Seepage from the lake barrier is increasing

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Gilgit, March 11: Water had started seeping from barrier of the lake formed on River Hunza early during the last week and according to highly reliable sources the seepage rate has increased over the past few days. There seems to be a general consensus among the organizations monitoring the lake that source of the seepage is water stored in the lake.

These photos were taken last week and the seepage has increased since then. Photo courtesy FOCUS

The seepage has increased from 4 Cusecs per second to 9 Cusecs per second during the last week, reaching 9.4 cusec per second on March 10, 2010.

Some sources in the government think that the seepage is not taking from the lake barrier but it might be caused by a spring or water channel hidden in the debris.

The seepage, irrespective of its source, might destabilize the lake barrier. Local people fear that the lake burst, if it happens, will inflict more pain and suffering than previously imagined.

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  1. The consequences of the sudden burst of the dam will be long lasting for the region pushing the already struggling population harder down below the poverty line by destroying their livelihood.

    The physical infrastructure worth billions will be washed away and the only beneficiary will be FWO. That is why they have been playing with the monster land slide debris with inadequate and insufficient equipments for their future prospects in terms of billions of rupees of contracts for rebuilding them.

    The efforts of the youth and our professionals has been fruitful as the media and authorities have waken up only because they have just realized that this disaster has actually turned into a potential threat downstream settlements and infrastructures upto the largest dam of Pakistan the Tarbela.

    I think that the criminal negligence of the authorities like WAPDA, Environment Ministry, Meteorology department and others is now going to cost the nation quite heavily.

    God forbid, if something happens really bad, are the high-ups in these authorities taking the responsibilities for the losses.

    We are really indebted to the media especially AAJ TV and the Dawn Group who realized the magnitude of the threat which was earlier thought to be a tiny local landslide.


  2. Nature will find its own way, but human being must be preparing themselves to meet any challenges. Precautionary measures should be taken downstream of the Hunza River for unavoidable situation. God bless all of us.

  3. If the seepage speculation came true, the debris will become hollow and one day the artifical dam will brust,which will rampage the villages at its bank in the downstream. So highly caution is needed, the administration should try its level best to protect the precious lives.It can also be dangerous for the bridges and roads at the down sides. Basic nesscities should be supplied to the Hunza region in advance, so that in future, God forbid,if the area cut down from rest of the region,people should get the nesscities with ease.

  4. This is lot of water gushing out. Is this early sign of potential serious problem of dam breaking???????

    Please point this out to experts

  5. I think its a blessing and ray of hope for people like me who were disappointed the science and governement efforts to rremove the debris.

    This is what all about prayers of SHUGUN PHUTUK performed dayzs ago….:)


  6. mairay khayal ma jo disater aata abad ma ha hy us pr bhot affsus hua hy or is mushkil k ghadi ma hm aata abad k logu k sath hain
    govt ko chahiye

  7. This is a national and strategic calamity. The entire national effort should have been focused on it in January and a channel made in it before march.
    No one realised the seriousness and now we are waiting for Allah to do some thing. Our Land link with China is gone and will be off for a long time.

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