Gilgit Police releases the arrested youth

Activists of the Save Gojal Committee Gilgit coming out of the city police station in Gilgit. Photo by Amin Saif

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  1. great i love you all who was in the Save Gojal Committee , wazar or the other ….. the are only thinking for there seat .it shim to all who claim a leaders of hunza and gojal where there are ..
    thanks QURBAN sab for straggling.

  2. well done this shows your love for the gojal velly.
    but i dnt know why the ploice arrested the infant boy,, if they have courage arrest the leadrs,, we are not afraid of these nonsense
    action,further we will make very fast and effective, thia was only peas rally but from now we are for very strong action against the lazy administration,

    aziz/ zeshan

  3. what does the V sign imply? they aren’t better off than they were before the protest.

  4. I can see Ali Qurban bhi, Khudadad bhai and more my brothers and friends with having “victory nishan” – I am sure your struggle and efforts will be fruitful Inshallah. We love you and salute you for what you are doing for the people and land of Gojal.


  5. Dear Friends

    As we discuss from the 1st day of this natural disaster that this has brought chellenges as well as oppertunities with it.
    Chellenges we can say less supply of food and other essentials, minimizing travelling schedules, purchase of fertilizers and access to educationalinstitutions and health centres.

    Oppertunities include
    to become united
    to plan for a better future
    new leadership
    new pressure groups

    Besides the above facts we all know the government is working on the disaster site and hopefuly they will release water from the lake and also ease difficulties of our community.
    Qurban Saheb (Coordinator) is doing a good job.

    with regards

    AZ and KK

    1. A society develops with in no after distruction. The great example is Germany…..So lets join hands to unite and strenthen ourselves.

  6. Great people have a great job, keep it up love u all ,v r all with u people for this efforts to try save the gojal
    Iftikhar Ali

  7. positive steps r being taken by majority but some of us r still in political dilemma.we need to get out of this confusion and work for our justified right other wise we would loose every thing .

  8. Youth is considered as th “Backbone” of any country who can
    accept any challege coming their way and making it possibe. Appreciating the efforts of the great youth of Gojal for struggling really hard for their land.
    Best wishes for you all,

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