“ALL OK IN GOJAL” says governor and then declares it calamity hit

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  1. A usual hypocritical statement. The civil society should keep a close eye on the realization of the facilities associated with the announcement of ‘calamity hit area’. The people of Gojal should feel the difference in this hour of need. The declaration should not go as merely a ‘socially desirable’ act, signifying nothing.

  2. wowow, governor has done all the activities within minutes, no problem now…….the expets of NDMA say something and experts of FWO, China perpar specfic reports for Governor of GB. no one has remained him his speech in Hunza when he came there 1st time….. why people are not telling them that people no more believe in such statements. he is talking about the surgical equipments for Gulmit hospital will reach there in few days… believe me it will never…. God save Gojal, and save us from such leaders…

  3. All izzz well !

    What have the expert report say?
    What did Dr Richard Hughes report say
    What did Dr Dave Petley report say
    all reports are with NDMA

    all report say that there is grave danger of potential landslide dam failure and serious mitigation measures should be taken .

    And where is NESPAK report?

  4. i am not surprized at all because it is just the begining of making us fool. its the right time for us to come out of the” fools peradise”. NOW OR NEVER

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