Low laying areas in Gilgit city being vacated

Ghizar River blocked near Hatoon Village for two hours

by Abbas Wafa

Gilgit, August 8: Officials of district administration are making announcements in the city on loudspeakers asking people living in the low laying areas to vacate their houses and shift to safer locations.

According to information the Ghizar River was blocked due to a landslide at Hatoon village, in Tehsil Punial, for two hours. The blockade has reportedly breached and a massive flood wave is moving towards Gilgit city.

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One Comment

  1. My Punial,
    You have always been neglected by the people in power ,
    because u r peaceful ,loving and tolrent,u r vast valleys have a history of sheltering and feeding the needy in crisis, u r people are innocent and do not know how to use media,politices and power game to their advantage,
    I love you may Allah keep u ever properous and free from all ills (Ameen)

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