Ali Khan Advocate for GB Council, PPP Gupis demands

Press Release

Gilgit, January 30: Advocate Ali Khan is the most suitable candidate from Ghizar district for representation in the Gilgit – Baltistan Council. Being a highly educated person and as a senior leader of PPP he deserves to lead the region by being in GB Council.

These views and demands were expressed during a meeting of PPP Gupis, attended by elders of the valley and PPP activists.

The meeting unanimously resolved that the interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, Qamar Zaman Kaira and chief minister, Syed Mehdi Shah, shall accept demand of the people of Gupis and provide leadership opportunity to Advocate Ali Khan.

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  1. I fully support the demand of PPP Gupis for the membership of Ali Khan Advocate in the G-B Council as a representative of Ghizer District. There are 6 seats and each district should have at least one seat. Ghizer district has not been given any important post in the present setup. It is time to rectify it by giving a chance to people like Ali Khan advocate.

  2. Mr. Ali Khan Advocate is one of the great leaders in Gilgit Baltistan and has excellent qualities of leadership. He is working for the betterment of the people in the Ghizer Region from 20 years. He is devoted and committed person. He has the right be become the representationof Council Gilgit Baltistan.


    I fully support the person who are educated and deserve to lead the people of GB but unfortunately we are following a very worse culture while supporting those people who don’t know how to lead the people and the community locally nationally and internationally. Certainly we should elect those kind of leaders who have the leadership qualities and can work on the basic needs and demands of the people.

    Ali Masud


  4. Really Mr. ali Khan advocate is suitable person for GB council. This is also demand of people from Gupis.

  5. who can be more suitable candidate for the position of a member in advisory council G-B than Advocate Ali Khan? I fully support this move and urge the G-B government to consider him for this position as he has the capacity, knowledge, experience and leadership qualities and he knows G-B very well.
    Alwaez As;am

  6. i thinks this is the best suggestiob so far moved by elders of gupis .Gupis is always deprived of rights and it is best time to heals past wounds .Mr Ali khan is not only acceptable to gupis but for whole ghazir .

  7. Mr Advocate Ali Khan is the most suitable aspirant for the GB Council from Ghizer District. Gupis has been already ignored in granting technocrate and lady seat, so now as an affirmative action Advocate Ali Khan should be selected for the Council Seat. He is a very visionary, educated and a forward looking leader, in my opinion he is the best candidate for the councilor seat. Leaders who have been rejected by public in the past elections shouldn’t be given the seat as they are unacceptable to the public.

  8. i have seen this e paper few days ago. excellent efforts. do hope that u will improve it with the passage of time. due to sarat tragedy v saw it and still we update our intiligetia through news of your media.

    again thanks.

  9. We fully support Mr.Ali Khan Advocate on big slot..He is honest and intelligent person…He also enjoys neutral position in GB politics and I m hopeful PPP regime will avail his political acumen for the betterment of GB and particularly Ghizer District…

  10. The six members of the Council should be divided one each amongst the six districts of G-B and the people of Gupis and Ghizer have expressed their willingness about Mr.Ali Khan Advocate. In no case a person who has been defeated in the recently held election should be brought to the Council through manipulations. Let us have fresh people as members. Similarly, people alrady elected as member of LA G-B should not be allowed to become member of the Council. This will create monopolistic situation and will deprive the Council of fresh blood.

    A lot of responsibility lies on the shoulders of the elected members, particularly, the ruling party. They should rise above the party considerations and set healthy precedents so that the coming generations will remember them with good words.

  11. Dr. Sabit Rahim Sahib’s idea is worth considering if the present system is really aimed at true representation of the people. The candidates who lost the general elections and specially those from the ruling party try to reach the assembly through reserved seats and they are supported by the party high ups. This trend deprives the people of their true representatives, therefore, the sooner it is discouraged the better it is.

  12. Is Advocate Ali Khan’s full name Mr. Ali Murad Khan?
    Mr. Ali Murad Khan was a member of NALA previously I read somewhere. Where does Ali Murad Khan belong to in the Ghizar district?

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