Murder in Karimabad Hunza, killer reaches police station

Hunza, March 17: A man identified as Didar Ali has been shot dead near Girls High School, Karimabad a few minutes ago. The murderer, Jafar Ali, has reached the police station to accept his crime and surrender. A number of people have gathered near the dead body and are waiting for the police to arrive.

According to details Didar Ali was in prison for the past two years and had recently came out on bail. He had been imprisoned for allegedly murdering a women, reported to be sister of Jafar Ali. Didar, popularly known as Busho Didar, was an active political worker of the region.

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  1. Shame on Yar Khan and Hunzai for eulogising murder of a convict who was punished according to law. Now another person will be behind the bars. When he comes out Didar’s relatives will kill him thus implicating two families in unending vendetta. perhaps both of you should hire consultancies from Chilasis to carry out murder of enemies. What an irony when we were uneducated we did not have culture of vendetta. Now we are educated and creating culture of blood feud.

  2. It is not a good symbol for every one of us Hunzokoz were famous by their hospitality.

  3. @ Khameto,

    I agree with you on your point, however, not with your stereotyping comment about Chilasis. That itself is pretty much ‘uneducated’.

  4. I am not subscribing to stereotypes. What i want to convey is that vendetta culture of Diamer and Kohistan as whole gamut of procedures that are geared towards killing the enemy. there is lot of research on social and cultural factors that sustain culture of blood feud. I do not have space to dwell on this topic but there are excellent studies on this culture in Diamer and Kohistan from anthropologist in germany. however, i apologise for naming the region which is itself as you mention ‘uneducted’ on my side. Thanks for your corrective criticism.

  5. feudal enemities and cold blooded murders is infact not our culture neither our relligion teaches us to do so..////i hope that this worst chapter in the history of Hunza comes to an end here

  6. @ Khameto

    You claim yourself to be an educated but I am sure that you’re not but just a literate person who has some skills over ‘lingua franca of Pakistan’ (I mean english) and that’s it.

    I never have eulogised this act of murder nor I believe in vendetta. If there is any kind of vendetta going on somewhere, it is because of the institutional injustice that oblige people to take the law into their own hands.

    Similar things happened in the saga of late Didar’s case. He killed a woman and was imprisoned for mere two years?? Was it just??
    Was her blood so cheap???

    If he was properly (in accordance with the law of Pakistan) punished, it wouldn’t have happened in this way.

    Lawlessness is the main cause of such incidents. Corruption is the root of all evil.

    Dear Khameto, dig your mind a bit and think again what I actually meant to.

  7. @ Khameto

    This is Mohsin from Chilas, you stupid Khameto !!!! how dare you are to affiliate bad happenings with that of our culture, being illiterate is far better than being educated like you, your statements show that how educated you are.. take care next time


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