PMDC rejects Punjab government’s orders of doubling GB quota seats

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Islamabad, January 29: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Association has rejected the orders of government of Punjab to double quota seats for students of Gilgit – Baltistan in medical and dental colleges of Punjab. PMDC has, reportedly, said that the order was sent late and all the procedures were not followed by the government. PMDC has also said that the order is against the rules and regulations.

This decision has shocked and infuriated tens of students and their families across the region. It is pertinent to note here that during the election campaign the central leaders of PML (N) had announced doubling of quota seats for students of GB in medical and dental colleges of Punjab province.

A group of students has protested against the decision and told journalists that the provincial government has failed to implement its orders in the province. They have also demanded that the chief minister of Punjab shall take  immediate notice of the situation and fulfill his promises.

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  1. We strongly condemn the decision of PMDC for not honoring the decision by Punjab Govt.PMDC has neglected the huge population of Gilgit Baltistan and Diamer and did nothing TO establish a single Medical college for this Mountain Risk Area of Pakistan because we are not aware of our due civic righs.PMDC has no interest in the area as we have no representative to present us there it is the representative body of the four provinces only.
    We must struggle against the injustices of PMDC.We appeal the Punjab Govt,to appeal before the supreme court and make this decision null and void


    Pakistan Pharmacist Association Gilgit Baltistan

  2. we really depreciate the step taken by the PMDC against the students of GB regarding the reserved quota seats. As there is not even a single medical college in GB and they are snatching the students right by cancelling the reserved seats for them.It should b condemed hardly …..

  3. This is a sort of injustice with the NAs student. The Punjab Govt should take immediat step against them.

  4. This unjustified decision, for whatsoever reasons or procedures, by PMDC is shameful for the Govt. of Punjab and the country herself. A neglected region,Gilgit-Baltistan, of the country that faced hardships, in every field including education, for sixty and more years when got something was thrown out for procedural matters by the cruel technocrats of PMDC just ignoring the hopes, to be able to get admissions, of hundreds of young minds of the Region. Instead of rejection the PMDC authorities must initiate the needed steps and proceeding to actualise the long awaited decision of the Punjab Government.

  5. the authorties should meet the PML-N representatives in GB and ask them realize the promises of their leaders to themselves in the down the country. They are not that much effecient to remember their promises by themseves. they need to be reminded time and agian. Hafiz Hafiz ur Rehman is a PML-N leader in GB no matter won the elction or not and he should not coorelate is election results with the interest of the people espacially in exploiting the oppurtunities for the students.

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