[PT Video Reports] Ayeenabad – Shishkat situation Update

1. Shishkat – Gulmit Bridge


2. A boat journey to Ayeenabad


3. Ayeenabad Sinking every hour


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  1. thanks Zulfiqar bhai for sharing the video, great effort
    it looks the journey is quite risky on the boat and may God save the only one bridge there.

  2. A team of experts should check the bridge to see to what extend it is workable and how long can it stand, and if there is any immediate threat, the people should be informed on that so that preventive measures will be adopted.
    Secondly, the boats seems to be of the first origin of the boats designed in history. Since this generation of boats, there has been much progress in this field. So those responsible for sending these could have sent even the second or third generation of these if they were unable to send the modern ones. Why have they chosen the primitive ones to be used in the troubled water of the affected area?
    If the authorities responsible for sending the boats really want to help the people, they should consider sending boats in good condition. It was scary seeing water entering boat in this video, which could create pain in those sitting in the boat.

  3. the video is really good but, why isn’t there a commentary! very helpful video though! thanks for sharing!

  4. Thankyou for all the reports / photos / videos. We have been sharing them here and trying to keep up with events. I hope that the dam does not break suddenly, and that the Pakistan government is taking measures to ensure the safety of the poor folk living down-stream. There are many friends of Hunza here in England, and we all are praying that nothing more terrible happens. Asalaam aliekum!

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