HRCP to hold press conference on Gojal – Hunza situation in Lahore

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Lahore, March 9: Positively responding to the awareness raising campaign initiated by Lahore based Gojali youth, the chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Asma Jahangeer, would be addressing a press conference today at 5 O’clock at the Lahore press club to highlight the post disaster situation of Gojal – Hunza.

During a meeting held last week Asma Jahangeer had also promised the delegation of young students to discuss the disaster issue with president Zardari.

Asma has said that if the issue is not resolve by 23rd March, a movement for rights of the disaster affected region would be launched with the help of media.

Included in the delegation were Salima, Habiba, Pari, Miraj, Sameeda, Sher Ali, Javed Ali Khan, Nisar Ahmed, Saqib Jaffer and Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Nisar Ahmed, a young film director belonging to Gojal – Hunza,  has also prepared a six minutes documentary on the Attabad landslide disaster and th Gojal lake hazard which would be shown to the media later today at the Lahore press club.

The Lahore based Gojali youth have played a very important role in highlighting the issue faced by Gojal – Hunza.

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  1. the youth of gojal living in lahore have taken a bold step on their side to sensitize the human right’s chair person asma jahangir.this is very incouraging that the chair person herself is going to hold a press release today. in this regard we the people of gojal hope that the govt. will take quick actions to minimize further loss of properties and livelihood of the living people from the upstream and the reconstruction of the only link of gojal with the rest of the country. i m greatful to those guys living in lahore who have taken this bold stand n all the gojalis are proud of you.

  2. Very commendable effort by Lahore Based youth. You guys have taken the issue to the right place. Hope that the press conference will highlight it further in silent media. Best of Luck and God Bless you all.

  3. nice effort, this is really good step to bring it up through Human rights commission.

  4. I highly appreciate the efforts of our young brothers & sisters in lahore, this is the way how we can bring the situation in our area in the knowledge of the Governament, media and civil society. good luck to all of them. May Mowla bless our area and save it from more distructions

    Fayyaz Ahmed Dewan

  5. you guys have chosen the approperiate person to high light our issue nationally and globally.

    it will be more effective wake up call to our leaders

  6. very gud job guys n gulz . stds in lahore r on a very serious and wright track towards our objective.
    may GOD help us out in this diffficult circumstance.

  7. Hum ne mana ke taghaful na karogay lekin
    Khaak ho jayengay hum tuj ko khaber honay tak

  8. I really appreciate your efforts for bring people like Asma Jahangir on board as they can easily grab the attention of govt. national and international media to the issue of Gojal. which will help in putting pressure on govt for increasing the pace of work on debris removal……Well done Javid, Nisar and team,

  9. young youth are the future so their participation is needed and these guys proved it that all are concern about our home land Gojal.. good job guys

  10. Great job by my friends.
    Girls i am proud of you people.
    Great effort for our gojal.
    mehru alvi

  11. Well done dear delegates! Nisar, Saqib Salima, Habiba, Pari, Miraj, Sameeda, Ahmed, Saqib and Sarfaraz you have really done a great job. We are really proud of you all

    Aafiyat Nazar

  12. Good to see collective efforts at Lahore – lobbying and networking to highlight and dessiminate the issue. Making more friends in the mainstream will help to influnce key stakeholders to accelerate the progress. Young people in Lahore, thanks for your time and efforts.

  13. Thanks guys for your efforts, yesterday i have shared my opinion in details on PT blog but don’t knowfor what reasons it was not updated .

  14. Dear Readers of PT,
    For the last few weeks I can witness some really active movements and strong steps taken by our youth towards the deteriorating situation persisting in the upper Hunza Gojal.
    The peaceful protests starting right from Gilgit and reaching to Karachi and in the other big cities of Pakistan justify the expediency of the devastating situation and a demand to immediately overcome the ongoing mystery which is going to claim some big losses as has already put us on burning fire.

    Unless and untill we do not move ahead fueling the cause,no one is really going to bother about.

    I really appreciate your efforts mobilizing in the various big cities of Pakistan and demanding for your due rights.

    I hope and wish that things will settle down if the same moves are kept ahead by making many realize about the sufferrings of the dwellers and the future problems.

    God bless you all

    Aslam Ghalib
    Kabul Afghanistan

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