Weak links!

The makeshift pedestrian bridge constructed between Shishkat and Gulmit. This bridge was constructed to temporarily resolve the connectivity issue triggered by submergence of the second largest bridge on Karakuram Highway a few days ago. Photo by Razi Udin

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    1. @ Moiz
      Bro this is the under construction Bridge under the contract of CRBC (A Chines company). This bridge was going to have the name of new Pak-China friendship bridge but now lets see what happens. The water level is reaching this bridge; hardly a km left.

  1. It is the link between the two villages, no matter, how long it lasts. But where are the chines, have they abandoned their task?

    What is the fate of the Karakorum Highway expansion project?

    The lifeline of the people of Gojal was cut by the devastating landslide, every one of us need to write about this at every forum, every paper, online or print untill our voice is heard and a solution is reached.

    I would like to urge our educated youth to write letters to all newspaper editors, media persons using every means at their disposal and in their reach.

    May Allah save our paradise and our souls.


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