listen to to other songs too and then make a comments. don’t make a comment about local song if you are listening and understanding only Ghalib’s and Iqbal Poetry.
    and secondly if you have that much dare to make a foolish comment then come up with your real name.

  8. @SBA and you are no one to judge what best fits to the quality of PT. if the admin has posted this song then it means that it fulfills the quality requirements.

  9. My humble request to Dr. Sabit Rahim, to please translate this song for all of us and my very special wishes to Mamtaz or Mumtaz for up loading it.
    The music is heart touching with the seneryies worth to see

    Engr. Baig Ali

  10. Well, I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings in commenting on the song. I have all the admiration for Mumtaz who has many good songs to his credit.
    Secondly, I am not passing any judgement on the song and neither I have the right to do that.
    It is true that one has not to compare the song to those of the classics and the song should be listened and appreciated in its own context.
    My concern was very simple whether we can call this song being a song for our homeland. If it is so how can we compare the beauty of the landscape to the beauty of a person like the classical Egyptian examples of beauty in persons. I do agree to compare the beauty of our landscape to that of paradise or any other allegorical equivalent.
    Hope my point is clear now. I am sorry if my previous comment has hurt someone’s feeling.

  11. i undrstand that what Dr want to say. the last stanza of song as sung by andaz,’
    ke na balat to khosh ma watanaoo…..e nam ta kara boy gulo cho amano,
    Amdazo sheher he nas jnato…shehr saba de ta brabr noo…
    in this stanza mumtaz wants to tell the people that famous singers Aman and gul both are called the father of khowar poetry are belong to chator khand (ishkoman) but chitrali pepole belive that they are belong to chitral. it is wrong , both belong to chatorkhand, it is fact. andaz also belongs to this area so he says if u dont know where i m from, u must hear about the famous poet Gul and Aman, i am also belong to that area, and this area is called the paradise in world. any more any area of this world cant be compared with the heaven in land called chatorkhand…. so here is a different meaning where landscape is compared……
    thnks alot…
    my english is weak so i could not translte it into english, but i understnad the wording of khowar and i fully understand of theme of songs..this is nice one…..very good mumtaz ali andaz keep it up..
    thnks so much

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