[Education] Experiences of “One Young World Conference” in London

Shabul, first from left, is seen with Pakistani delegates at the conference.

Shahbul Aziz of Chipursan – Gojal recently attended the “One Young World Conference” held in London, UK. Talking to Pamir Times he termed his experience as full of learning and inspiration. “We all belonged to different cultures and societies but we all stood for peace and rejected terrorism”, Shahbul told Pamir Times. Shabul is convinced after attending the conference that at the roots of terrorism is poverty and ignorance.

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  1. Nice to see our youth representing Pakistan in oversees
    In different conferences, seminars and trainings
    Keep it up shobul

    Bagh AJK

  2. we extend Congratulation to Shahbul aziz from remote area of Pakistan ( Gilgit Baltistan for attended a such great one” Young World conference” in London.

    Its gives opportunity to younger to think and inspire from others to develop the capacity building skill of our young generation.
    He is our leader of young generation because,
    “If your actions inspires others to do more, learn more and become more,then you are leader.”

    Sharifullah Ishkoman

  3. Dear Shahbul Aziz

    This shows that nothing stops those who wants to take step. This is another step from Chipurson, being a role model for our youngsters.

    Many Many congratulations.


  4. Congratulation to Shahbul aziz for attending the Young World conference” in London

    Best of luck to him

    Fayyaz Ahmed Dewan

  5. Good to hear that Shabul was able to attend this conference. It would be wonderful, if the report of such conferences are shared with professionals and Government counterparts in-country.

    Just to add to Shabul’s views that it’s injustice too other than ignorance and poverty that invite terrorism. We therefore need to address that prevailing injustices whether be at home, in mohallahs, in villages, in the district, in the regions, in the country or in the world.

    We together with our UN colleagues from New York, colleagues from other UN family of Agencies did a detailed delibrations on this in one of the previous workshops. The outcome in form of causes included injustices as well.

    What do you think, Nur, Zulfi, Fayyaz Bhai and others ?

    Mehmood Hunzai

  6. congtats man to be in such event, hope your experience will benefit our young generation.

  7. I would like to congratulate Aziz for attending such a productive and benificial programme. Indeed it is a matter of pride for all of us that our youths have enalbled and equiped themself educationally. Now they can shere their skills experiance and knowledge any where arround the globe.
    I am sure you will shere your experiances with our youth.
    Well done Aziz and keep it up.
    best of luck

    Ali Masud


  8. Dear Youth of Gojal-Hunza,

    Congrats. Mr, Shahbul Aziz on attending the conference. Word-terrorism from the many reasons-yah it can be count one. But the lesson to learn for the Youth is You can achieve whatever u want if u have a strong determination and if set a target and goal. I wish to every individuals of GB and Hunza Gojal for such achievements and use all such experience for the betterment of the people of this country,
    Mr. Aziz belong from the far-flung area of CHIPURSAAN as the Persian name itself clarity’s about the area. But again just to learn a lesson for the youth-He set an example to think out of box and try to achieve it.

    Great achievement but still the blue sky is open to collect more clouds to creat rain for the benefits on the earth.

  9. Congratulations dear Shabul. this is the start of journey my dear keep it up still you have to move on and on and on

    once against congrats

  10. Excellent boy!! next time you come to london, dont forget to meet me!! :)..would love to meet someone like you!!

  11. Well done Zaqyor!

    your first but not least step..and i wish you best of luck… keep in ur mind sky is the limit… fly high


  12. Dear zaqyor,
    i was searching for you at zulafiqarabad gilgit yesterday, but today am surprise that you in London. wowwww you have got great opportunity and am extremely excited to hear this news. you have the potential and ability move on and on. we are proud of you.
    God bless you

  13. excellent job mamu . its our pleasure to see u in london. our educational background is not too much strong n we are belonging from such area where we are unable to get their all rights. even then we r trying to do such like things n u did this with full of zeal n confidence . hope u ll contineu doing such like things .god bless you ,best of wishes for ur bright future.

  14. marvelous dear i really appreciate you have taken the lead. i am sure you will gain lot by losing nothing. you had the sprite form the beginning. pay your remaining there in London town

    best of luck
    Noor khan

  15. congratulationsand it is really a great learning oppotunity and a chance for witnwssing the other side of ones life. Have a nice time and enjoy your visit. Good Luck

  16. Many many congrats Shabul it is moment of great pleasure for all the youth GB and especially for us being from the BOME DUNYO CHIPURSON which is considered beckward but you are one of those who have proved that HUM KISI SA KM NAHI…. Best of luck for your bright future.

  17. Nice dear,

    good job and thanks for sharing that pics with us, may you get such opportunity more and more

  18. Congratulations for the nice opportunity! we would appreciate if you share your experience and observations during this trip,with youths on this plate form!

  19. Dear Brother Aziz

    congratulation on this marvelous achievement we all proud of you and keep the spirit up , but remember share all your learning to those who deserve to next to you in coming daz.. The young and youth of Hunza Gojal…


    Hussain karim jafaq

  20. My sweet bro.. nice to see u with young professional graduates at london conference… we further pray for your future success … we always miss you and finding & remembering you in our prayers…

    CONGRATULATION … for the nice opportunity and keep it up …

    always miss.. u lupair…

    your loving bro ejaz jafaq

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