Pamir Youth Forum demands action, rejects rhetoric

Press Release

Gulmit, February 15: The newly formed Pamir Youth Forum has demanded urgent action for resolution of the multifaceted issues created by the lake buildup that has already submerged most of Ayeenabad and poses grave threat to low-laying parts of Shishkat, Gulmit, Ghulkin and Hussaini.

The Pamir Youth Forum has also asked the government to declare Gojal as calamity hit area and announce special provisions for the region’s economic revival. 

Severely criticizing the inaction over establishment of operation theater at THQ hospital in Gulmit, the Forum demanded of the chief minister and governor to arrange funds on top priority basis. The forum also proposed that the Aga Khan Health Services and government’s health department shall pool their human and capital resources for ensuring better health facilities to the twenty five thousand people living in the isolated Gojal valley.

The forum also demanded scholarship for college and university going st because of the disruption of economic life of the region. They also demanded of the Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan to make special provisions for students enrolled in that system. 

The Pamir Youth Forum also demanded of the government to consider giving loans to the people to compensate the loss of opportunities due to prolonged blockage of KKH. “The food stock of the local population might last for another month. However, people lack cash money to buy food items brought from China so the government shall consider making loans to teh 

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